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Africa North
Egypt moves to restrict sale of alcohol
[ETURBONEWS] This week the government -- led by Mohamed Morsi of the Freedom and Justice Party, which has strong links to the Islamist Moslem Brüderbund -- said it will no longer issue licenses to sell alcohol in some urban areas, including newly-built "satellite cities" on the outskirts of major population centres.
No worries -- it's a couple more steps before the ghetto walls are built.
Announcing the move, Nabil Abbas, vice-president of the New Urban Communities Authority, said: "We cannot allow stores spreading debauchery in our society."

Although the ban is unlikely to affect any key holiday destinations -- particularly Red Sea resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh -- it has raised fears that growing conservatism could soon affect those travellers wishing to visit the country and enjoy a drink. One Cairo-based news website described the move as "the end of alcohol in Egypt".

But Peter Lilley, executive director of the Middle East and North Africa Travel Association, which promotes the region, argued that "financial realities" would discourage the Egyptian government from restricting the sale of alcohol further.

"Egypt is very volatile so it's impossible to give cast-iron guarantees, but tourism is absolutely vital to the country's economy," he said. "Even those in government who dislike some of the 'negative' aspects of tourism which offend Mohammedans -- such as alcohol -- know it would be madness to effectively close the door to tourists.
Posted by:Fred