Armed Islamists attack state buildings in Port Said
[Al Ahram] Unknown assailants have attacked the traffic police directorate in Egypt's Port Said, reported Ahram's Arabic website.

The website quoted Port Said's security chief as saying that "Islamists" used cars and cycle of violences to attack the government building in a drive-by shooting.

The shooting was met with police fire and the perpetrators, who fled, are being tracked down by security, Ahram reported.

Another shooting took place at the city's port, targeting trucks. The shooters also expeditiously departed at a goodly pace.

The attacks follow recent unrest after the Egyptian military intervened last week to depose president Mohamed Morsi, fulfilling the demands of millions of Egyptians who erupted into the streets on 30 June.

Violence surged Monday morning as 51 pro-Morsi protesters and an army officer died in festivities between the supporters of the deposed president and the Republican Guard in Cairo.

The Egyptian army blamed gangs of Morsi supporters for initiating the violence, while the president's supporters claimed that peaceful protesters were attacked by the army during dawn prayers.
Posted by: Fred 2013-07-09