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As worshippers gather, Pakistani city endures second deadly blast in two days
[CNN] For the second time in two days, a deadly blast shook a northwest Pak city as worshippers marked the sacred holiday of Ashura.

The kaboom occurred near a Shiite Mohammedan procession in Dera Ismail Khan
... the Pearl of Pashtunistan ...
. The bomb was planted inside a bicycle repair shop, killing five people and injuring more than 70 others, said Mian Iftikahr Hussain, the provincial information minister.

A front man for the Pak Taliban said the group was behind Sunday's bombing on the procession and warned of more attacks.

A day earlier, the Pak Taliban grabbed credit for a blast that killed seven people, including three children, during a Shiite religious procession in the same city Saturday.

That bomb was planted in a garbage container and went kaboom! as the last section of the procession, in which children were following adults, was passing by, police front man Khalid Sohail said.

Eighteen people, including five children and two police officials, were maimed in Saturday's attack.

The front man for the Pak Taliban, Ihsanullah Ihsan, said the group would continue "its mission" and attack Shiite Ashura processions across Pakistain.

Pakistain has been on high alert because of the two-day holiday of Ashura, in which believers mourn the death of a key imam from the 7th century. The government increased security for the Ashura observance.
Posted by:Fred

#2  As per TOPIX, DEFENCE.PK/FORUMS > protection is also being demanded for the rights of Indonesian Shias.
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2012-11-26 22:48  

#1   the sacred holiday of Ashura.

Wouldn't be an Islamic holy day without somebody being blown up.
Posted by: SteveS   2012-11-26 00:42