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Africa North
Brotherhood figure: Less than 2000 outside Egypt's presidential palace
[Al Ahram] Secretary-general of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says number of demonstrators outside presidential palace for Tuesday rally against draft constitution doesn't exceed 2000
Then his lips fell off.
Were they committing suicide at the gates?
Posted by:Fred

#6  He didn't run, he suddenly decamped, let's watch our verbosity, that it might reflect on our goodness and funk.

Posted by: Shipman   2012-12-05 18:14  

#5  2000 protest and Morsi runs for the hills?
The Egyptian lion is a cowardly lion me thinks.
Posted by: AlanC   2012-12-05 15:46  

#4  Well, we know it's not whistling past the graveyard, cause whistling is music, and them islamist guys hates them some music...
Posted by: M. Murcek   2012-12-05 11:31  

#3  Perhaps he has poor math skills.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2012-12-05 10:02  

#2  Well, Jesse Jackson says there were at least 1 Million protesters. So who are you gonna believe?
Posted by: WacoInMN   2012-12-05 09:34  

#1  Photo at Kuwait Times seems to indicate a few more than 2K.

Kind of how the MSM here under-count Tea Party Rally participants.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2012-12-05 08:39