WaPo Rediscovers Its Interest In Federal Deficits
These assholes and the rest of the media (but I repeat myself) may have run a handful of these columns while Obama was in office but now that Trump's in office, we'll see this theme rehashed on a weekly basis.
Then again, Congress could do something about this, something really radical, like cut spending, and that ain't happening with Paul Ryan as House speaker.

[Washington Post] - Government borrowing soars despite robust economy

The U.S. budget deficit is reaching levels that are abnormally high for a robust economy, and lawmakers from both parties are proposing ideas that would make the deficit swell even further.

The government spent $895 billion more than it brought in from taxes and other revenue sources during the past 11 months, the Congressional Budget Office said this week, a 33 percent increase from one year before.

Typically, the deficit shrinks during strong economic times, as the need for costly government support wanes and tax revenue rises. In 2000, the last time the unemployment rate was at its current level of 3.9 percent, the government ran a surplus, meaning tax revenue eclipsed all spending.
Posted by: Raj 2018-09-12