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Israel fighting off millions of cyber attacks
[JTA] Israel has repelled some 44 million cyber attacks on government websites since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense, a government minister said.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz told news hounds Sunday that all the attacks have been thwarted except one, which brought down a website for a short time.

On Saturday, the online terror group Anonymous announced that it had brought down 700 Israeli private and public websites, including the websites of several Israeli government offices, such as the Foreign Ministry and the Kadima Party. It did bring down the Foreign Ministry's Mashav department website, which coordinates Israeli aid missions to foreign countries, and the Kadima website remained down as of Sunday night.

The group also said it erased the database of the Bank of Jerusalem, though the bank's website is operational. It also released the personal information, including national ID number and e-mail, of at least 35,000 Israelis.

"For far too long, Anonymous has stood by with the rest of the world and watched in despair the barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Paleostinian people in the so called 'Occupied Territories' by the Israel Defense Force. But when the government of Israel publicly threatened to sever all Internet and other telecommunications into and out of Gazoo they crossed a line in the sand," Anonymous said in a statement.

"We are ANONYMOUS and NO ONE shuts down the Internet on our watch. To the IDF and government of Israel we issue you this warning only once. Do NOT shut down the Internet into the 'Occupied Territories,' and cease and desist from your terror upon the innocent people of Paleostine or you will know the full and unbridled wrath of Anonymous."

One year ago, Anonymous launched a cyber attack on several Israeli government and military websites, including government ministries, the Mossad and the IDF, after Israel intercepted Gazoo-bound ships attempting to break the naval blockade.
Posted by:Fred


#7 has me dyin' to find out just whom is hiding behind the "V for Vendetta" face masks.
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2012-11-19 22:58  

#7  "We are ANONYMOUS and NO ONE shuts down the Internet on our watch"

Puberty is a tough age. The acne ... the bullying ... the embarrassment of asking your parents for money to buy pizza.

Dear Anonymous - get a real JOB !!!
Posted by: Raider   2012-11-19 18:50  

#6  can I be the sidekick?
Posted by: Frank G   2012-11-19 18:31  

#5  Sarcastic Man, one of the lesser-known superheroes.
Posted by: Pappy   2012-11-19 16:26  

#4  Besoeker was being, like, sarcastic man---grok?.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2012-11-19 07:52  

#3  There are women and children involved. Their innocence varies.
Posted by: Nimble Spemble   2012-11-19 07:45  

#2  From yesterday's Hamas rocket article:

#6 Elder of Ziyon notes the following:

1. The IDF just sent seventy trucks carrying food and medicine into Gaza, despite being at war.

2. Gazans are being allowed into Israel for medical treatment.

3. Egypt sent in 400 activists to express solidarity with the poor Gazans. That they will become both hungry and wounded, and therefore use up the Gazans supplies of food and medicines is of no concern to any of the parties involved.
Posted by trailing wife

During the great unpleasantness, the South was severly strained to provide medical care and sustenance to it's POW's. Despite numerous pleadings from General Lee for a prisoner exchange, the north refused each of Lee's requests. Immediately following the war, when some men desired that Lee run for president, an angry congress attempted to try Lee as a war criminal for the terrible conditions at Andersonville. He used the north's refusal of prisoner exchange as his defense and was acquitted of all charges.

Less than 40 years later in another war a British general ordered the burning of crops and homes along with the concentrated detention of farm families (25 thousand died in the camps) in a successful bid to discourage waring farmer commandos.

Some 40 years later, the Warsaw Ghetto. No discussion required here.

Let them have the food and medicine. There are innocent women and children involved.

Posted by: Besoeker   2012-11-19 06:58  

#1  I expect Israel to react the same way it did about rockets from Gaza. Me thinks the days of 'anonymous' hacking are coming to a close.
Posted by: Mikey Hunt   2012-11-19 00:16