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Israeli troops shoot 5 Palestinians, seize 9: Gaza officials
[Al Ahram] Officials in Gazoo said Israeli troops shot and maimed five Paleostinians along the border Wednesday and placed in long-term storage
Drop the gat, Rocky, or you're a dead 'un!
nine fisherman at sea, a week after the two sides agreed a truce.
Medical officials said that army fire injured four Paleostinians east of El-Bureij refugee camp in the centre of the strip and a fifth in the north, near the Erez crossing to Israel.

The Israeli military did not confirm any casualties but said troops had responded to several attempts by Gazooks to breach the border fence.

"Several Paleostinian rioters approached the security fence in several locations...while acting violently, trying to illegally infiltrate Israel through the fence," a front man told AFP.

"The soldiers at the scene acted in order to distance the violent rioters and in accordance with the rules of engagement," he said without elaborating.

Elsewhere, "in a new violation of the ceasefire, the Zionist enemy arrested nine citizens and sunk several boats in the sea off the northern Gazoo Strip," Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, interior ministry front man Islam Shahwan said in a statement.

The 21 November ceasefire deal brought a halt to eight days of cross-border fighting between Israel and Gazoo snuffies which claimed the lives of 173 Paleostinians and six Israelis, two of them soldiers, sources on both sides said.

Paleostinians said that as part of the truce, Israel's naval blockade of the coastal territory was eased to allow fishing boats to operate up to six nautical miles from shore, instead of three previously.

A military front man told AFP that a patrol boat intercepted a fishing vessel that had sailed beyond the boundary, although he did not specify how far out it was.

"A fishing boat deviated from the designated fishing area in northern Gazoo," he said, adding that naval personnel "asked the boat to stop but it didn't, so they apprehended the boat and took the people on board for questioning at Ashdod port" in southern Israel.
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