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Southeast Asia
Car bomb kills two in southern Thailand
Security has been tightened after a series of deadly blasts in Narathiwat province on Saturday. Two bomb explosions killed two people and wounded more than ten.

Police will release sketches of two suspects seen on security camera footage near a house behind Rueso district police station - the site of a car bomb that killed two people. Police will seek arrest warrants for the pair. The second blast, which involved a motorcycle, took place near a school.

Both attacks happened a day after Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra took charge of national security operations.

Violence continued in the South yesterday. Chula Woma, a school teacher in Pattani province, was shot by a pillion rider on a motorcycle as he waited at a bus stop. He was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

Also in Pattani, Tasmi Kabae was gunned down while riding a motorcycle. An unknown number of people opened fire at him with a 9 mm pistol about 1 a.m. He died at the scene.

Meanwhile, government forces killed a suspected terrorist militant during a shootout in Songkhla province early yesterday morning. The clash occurred when police surrounded a house after getting word that a number of terrorists militants were hiding there. A 10-minute exchange of fire took place. The deceased was identified as Mayuding Sama. Two others in the house escaped.

Authorities said a bomb was found in Narathiwat province, which was successfully defused. Two fake bombs were also found in another district of Narathiwat yesterday morning.
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