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Africa Horn
Banana Export Company launched in Mogadishu
[Shabelle] in a further sign of return of hope and booming trade in a city not long time dubbed the worlds most dangerous city, a banana export company has been launched in Mogadishu Somalias capital city today.

The founders of the new company, Fruit Som say that their plan is to be an umbrella for all Somali farmers so that it can export Somalias banana to the outside world.

Sheikh Osman, chairman of Fruit Som company who spoke at the launching ceremony of the company said that the company would bring all Somali farmers particularly those who grow banana under one umbrella.

Shiekh Ali Wajis, who is a member of the group founding this new company also spoke there, telling Somalia lacked such business activity for a long time.

Somalia grows one of the best quality bananas in the world but the production and export of the banana which was earning hard currency for the Somali economy, halted after the descended into wars and lawlessness.
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