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Africa North
Morsi opponents attacked at presidential palace in Cairo
At least 14 people were injured Saturday when unknown assailants
Who, oh who could they be...
attacked opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi who were camping outside the presidential palace in Cairo, health officials said, dpa reported.

Around 30 unmasked attackers threw petrol bombs at the protesters' tents and fired pellets in the air outside the palace in the eastern Cairo quarter of Heliopolis, said witnesses. The injured included seven police officers who were on duty near the palace, the Interior Ministry said.
Sorry boy, friendly fire...
The state-run newspaper al-Ahram, citing a security official, said police were intensifying efforts to identify and arrest the assailants.
"Any of youse guys see a bunch of polic ... er, assailants with petrol bombs?"
"Nope, not a one."
"Hokay, thanks!"
Morsi had left the palace before the attack, added al-Ahram, quoting a presidential source.
Roasted flesh makes him nauseous...
The protesters have camped out near the palace for more than a month now, decrying a constitution drafted by an Islamist-dominated constituent assembly and Morsi's insistence to put it up for a referendum.
Posted by:Steve White

#1  last week was another bad one for the EGYPTIAN pound. It lost about 5% in value vs the dollar.

The official rate is now 1 E pound = 15 cent.
The unofficial rate is probably more like 12 cents.

Back in 1990 or so, the E pound was about 1 dollar.
Posted by: lord garth   2013-01-13 10:13