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Ghalioun Elected Chief of Syrian Opposition Coalition
Today's Headlines
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Page 1: WoT Operations
Good morning 344 21:34 rammer
3 Taliban Leaders Captured in Afghan Offensive Afghanistan 277 07:53 Besoeker
Forces seize $110 m. worth of drugs in Afghanistan Afghanistan 341 18:42 crosspatch
Nato Invites Pakistan to Chicago as Supply Route Opens Afghanistan 284 17:10 mojo
EU helicopters strike Somali pirate base on land Africa Horn 547 17:13 mojo
Al-Shabaab gives new beard order Africa Horn 295 14:43 Ebbang Uluque6305
Gunmen Kill a Bus Driver in Mogadishu Africa Horn 276 19:00
Explosion at Kenya refugee camp kills 5 police officers Africa Horn 295 19:00
Puntland forces conduct security operations in Garowe, seize illegal weapons Africa Horn 291 07:22 Admiral Allan Ackbar
Private navy planned to counter pirate raids Africa Horn 637 22:18 Pappy
Clashes in western Libyan town leave 6 dead Africa North 277 19:00
Cairo airport announces emergency after bomb threat on Nigeria-bound plane Africa North 272 19:00
Yemen Says Bomber Enters Capital for Car Bomb Attack Arabia 287 19:00
Forces Retake Key Area in South Yemen Arabia 268 19:00
Los Zetas deny 49 dead in Cadereyta were theirs Caribbean-Latin America 323 18:57 Gabby Cussworth
NKor appears to have stopped GPS jamming - for now China-Japan-Koreas 364 23:27 canalzone
Assistant village leader gunned down in southern Thailand Southeast Asia 278 19:00
NGO Accuses Syrian Regime of 'Massacre during Monitors Visit' Syria-Lebanon-Iran 301 19:00
Ibrahim: Mawlawi Case Coordinated with Major World Power, Qaida Exists in Lebanon Syria-Lebanon-Iran 410 00:41 JosephMendiola
More Deaths as Syria's Revolt Enters 15th Month Syria-Lebanon-Iran 283 19:00
Syria-linked clashes end in Lebanon but anger remains Syria-Lebanon-Iran 303 19:00
Syrian activists say regime fires on funeral Syria-Lebanon-Iran 267 19:00
'Syria troops target health workers' Syria-Lebanon-Iran 264 19:00
Ghalioun Elected Chief of Syrian Opposition Coalition Syria-Lebanon-Iran 534 19:00
Page 2: WoT Background
Local Police Creates Insecurity in Afghanistan: Report Afghanistan 261 19:00
Insurgency Hurts the Host Country Most: Crocker Afghanistan 278 19:00
Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari wants hostages in Somalia freed Africa Horn 280 19:00
Osama Bin Laden: God did not want an Islamic state in Egypt Africa North 618 15:39 rjschwarz
Man sets himself on fire outside Breivik courthouse Europe 269 13:25 Redneck Jim
Lawfare: Israeli Group Wins Terror Suit Against Syria, Iran Home Front: WoT 285 15:51 borgboy
Iraq carrying out mass arrests, torture in Camp Honor: HRW Iraq 283 09:12 Besoeker
Terror trial of fugitive Iraq VP starts in Baghdad Iraq 258 19:00
US Leads Major War Drill in Jordan Israel-Palestine-Jordan 261 00:32 JosephMendiola
Ex-Spain PM: Putin told me 'Israel will take care of Iran' Syria-Lebanon-Iran 301 12:52 Ebbang Uluque6305
Strategic Posture Review: Iran Syria-Lebanon-Iran 279 19:00
Saudi doubts Annan peace plan Syria-Lebanon-Iran 268 19:00
U.S. aid to Syrian rebels is a signal to Iran Syria-Lebanon-Iran 333 19:47 Besoeker
WikiLeak perhaps led to Iran's 'Mossad' hanging Syria-Lebanon-Iran 269 13:53 OldSpook
'United States expands ties with Syrian rebels' Syria-Lebanon-Iran 281 19:00
Iran Says Saudi-Bahrain Union Plan Deepens Crisis Syria-Lebanon-Iran 275 01:57 JosephMendiola
Page 3: Non-WoT
Strauss-Kahn files $1m suit against maid -Lurid Crime Tales- 276 15:46 Zhang Fei
Govt poll shows Shafiq leading Egyptian presidential race Africa North 276 12:02 Ebbang Uluque6305
Tunisian Clan Fighting Injures 18 Africa North 270 19:00
Islamist party slams presidential candidate Shafiq Africa North 268 19:00
New Senegalese president cuts civil servants pay Africa Subsaharan 283 08:43 AlanC
Road crash kills 42 Angolan opposition supporters Africa Subsaharan 263 08:03 Besoeker
Saudi beheads Yemeni convicted of murder Arabia 275 19:00
Top BNP leaders appear in court today for bail Bangladesh 267 19:00
Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes dies at 83 Caribbean-Latin America 271 11:23 Mullah Richard
Inside the China-Philippines Fight in the South China Sea China-Japan-Koreas 532 21:06 JosephMendiola
President Francois Hollande's plane hit by lightning, no one hurt Europe 356 07:49 Mullah Richard
Greece invites 5 parties to talks on new govt Europe 323 21:57 phil_b
A millenium of Europe in 11 minutes Europe 284 15:47 SteveS
Hollande Sworn In as French President, Then Flies to Berlin for Talks With German Chancellor Europe 262 19:00
Indonesia cancels Lady Gaga show after Islamist pressure Southeast Asia 583 08:23 lord garth
Page 4: Opinion
AEP: Greek euro exit looms closer as banks crumble Europe 260 0 19:00
President Obama, The View, And The False Notion Of Too Big To Fail Home Front: Politix 306 5 16:30 JohnQC
Putin to reset relationship with Israel? International-UN-NGOs 317 5 15:34 rjschwarz
Page 6: Politix
Illegal Aliens Sue Senate Home Front: Politix 346 20:00 OldSpook

