How I became public enemy No. 1 in Poland
[Jpost] I am, apparently, an enemy of the Polish people.

I am a prime example of that treacherous lying Jewish media with its tentacles wrapped around the earth, or something not-at-all-antisemitic like that. I am the reason Jews are killed and thrown out of every country they try to live in around the world. I am to blame for the Holocaust, and it’s too bad I was born. I am also a c*** and a bitch who’s asking to be raped, and who deserves to be sent photos of strangers’ genitals. And I’m stupid. Oh so stupid. A real idiot who’s never read a book.

Or so thousands of Polish people told me on social media since Saturday night.

Even Poland’s Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki piled on, labeling me "Israeli media" ‐ at least that one is true ‐ and telling his followers to come after me.

All because of one tweet. One tweet in which I wrote the phrase "Polish death camps" 14 times.
Now, I know that Poles, and Ukrainians, and Baltics are practically heroes to Americans for their "brave resistance" to Russia. However, to paraphrase your Al Smith: "lets not forget the record" - especially as it reinforced by current behavior.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2018-01-29