Sarah Palin: Trump Is ‘Trying to Win' a Trade War ‘We've Been Fighting for Decades'
[Breitbart] President Donald Trump is responding to a trade war ‐ not starting one ‐ he inherited by pursuing a "level playing field" via tariffs, wrote former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday.

Palin pointed to comments made by Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour last Thursday about Trump’s proposals to combat "economic warfare" waged by China to destroy America’s steel and aluminum manufacturers.

China’s predatory pricing of steel and aluminum exports is designed to destroy the financial viability of America’s domestic manufacturers of the metals, said Mansour:
What China is doing, they are willing to take a loss on steel and dump steel below the price of what it costs them to make it simply because they want to destroy our industry for a strategic reason. They want the world to be dependent on them. They want to take the market; that’s why they’re dumping steel. This is an act of war. This is economic warfare.

"POTUS isn’t starting any trade war... it’s been raging for decades and we keep losing," wrote Palin. "People MUST understand our nation’s solvency and sovereignty are at stake here."
Posted by: Besoeker 2018-03-06