A college basketball bribery scandal leads to arrests of 10 people ‐ including an Adidas executive
[Business Insider] The FBI arrested 10 people on charges of fraud and corruption in men's college basketball on Tuesday.

The Department of Justice announced Tuesday that assistant coaches at Arizona, Auburn, USC, and Oklahoma State had been arrested along with managers, financial advisers, and representatives of the international sportswear company Adidas.

Jim Gatto, the director of global sports marketing for basketball at Adidas, was among the defendants. Gatto is accused of conspiring with coaches to pay high-school athletes to play at universities sponsored by Adidas (referred to as "Company 1" in the case).

The investigation, which had been in progress since 2015, was led by the FBI and the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. Three separate complaints have been filed.

Gatto and four other defendants have been charged with "making and concealing bribe payments" to high-school student athletes and/or their families.
Posted by: Besoeker 2017-09-26