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Africa Subsaharan
Car bomb kills at least 5 at military church in Nigeria
At least five people were killed and dozens injured on Sunday when a car bomb exploded at a church inside the Jaji military barracks in Nigeria's northern Kaduna state, a military source said.

"I saw five bodies and scores injured," a military officer who witnessed the bombing told Reuters, asking not to be named.
Posted by:tipper

#2  My heart-felt sincere sympathies go out to all African Christians, they must feel like they've been sold a pup, when time is wasted voting against women Bishops, etc, and not enough calling to account the whole of Islam by Christians with balls, and that probably includes a few wimmen.

Civil(?) war in Nigeria avoidable? Only with the total kinetic destruction of Boko Haram. Bring back all the Nigerian Hard Boyz living abroad on Oil Money, (giving the nation a really bad reputation as well, btw), and tell them to do something useful for a change and go and kill some mutants....
Posted by: Solomon Protector of the Texans5923   2012-11-25 16:50  

#1  up to 11 dead now
Posted by: Frank G   2012-11-25 15:50