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Home Front: Politix
Obama's Hypocritic Oath-VDH
In 2008 Obama was not just a fierce critic but a sanctimonious critic of just the sorts of practices and protocols that he has later embraced. Why? Partly, Senator Obama was inexperienced and really believed that the presidency would be as easy a task as had been his opportunistic brief tenure as a senator. Partly, because during the 2007--08 campaign the media never asked questions of Obama in the manner that they did other candidates, he naturally assumed, quite correctly, that they were so invested in his symbolism that they would never critique him when he was president. And partly, as a man of the Left Obama believed that the means really are justified by the ends -- and so the reactionary Bush should be judged by standards that can hardly apply to the egalitarian progressive Obama.

Will the abject hypocrisy continue for another four years? There is no reason to believe that Obama has become more circumspect and now understands that he cannot meet the very expectations he demanded of others, or that the media will try to salvage their tattered reputation by applying the same scrutiny to Obama that they did to others. But who knows -- in 2016 we may see a young charismatic senator like the Barack Obama of 2007 who creates a messianic persona through hypnotizing the media, insisting that the incumbent is an utter failure, and promising "hope and change."
Posted by:Beavis

#7  DNC?

Posted by: Frozen Al   2013-02-12 23:45  

#6  TPC
Posted by: Classical_Liberal   2013-02-12 17:00  

those of a faceless, runaway, three letter agency with a secret, unlimited budget.

The FFA?
Posted by: Rob Crawford   2013-02-12 11:01  

#4  Narcissism:
A a generalized personality trait characterized by egotism, vanity, conceit, or selfishness. However, narcissism has subsequently included particular meanings in specific fields, including:
A central concept of psychoanalytic theory
A mental illness
A social or cultural problem
A personality trait.

Except in the sense of primary narcissism or healthy self-love, narcissism is usually considered a problem in a person or group's relationships with self and others.

Posted by: Besoeker   2013-02-12 09:13  

#3  It truly makes you question the psychological make up of a man who can engage in such double talk and hypocrisy and still sleep at night. I guess that is a talent (or skill) most successful politicians possess; although despite his faults I found it quite lacking in our previous president, and admirably so I might add.
Posted by: Eltoroverde    2013-02-12 09:08  

#2  There is no hypocrisy in the pursuit of power. It's self rationalizing, self justifying. Such creatures have no shame. Hypocrisy is something those out of power talk about. Got to remember, regardless of the extent of voter fraud, a (literally) hell of a lot of people voted for power rather than truth.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2013-02-12 08:37  

#1  Oddly, there has never been any acknowledgment by the administration that Obama adopted the policies of his predecessor that he had once damned, much less that in the case of drone assassinations he far exceeded them

Not at all "odd" when you consider these were neither the policies of Bush or Obama, but those of a faceless, runaway, three letter agency with a secret, unlimited budget.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-02-12 07:42