Key Taliban militant killed in Afghan airstrike
[ANINEWS.IN] A key Taliban
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murderous Moslem and 11 others were killed in an Arclight airstrike in Afghanistan, the country's Ministry of Interior (MoI) confirmed on Tuesday.

According to Tolo news, Taliban's shadow deputy governor Mawlawi Wali Jan, also known as Hamza and his 11 associates were killed in an airstrike in Uruzgan province.

As per a statement released by MoI, the airstrike was launched from the quiet provincial capital, Trinkot and also added that weapons, vehicles, and ammunition were destroyed during the airstrike.

A MoI official said: "Hamza was the main planner and organizer of terrorist and destructive activities, armed assault and kabooms in Trinkot and as well as in different parts of Uruzgan."
Posted by: Fred 2018-01-03