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Home Front: Culture Wars
Fiat Chrysler takes flak for Ram truck Super Bowl ad featuring MLK speech
[Market Watch] Fiat Chrysler used the 50th anniversary of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech to sell pickup trucks during Sunday’s Super Bowl LII, setting off a mostly negative Twitter response to the commercial use of one of his final public sermons.

And although the estate of the late the Civil Rights icon approved the speech’s use, social media response reflected mixed feelings among his family members and viewers.

King’s voice airs over the top of the ad for Ram Trucks FCAU, -0.58% , in which ordinary people are shown carrying out acts of love and compassion, mostly using their vehicles. In his "The Drum Major Instinct" sermon, one of his final public addresses before his assassination two months later, King called on people to show greatness through kindness and service.

Ram’s tagline and twitter hashtag: "Built To Serve."
Thor wasn't too happy about RAM trashing Vikings either.
Posted by:Besoeker

#3  What Would Jesus Drive?
Posted by: SteveS   2018-02-05 23:17  

#2  Well, perhaps we shouldn't sell the Dems short too much. Perhaps even THEY are tired of this nonsense; hence, their move toward the "Dreamers" and Hispanics in general. Blacks aren't THE minority anymore, and they've priced themselves out of the market.
Posted by: DooDahMan   2018-02-05 16:46  

#1  With apologies to Willie: "Mama's, don't let your babies grow up to be marketing majors."
Posted by: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy   2018-02-05 14:40