Rebel commander and bodyguard become charred corpses after roadside bomb attack in Syria’s Daraa
[ALMASDARNEWS] Two rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army
... the more palatable version of the Syrian insurgency, heavily influenced by the Moslem Brüderbund...
‐ a field commander and his personal bodyguard ‐ have been killed by a roadside kaboom whilst traveling through murderous Moslem-held areas in the northern countryside of Syria’s Daraa province.

The commander who died in the bombing has been identified by rebel sources as Basel al-Qarqai. Both he and his bodyguard (who remains unidentified) were reportedly killed instantly as a result of the kaboom, being left to burn in the vehicle for some time until removed.

The two rebels had been traveling on the road between the towns of Aqraba and Kafr Nasij. Their intended destination is not known, but clearly the assassins of the two rebels knew their routine.

The liquidation of Basel al-Qarqai and his bodyguard is by no means a rare occurrence in rebel-held Daraa with at least one liquidation of murderous Moslem ranks taking place every week (ten days at the most).

The Free Syrian Army group to which the two belonged officially blames Syrian government spies for the death of its fighters.
Posted by: Fred 2018-02-09