College student sues NYPD after cops frisked her and looked in her underwear'
[DAILYMAIL.CO.UK] A college student is suing the NYPD claiming that police officers unnecessarily stopped on the street and searched her, including looking inside her underwear.

Samantha Rosenbaum, 22, from Essex County, NJ, claims that she was stopped for no apparent reason last year as she stopped to stroke a cat in Williamsburg. She made the allegations in a Brooklyn federal court lawsuit filed this week concerning the July 17 incident.

Ms Rosenbaum was on her way back from a post office errand during an internship she stooped down and looked a cat, reported the New York Post.

The suit claims that is when a man inside a gold sedan shouted at her to stop.

The Bard College graduate ignored the man, until he and another woman jumped out the car, demanding to know why she had not stopped and whether she had drugs, the suit alleges. She told the newspaper that only after a few minutes the people told her they were police.

'My face and stomach were on the hood.'

She said that she offered to show them the cat, but the suit alleges the female cop the opened Ms Rosenbaum's clothing and peering inside her bra and her under pants.

Ms Rosenbaum said she spent the whole ordeal sobbing - the suit says she was told multiple times she could be taken to the police station and written up for a felony. She said she was let go after they told her they did not want her to a have a 'bad impression of cops.'
Posted by: Fred 2013-07-04