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Southeast Asia
Assistant village leader gunned down in southern Thailand
An assistant village leader was killed in a drive-by shooting in Pattani province on Tuesday morning. The victim was identified as Somsak Surasith, an assistant village chief.

Witnesses said that Somsak was traveling on his motorcycle on a rural road when a terrorist gunman riding pillion on another motorcycle shot at him with handgun. Somsak was hit in the head and torso and died on the spot. Police blamed separatist terrorists militants.

In Khok Pho district, a school teacher was shot and seriously injured late Monday night. Police said Saman E-so was returning home in a pick-up truck when a group of terrorists men in another pick-up truck opened fire at his vehicle. Mr Saman was admitted to the hospital. Doctors said he was now out of danger.

Early Tuesday morning, a former paramilitary ranger was injured in a drive-by shooting in Yala province. Police said Marase Saekaela was traveling by motorcycle on a rural road in his village when he was shot by a terrorist gunman on another motorcycle. The terrorists assailants then fled.

In Narathiwat province, a 60-man combined police and military force raided a house before dawn and nabbed two suspects wanted for bombings and arson.

The house was reported to be a hideout of a group of RKK terrorists militants led by Repae-ing Useng who took part in an attack on a marine base on Feb 13 in which 16 terrorists militants were killed.

As the authorities approached the house three terrorists men fled into the forest. Two others terrorists remained behind and surrendered.

The first terrorist man was identified as Isueman Jehama. He is wanted on warrants for a bombing in 2008 in which eight policemen were wounded and another security related incident. He is also thought to be one of the terrorists insurgents who attacked a marine oupost on the morning of Feb 13. The other man is Ali Baka. A warrant was issued earlier for his arrest for setting fire to a school in 2007.

Grenade attack injures eight soldiers

A suspected terrorist militant threw a hand grenade at soldiers doing evening exercises Tuesday and the blast injured eight of the troops.

Two suspected terrorists insurgents drove a motorcycle past Wat Lak 5 at 6 p.m. as soldiers were doing physical training at the temple field. One of the terrorists motorcyclists tossed an M-26 grenade over the temple wall into the group of soldiers, injuring eight.
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