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Southeast Asia
Thai terror suspect gives truck bomb tip-off
An terror insurgent suspect has alerted security officers to a car bomb attack being planned for Muang district. The suspect said that a pickup truck stolen from two slain teachers in Pattani's Mayo district last month has been repainted and wired with explosives in preparation for the attack.

The tip-off was made by one of five suspected terrorists insurgents arrested by army rangers during a raid on a house in Yarang district on Saturday.

Two of the suspects were indentified as Usman Bueto and Nipa Niguno, both of whom had outstanding arrest warrants. The other three were named as Abdullah Bahae, Masorlae Sama-air and Abdulachi Doni, all of whom are now being investigated for suspected terrorist insurgent links.

Officers said one of the suspects had said a grey Mazda pickup truck which was stolen after the shooting deaths of two Ba Ngo school teachers on Dec 11 had been loaded with explosives. The pickup has been repainted black and its license plate has been changed.

Terrorists Insurgents planned to use the explosive-laden vehicle to bomb an unspecified target in Muang municipality. Security has now been increased around the district, with checkpoints set up along every route in and out of the area. Additional security forces have been deployed to look out for the black pickup.

Meanwhile, highway police chief Pongsit Saengpet yesterday told his officers to cease night patrol operations after Friday's attack which left two police and one assistant dead in Sai Buri district.

The attack took place about 10:30 p.m. when about 10 attackers in the back of a pickup truck opened fire on a highway patrol car, killing everyone in the vehicle.

Highway police officers will now carry out night operations only in emergency cases and two police cars will be used for any operation after dark. Daytime duties will continue as usual.
Posted by:ryuge

#1  GOTCHA, But this isn't my truck, exactly.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2013-01-14 01:24