AEP: Greek euro exit looms closer as banks crumble
A tsunami of capital flight from Greece threatens to overwhelm the authorities, forcing the country out of the euro before fresh elections in June. Economists warned that the Greek financial system could crumble within weeks or days unless the European Central Bank steps up support.
In which case the Greek financial system will crumble within weeks...
President Karolos Papoulias told party leaders that banks had lost €700m in withdrawals on Monday alone as citizens rush to pre-empt capital controls and a much-feared return to the Drachma.

He cited central bank warnings that "great fear" might soon escalate to panic. The leaked details lend credence to claims that capital flight by both savers and firms have reached €4bn a week since the triumph of anti-bailout parties on May 6.

Steen Jakobsen from Danske Bank said outflows are becoming unstoppable, not helped by open talk in EU circles of `technical' plans for Greek withdrawal.

"This has a self-fulfilling prophecy built into it and I don't think we can get to June. The fuse is burning and the only two options now are a controlled explosion where Germany steps in to ensure an orderly exit, or an uncontrolled explosion," he said.
Posted by: tipper || 05/16/2012 16:08 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [260 views] Top||
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Home Front: Politix
President Obama, The View, And The False Notion Of Too Big To Fail
Posted by: tipper || 05/16/2012 03:11 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [306 views] Top||
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"Better she said nothing at all." Actually "nothing" is better than what any of those ladies on The View ever have to say.
However, the gist of the article is worth looking at. The news of JP Morgan's loss has reignited the discussion over whether the financial sector is regulated enough. The answer is that regulation and the moral hazard-ridden business environment it produces is the sole reason why a bank's loss is a hot topic of discussion to begin with. Without the Fed, the FDIC, and the government's nasty history of bailing out its top campaign contributors, JP Morgan would be just another bank beholden to market forces. Instead it, along with most of Wall Street, has become, to use former Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig's label, a virtual "public utility."

Take away the implied safety net and "too big to fail" disappears. It's as simple that.

The POV of the article itself is simplistically anti-any-and-all-regulation.
Take away the FDIC, and I (and many other savers) take all my money out of banks. Capisce? Apparently, not the author of this reductio ad absurdum. Author is blissfully unaware of the fact that when FDR first took office, US banks had essentially closed their doors.
Banks ARE public utilities, that's why they have been regulated for almost 200 years. Recently the big banks and Vampire Squids have been running the biggest gambling operation and organized crime ring in world history. The article completely misses that point.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418 || 05/16/2012 14:41 Comments || Top||

The economist Bill Black recently had the following to say about the TBTF banks and the disingenuous Jamie Dimon:
All of the systemically dangerous institutions failed [since 2008] in large part because of these financial derivatives - what we call the green slime. That's what brought down Fannie and Freddie and Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, Lehman, Merrill Lynch and Wachovia. After those catastrophic disasters that caused the Great Recession, cost six billion [sic] Americans their jobs directly, prevented another five to eight million jobs from being created, helped lead to a global crisis called the Great Recession--after that, the banks still fought to be allowed to do exactly the same kind of derivative trades [that largely caused the current Recession]. And even when the Volcker Rule was adopted, over the banks' opposition and over the opposition of the Federal Reserve and of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, they gutted the rule--at least the draft rule to implement the Volcker Rule. Unless it is changed, the Volcker Rule will be essentially unenforceable, because the current draft allows financial institutions to simply call their trades "hedges", even though they operate exactly opposite to the way a hedge would work.
Bill Black will never appear on "The View". He is not simple-minded enough to appeal to the constituency of "The View".
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418 || 05/16/2012 15:13 Comments || Top||

Putin to reset relationship with Israel?
Posted by: ryuge || 05/16/2012 09:28 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [317 views] Top||
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Not sure I buy the reset but it might work to keep Israel from working with Georgia and other Caucus states and it might eliminate embarrassment over Israeli avoidance of Russian built Iranian defenses.

It might also work to put Russia on the side of the winners instead of the losers as they currently are. This is big for pride and arms sales.

If you are Russia and you don't believe NATO missile defenses are designed to stop Iranian missiles (or know they are but could also limit your own missiles), eliminating Iranian missiles (by assisting the Israelis in doing what everyone wants/needs them to do). At that point NATO has to come clean or remove the offending installations.

Also if you are Russia you now see the US has a ton of oil ready to be exploited after the next election. A spike in oil prices now could be very profitable before that Yank oils becomes available. An Israeli attack against Iran is likely to have that effect.

Lastly if you are Russia you pride yourself on your military equipment which might not be as good as Anglo/European stuff in many cases but is better for a third world export market and you see India and Israel as a potential market. Especially after an attack on Iran makes the west finger wag and call Israel a naughty boy.

I'm sure Putins given the whole thing far more thought than I have but it would seem to be advantageous to reset their relationship.
Posted by: Rjschwarz || 05/16/2012 11:07 Comments || Top||

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       Ghalioun Elected Chief of Syrian Opposition Coalition
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