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Southeast Asia
Four Thai soldiers injured in ambush
Four soldiers were seriously injured in a gun attack that was followed by an explosion targeting their colleagues who were coming to rescue them in Narathiwat province late on Thursday afternoon.

The attack occurred as six soldiers in a security team assigned to escort schoolteachers, were traveling in a military jeep. They were leading a convoy of teachers driving a pickup truck, a car and a motorcycle.

Gunmen hiding in a roadside rubber plantation fired almost 30 shots at the soldiers’ vehicle with M16 and AK-47 assault rifles. The driver and three others were hit in the arms and legs. All of the injured are in critical condition.

As the teachers raced away from the scene, the unit’s leader, who was unhurt, radioed his base to ask for backup. A six-member rapid response team was dispatched to the scene. However, another group of terrorists militants hiding in the roadside forest detonated a bomb targeting their vehicle, and a five-minute gunfight ensued.The bomb caused no injuries. Thirty-two spent M16 and AK-47 cartridges were collected from the spot where the attackers were hiding.

Thursday’s attack came on the same day as Thailand's foreign minister led 15 delegates from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to a meeting with the chairman of the Pattani Islamic Committee and local religious leaders while on a visit to monitor the current situation and the progress in the government's efforts to conclude the southern conflict.

Villager killed in Yala attack
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