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Four killed as militants fight over key bunker
[Dawn] Four snuffies were killed when rival groups clashed with each other to get control over an important bunker in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency on Monday.

Sources said that Taliban of Tariq Afridi group attacked a bunker of Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) in Dwa Thoe area of the valley. Both the groups traded heavy fire, which resulted in killing of four hard boys. LI sources in Bara claimed that they not only repulsed the offensive but also killed three of their opponents.

The LI had captured the same post after expelling Taliban from the Kukikhel
...a tribe of primitives inhabiting Khyber Agency. They are a branch of the Afridi tribe. Traditionally they have been migratory, tromping between Jamrud and the Rajgal valley with the seasons. The tribe has had mustache-cursing relationships with several other tribes, including the Zakkakhel and Kambarkhel, and with the Mullagori. They make welcome most anyone with a turban and automatic weapons, but every once in awhile they get together a tribal lashkar to mollify the government...
dominated areas of Tirah valley. Both groups have been fighting with each other since October last year to gain full control of the area.

Taliban had lost most of the areas, they had been occupying after they were expelled from Darra Adamkhel following a military operation about two years ago.

Also, an official of Mehsud Scouts was killed in a blast while headless body of a primitive was found in Bara on Monday.

Officials said that security forces were conducting a search operation in Naway Kamar area on Sheen Qamar Road when an bomb planted inside an empty house went kaboom!.

The kaboom caused injuries to a soldier, who later succumbed to his wounds in a hospital.

In Akkakhel, local residents found headless body of Tor Mullah Zakhakhel, a primitive, at a deserted place. Sources said that reason behind beheading the primitive could not be ascertained immediately.

...back at the argument, Jane reached into her purse for her .38...
Kukikhel volunteers defused an bomb planted on a roadside in Serhai area on Monday.

Local sources said that the device was spotted minutes before a Kukikhel jirga was held in the area. Nobody has grabbed credit for planting the improvised bomb.

ars longa, vita brevis...
Taliban of Tariq Afridi group have grabbed credit for a suicide kaboom carried out at a LI base in the same region on Friday.

In Landi Kotal, unidentified snuffies blew up a government primary school on the night between Sunday and Monday.

Officials said that snuffies planted huge quantity of explosives at Malik Jafar Khan primary school at midnight that went kaboom! later. The blast damaged the building. Nobody has so far grabbed credit for the blast.
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#1  When jihadis kill each other, surely nobody goes to Paradise.
Posted by: trailing wife   2012-03-07 19:47