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Rebels: 1,000 Hezbollah fighters invaded Syria
[Ynet] Fourteen Hezbollah men killed in past two days in battles over control of villages near Leb border

Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian civil war continues to grow. Syria's main opposition group claimed Sunday that no less than 1,000 Hezbollah men have entered Syria in the past 24 hours.

"It's a coordinated ground invasion," the Free Syrian Army front man said. "Hezbollah has started a war against us."

At least two Hezbollah operatives and five rebels were killed in battles southwest of Homs. Earlier on Sunday, rebels claimed they killed 12 members of the Lebanese terrorist group on Saturday.

Hezbollah fighters, who control eight villages around Homs, attacked three Syrian villages in the Qusayr region near the Lebanese border. Free Syrian Army front man Louay Almokdad warned civilians residing in villages near the border to leave the area.

He added that Hezbollah has declared "an open war against Syrian civilians in full coordination with the Assad regime that does not bomb areas where Hezbollah is present."

Battles between Hezbollah and the Syrian rebels escalated after the death of Revolutionary Guard official Hassan Shateri.

...back at the comedy club, Boogie sadly admitted that he was a better peeping Tom than he was a comedian...
the rebels are trying to distance themselves from Israel. The Military Revolutionary Council in Golan Quneitra said that none of its men had been injured in festivities on Saturday and therefore could not have been treated in Israel.

Conversely, Iranian media outlets affiliated with the Syrian regime reported extensively on the aid Israel provided to the seven maimed Syrians.

Earlier on Sunday, it was reported that the seven rebels underwent surgery overnight. One of them is still at death's door in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit after sustaining injuries to his abdomen.

The condition of the remaining rebels, who mainly sustained injuries to their extremities, is stable.

Ziv Medical Center Director Dr. Oscar Ambon told Ynet that the injuries were caused mainly by shrapnel and bullets, adding that the medical team will not question the injured parties regarding the cause of their wounds.
This turns out not to have been a good idea, though kind, as the UN firmly forbids Israel to return the Syrians to the current dangers of their native land.
Hezbollah fighter, 5 Syrian rebels killed in border fighting

[Ynet] At least one Hezbollah guerrilla and five Syrian rebels have been killed in fighting in Syrian territory on the border with Leb, nearby Lebanese residents and Syrian opposition sources said on Sunday.

Hadi al-Abdallah of the Syrian Revolution General Commission said fighting broke out on Saturday after Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, who are in control of eight Syrian border villages, tried to expand their sphere by moving into three adjacent villages that were in the hands of the rebel Syrian Free Army.
And also:
Syria: Rebels kill 12 Hezbollah operatives in Homs

[Ynet] Syrian rebels killed 12 Hezbollah operatives in festivities in Homs on Saturday. Clashes erupted between the sides when Hezbollah operatives tried removing the dead bodies from the scene.

At the beginning of the month, the Hezbollah announced that it buried an operative in Leb, who was killed while "fulfilling his duty as a martyr." According to reports, he was killed in Syria.
Posted by:trailing wife

#16  Towel on towel! What more could you ask for?
Posted by: Jinerong Juter9421   2013-02-18 17:53  

#15  People actually cared about Spain, the origin of a lot of Western high culture.

Leftism has pretty much been Western in its inclination.

Syria hasn't been a center of anything significant to the West for over 1000 years.

It's significant to somebody, apparently.
Posted by: Pappy   2013-02-18 17:48  

#14  I mean the Dems could send a Lincoln Brigade, the Trunks could send a Washington Brigade,

People actually cared about Spain, the origin of a lot of Western high culture. Syria hasn't been a center of anything significant to the West for over 1000 years.
Posted by: Zhang Fei   2013-02-18 15:47  

#13  This war can be expressed as combinations of N taken K at a time.

Oh the slaughter of factorials! I yam getting a migraine.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2013-02-18 14:28  

#12  Yo ho ho
show a page of koran
Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-02-18 14:16  

#11  the civil war in Syria is being gradually changed to a proxy war between Iran/Hezbollah and various Sunni groups, including Al Q

one might even say it is a continuation of the IRaq vs Iran war of the 1980s in a different venue
Posted by: lord garth   2013-02-18 13:37  

#10  Send more bullets and pass the popcorn Maybe this will deflect enough of the nutjobs off our necks..
But...but... but wot about nation building?
Slinks off LMAO
Posted by: tipper   2013-02-18 11:10  

#9  Well you have a lot of fun with a proxy US class warfare shoot em up.

I mean the Dems could send a Lincoln Brigade, the Trunks could send a Washington Brigade, the IRS could go over there the strip the dead, HHS could go to bayonet the wounded, AND you could send the AMA over to wreck their health care system.

Oh yes, the Russians and Chechnyans could go over there and settle their differences on a neutral site.

Could we throw in that this could be a great opportunity for the Shiia and Sunnis in Iraq to export their car bombing industry

Does Pakistain have a dog in this fight YET?

Send more bullets and pass the popcorn. Maybe this will deflect enough of the nutjobs off our necks.
Posted by: Bill Clinton   2013-02-18 10:28  

#8  Does anyone have any ideas whether the Hexbullies are going to call themselves the "International Brigade?"

No, but perhaps in response, American leftists should form another Lincoln Brigade of sorts to support secular elements of the Free Syrian Army...

Nah. Today's lefties are quite unlike their predecessors. Still, it would have been... interesting.
Posted by: Pappy   2013-02-18 10:14  

#7  Isreal isn't doing anything except guarding the border and making sure Chemical Weapons don't come into play near their borders.

This has to be a dream come true. Whatever comes out of Syria will be hostile anyway, why not let them thin the numbers?
Posted by: Charles   2013-02-18 09:08  

#6  The scorecard so far is that Iran is backing Pencilneck with some Russian aid. Hezbollah is a proxie of Iran and is supporting Assad. The Syrians claim the rebels are supported by Israel, U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Qatar via Turkey. The rebels are claiming that Israel is not supporting them. However, it is in interests of Israel to have Hezbollah direct their attention away from Israel. Enough to give you a headache...
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-02-18 07:16  

#5  Rammer, by chance, do you work for an internet Cable Company?

If so Hi there.Redneck Jim.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2013-02-18 06:38  

#4  Since Iran had an out break of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) last year... with all the players showing up in a nasty warzone... What's the chance of a bad epidemic of something or other ,besides hot-lead poisoning, in Syria?
Posted by: Water Modem   2013-02-18 02:30  

#3  Woo-hoo, let's send bullets.
Posted by: rammer   2013-02-18 00:34  

#2  IIRC this is news from early January - odds are its a helluva lot more than 1000 since then.
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2013-02-18 00:31  

#1  By Golly looks like we have a full fledged war on our hands in Syria.

Nope not one of those little pop gun revolutions like Libya, I mean a full fledged doozy of a war with multinational involvement, foreign invasions, and dueling dictators.

This may be the Middle Eastern version of the Spanish Civil War. Does anyone have any ideas whether the Hexbullies are going to call themselves the "International Brigade?"
Posted by: Bill Clinton   2013-02-18 00:16