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Africa Horn
Federal troops and Militia in deadly battle in Lower Shabelle
MOGADISHU -- At least 15 people were reportedly killed and 20 others were wounded in a fierce fighting between local militiamen and Somali government forces on Sunday afternoon, Garowe Online reports. Witnesses say the fighting erupted in KM-50 and Muri vicinities between Lower Shabelle regional capital of Marka and Afgoye town after Somali government forces attacked vigilantes.

Lower Shabelle region Governor, Abdulkadir Sidi who spoke to the media said that military forces commanders were leading heavily armed battalions who killed licensed gunmen and civilians.

"I know that government forces attacked KM-50 where we had positioned registered armed men and the battle finally degenerated into heavier one," Sidi told the reporters.

Somali government forces have seized the control of KM-50 and Muri, eye witnesses reported.

Security officials say, the military forces dislodged armed militiamen from illegal roadblocks in the region although the Defence Ministry has so far confirmed that overhauls and security reforms became successful.
Posted by:Steve White