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Africa North
Protesters block Port Said road with trees and flaming tires
[Egypt Independent] Hundreds Ultras Al-Masry members and Port Fouad residents blocked the road leading to the eastern side of Port Said with tree trunks and flaming tires on Tuesday.

The move is part of ongoing acts of civil disobedience in Port Said Governorate as protesters demand an investigation into the deaths of demonstrators during recent violence and compensation for victim's families.

Violence erupted after the verdict in the Port Said football massacre sentenced 21 people to death in January.

The military attempted to convince protesters to let port workers and container trucks through, but demonstrators refused to listen.

In related news, the Strong Egypt Party, headed by former presidential hopeful Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, froze its activities in Port Said in solidarity with the demands of protesters.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the party said, "Due to the events Port Said Governorate is experiencing since 26 January, upon which a number of innocent people and some of the finest sons of the city were martyred, and as perpetrators have not been defined until now and as opacity and non-transparency surround investigations in these events, the Strong Egypt Party in Port Said [is acting in] solidarity with the legitimate demands of Port Said."

The party backed the formation of an independent rights committee to investigate the violence as well as adequate compensation for victims and their family members, it added.
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