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Explosive material seized: three held
[Dawn] Railways Police claim to have recovered a huge quantity of kaboom from three Afghan nationals.

A front man said on Tuesday that during a routine checking of Quetta-bound 305-Down train at Chaman station, a police party found three suspicious Afghan nationals.
"LeGume, there is something suspicious about those Afghan nationals!"
"Inspector! How can you tell?"
"Did you notice each of them was carrying a bomb?"

On search, the police recovered 50 anti-personnel mines, 100 fuses, 30 detonators and 33-foot wire from their luggage.
"They're for personal use!"
Identified as Abdul Rehman, Abdul Jalil and Abdul Samad, the accused were booked under sections 4 and 5 of the Explosive Act.
"Book 'em under sections 4 and 5 of the Explosive Act, Danno!"
...back at the pie fight, Bella grabbed the cocoanut cream...
Railways Police Inspector-General Syed Ibne Husain directed the Quetta SP to award commendation certificates to police party members.
"Yes, Your Excellency?"
"Give them certificates or something. Whatever."
"Yes, Your Excellency!"
Posted by:Fred