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Africa North
Libyan leaders seek assistance from West to secure border from al-Qaeda
The struggling Libyan government on Tuesday requested assistance from Western nations and Arab leaders in setting up a border security strategy in order to prevent defeated Islamic terrorists from retreating from Mali and entering Libya, according to Middle East news reports.

One of Libya's attractive locations for Islamists is the city of Benghazi which was already a hotbed of terrorist activity, according to an Israeli police and counterterrorism source, David Nachman.

Libya's federal government in Tripoli continues its struggle to provide security and public safety for its people after deposing and killing its brutal dictator, Muammar Khadhafi in 2011. Libyan leaders fear that al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists will retreat from a powerful offensive by the French Foreign Legion and other French fighters who are working with Nigerian troops to help Mali's leaders in crushing radical Islam in that fledgling nation.

The Malian armed conflict began when terrorist organizations entered the country and seized its entire northern region. U.S. intelligence officials believe the Islamists entered Mali from Libya armed with weapons supplied by NATO forces to help Libyan rebels fight Col. Khadhafi's modern army.

France reportedly spoke to delegates from the U.S., Britain and the European Union about the subject of border security in Mali and Libya, but the U.S. does not appear interested, said former military intelligence officer and police officer Dennis Martinez.
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