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Africa Subsaharan
Mali army 'regains Konna and Diabaly' from rebels
Islamist fighters have withdrawn from two towns in central Mali following French air strikes, officials say.

Mali's army earlier said it had recaptured Konna, which triggered the French intervention after it was seized by the rebels.

Now the mayor of Diabaly says soldiers have taken control of the town.

Islamist fighters in neighbouring Algeria say they have kidnapped foreign gas workers in retaliation for France's involvement in the Mali conflict.

Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency says it fears the fighting could force 700,000 people from their homes.

Some 150,000 people have already gone to neighboring countries, Reuters news agency reports.
Posted by:tipper

#2  Just south-west of Were de Hekawi...
Posted by: mojo   2013-01-18 17:42  

#1  Mali Army aka Armée de Terre. The ending was never in doubt. Now what the French need to do is stand aside as Malians wipe out everyone associated with the rebels, Rwanda-style. This is the only cheap way of ensuring long-term victory. Cheap in economic terms and cheap in French losses.
Posted by: Zhang Fei   2013-01-18 16:44