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Africa North
Protesters fight at High Court after some chant for military rule
Pining for the good old days already? And so they should.
[Egypt Independent] Fights broke out between protesters outside the High Court on Friday evening after some demonstrators began chanting in favor of military rule. Other demonstrators intervened to stop the scuffles.

Earlier in the day a march had arrived at the court from Talaat Harb Square. Hundreds raised pictures of the deaders of the revolution, as well as images of forks, knives and loaves of bread. They chanted, "The people want to bring down the regime," and, "Where is bread and oil?"

One of the demonstrators in front of the court dressed his three daughters in red clothes, the color of the uniforms worn by prisoners on death row, to draw attention to his poverty.

"It is more honorable for me and my children to die than live in poverty and hunger," he said.

The demonstrator's daughters held banners that read: "To eternal paradise Christie," referring to a protester who died in recent festivities.

Another march of dozens from Tahrir Square then arrived at the High Court. On the way, some participants in the march attacked a Central Security Forces vehicle on 26 July Street, claiming that the police use force against protesters and detain activists. The driver escaped through another street, and other protesters in the march chanted to keep the demonstration peaceful.

Actor Tayseer Fahmy, one of the participants in the march coming from Sayeda Zeinab to the High Court, said she took part in the protest to demand the ouster of President Mohamed Morsy and the dissolution of the Moslem Brüderbund. National Salvation Front leader Karima al-Hefnawy said she participated in the protest to demand the dismissal of Prosecutor General Talaat Abdallah and Prime Minister Hesham Qandil's Cabinet.
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