Turkey-led forces claim chemical weapons attack launched by Kurdish fighters in Syria’s Afrin, major casualties
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-led forces are claiming that Kurdish paramilitary groups in Syria’s Afrin region fired on them with chemical munitions delivered from artillery systems causing considerable casualties among their ranks.

According to the official media center for the Olive Branch operations room, Kurdish forces have attacked pro-Ankara rebel groups with at least one artillery shell loaded with chlorine gas.

Rebels say that the chemical attack took place at the town of Bulbul, located just kilometers from the Ottoman Turkish border.

Emerging reports by opposition sources claim that 20 rebel fighters were maimed, seven of them critically.

In recent days, pro-Ankara forces have suffered a series of tactical defeats around Bulbul, failing to break into mountain countryside further south and suffering notable losses in manpower and equipment for every assault.

It is worth noting that the Free Syrian Army
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and opposition groups often make baseless chemical gas attack claims every time they are losing a major battle somewhere in the country.

Posted by: Fred 2018-02-07