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Southeast Asia
Three Thai terrorists turn selves in
Three Thai terrorists militants who claimed they had been hiding in Malaysia and confessed to being involved in the insurgency surrendered to authorities on Thursday, saying they believed promises they would get fair treatment. The three terrorists insurgents were named as Rosalee Masa, Mahadee Durae, and Arwae Leelawae. They are all from Tak Bai district in Narathiwat province.

The terrorists insurgents said they decided to turn themselves in because they were tired of always having to hide from the authorities. They went into hiding in Malaysia five years ago.

Mr Rosalee said he had wanted to surrender for a long time, but had no opportunity to do so. He said, "I'm glad that I'm back home to live with my family again, because it's hell having to live in hiding, and there's no other place where I can live happily and free like in Thailand. I'm sorry for the things that happened in the past but if the authorities will give me a chance, then I'm confident that I'll receive fair treatment."

He said 27 other terrorists insurgents who were living in Malaysia would also probably return to Thailand and surrender soon, but they were not yet completely convinced they would be treated fairly.

The Tak Bai district chief said he would do anything to reassure those who have been misled by the insurgency leaders and encourage them to turn themselves in. He said, "It's time to open up our hearts and offer an opportunity and promise of fair treatment to those who have been misled. If all sides cooperate in developing the southern border provinces, sustainable peace and happiness will return to the region."
Posted by:ryuge