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Science & Technology
How Boeing’s non-lethal CHAMP missiles could mark ‘a new era in modern-day warfare’
Posted by:Uncle Phester

#9  Mullah Richard - except our CIC spells his with a U not an A....
Posted by: CrazyFool   2013-01-14 14:10  

#8  Yes, [sarc off]. My bad.

Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-14 14:04  

#7  Somehow the previous comment lost /sarcasm tag off the end.
Posted by: AlanC   2013-01-14 13:58  

#6  ...won the war in Afghanistan

Um, Beso, did you forget the
Posted by: AlanC   2013-01-14 11:41  

#5  Armed Predators and sophisticated, computer aided targeting won the war in Afghanistan. Technology really is amazing.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-14 11:25  

#4  Nice that they named them for our CIC.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2013-01-14 11:23  

#3  Even the cameras monitoring the test were knocked out.

How do they know it worked?
Posted by: Frozen Al   2013-01-14 11:19  

#2  iran is the obvious battlespace for this product
Posted by: lord garth   2013-01-14 09:07  

#1  Doesn't work so well on two story mud huts with tin roofs. When it does go down, is there an atomic dissipation circuit?
Posted by: Skidmark   2013-01-14 01:42