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Father pardons man he saw rape his 17-year-old hearing-impaired daughter
[DAWN] A 17-year-old hearing impaired girl's father on Thursday pardoned her rapist in a Gujjar Khan sessions court.
"Yeah, sure. No big thing. Fergit abouddit. No harm done."
According to the police, Munir Ahmed had filed a complaint in police station (PS) Gujar Khan, against a man on February 6, 2016.
"Hello, cop shop? I got a complaint!"
"We're kinda busy right now. Why don'tcha call back tomorrow?"

In his complaint, Ahmed said that while he originally belonged to Khairpur Tehsil, District Muzaffargarh, he and his family were presently residing at the mansion of Chaudhry Fida Hussain of Gujar Khan. His duty was to take care of Chaudhry’s cattle.
"Sure Come on over. We'll put youse up in da mansion!"
"Wow! Nice chandeliers!"

According to the complaint, Ahmed along with his brother, nephews and daughter, was returning from the fields when he heard his daughter scream.
As Ahmed and the other men rushed back, they saw that the accused was sexually assaulting the girl. Once he saw the men the suspect ran off, the initial police report said.
"An indignant father! With accomplices! And a rake! Feet, don't fail me now!"
According to the police, the girl was then taken to District Headquarters Hospital in Gujjar Khan for a medical exam, and while the exam proved that there was rape, no DNA samples were taken to identify the suspect.
"Nope. You don't need a DNA sample for a case of rape! This is Pakistain, after all!"
Sub-inspector Police Nadeem Ahmed, who was initially in charge of the case, told DawnNews that they did everything possible to search for the suspect but he was never found at the time.
"Yeah. We asked around an' everything! Nobody seen him!"
The police even widened its search to Kallar Syedan and Jehlum but were unsuccessful in capturing the accused, the sub-inspector said.
"Pardon me, we're lookin' for a dark-haired guy, brown eyes, maybe a beard, wearin' a salwar kameez and a turban. You seen him?"
"Nobody like that around here, officer. Except me, and I ain't him."
"Thanks fer yer help."

Once Nadeem Ahmed was transferred, Sub-inspector Arif was made in charge of the case.
"You're not doin' anything else right now, are you?"
"I wuz gonna iron my spats..."

Speaking to DawnNews on the matter Arif said that he had continued looking for the suspect but he had remained an absconder for the past two years until he came to the sessions court one day to procure interim bail.
"Yup. Day in and day out! I wuz almost ready to crack the case when he showed up outta nowhere!"
During the same hearing, the girl's father took the stand and said that he had pardoned the suspect. Ahmad also said that he had registered the complaint against the suspect by mistake and now wanted to withdraw it.
"Sorry about dat. My mistake."
According to eyewitnesses at the court, the 17-year-old hearing impaired girl was crying in court while her father pardoned the suspect.
"What's he sayin', Mom?"
"He just sold yer maidenhead for fifty bucks!"

Talking to DawnNews, Ahmad said that he was made to sign the affidavit by "influential elders" of the area and did not even know what was written in it.
"I din't know what I wuz sayin' in court, either! I don't speak Urdu!"
He also said that he belonged to a poor family, while the suspect was a relative of the family he worked for.
"Fifty bucks is small change to him. If I can get fifty bucks for each of my daughters we'll be prosperous!"
According to the police, they will call the suspect a convict in their final report and then leave him to the court's mercy.
"You can be the judge, Judge!"
Posted by:Fred

#4  Me? In the old days (the '90s, more or less), that would've been the world's safest bet. News and biz channels, C-SPAN, Imus, old sitcoms... usually w music and a book. Now, not so much. Catching up on movies, though -- stuff pepole have been telling me I should see for ten, twenty, thirty years. Appreciating more of the running gags here.
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220   2018-02-05 23:46  

#3  The television was on in the background while you were scrolling through Rantburg, it appears.
Posted by: trailing wife   2018-02-05 14:24  

#2  Gujjar, even.
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220   2018-02-05 02:37  

#1  CSI: Gullar Khan: An alliance
Of policing, inshallah and science,
Where the medic detects
Unconsensual sex
With a digital latex appliance!
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220   2018-02-05 02:34