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Iraq the Model - A look at the Swarmer.
Posted by:BrerRabbit

#4  Tactically, air-assault operations address an ever present need in Iraq.

Coupled with UAVs, it is the Iraqi military that puts the insurgents and foreign fighters on the defense, hitting when and where they choose with little fanfare.
Posted by: Captain America   2006-03-19 17:35  

#3  I doubt Russia (anymore) or China (today) could pull it off under combat conditions. I would add perhaps Japan and the UK. Taiwan or ROK? In 10 years, maybe India.
Posted by: Nimble Spemble   2006-03-19 14:57  

#2  How many armed forces around the world are capable of such an operation, outside the U.S., China, Russia, and Israel?
Posted by: Perfessor   2006-03-19 14:34  

#1  I agree complete, in a way. Swarmer accomplishes several things.

The first is to persuade the Iraqi military of the "higher concept" that is air-assault operations.

Having a permanent air-assault unit is perfect for Iraq because it is relatively inexpensive, just "helicopter infantry" as it were, and yet if used properly gives them a unique ability in the region. Something akin to "light cavalry".

Light cavalry tactics are not well-known in the world outside of Europe and the United States. But they are to a war what the knight is to a chess board: a gawky, odd piece that can have a devastating effect if properly used.

Again, since air-assault units can be assembled quickly, their emphasis is tactics and training, both of which were given out in Swarmer.

The second purpose of Swarmer is brilliant: an Iraqi military unit trained in air-assault tactics would be a superb reaction force to have in case of a civil-war revolt.

For example, if a major city rose up in revolt, it would normally take the Iraqi army days to respond. But an air-assault unit could be there in hours, before the situation got out of control, and could keep things under control until the rest of the army showed up.

Such "city revolts" have taken place several times in Iraq, such as in Sadr City, Najaf, Fallujah and Mosul. In each case it even took the US military far too long to respond.

An air-assault operation could have minimized each one of these early on in the fight.

Swarmer, it seems, was a rousing success.
Posted by: Anonymoose   2006-03-19 13:15