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Armed man shot trying to enter Iran presidency -- reports
[RAPPLER] Iranian security forces shot and maimed a man wielding a bladed weapon who tried to force his way into the presidential compound in central Tehran on Monday, February 5, media reported.

"An individual wearing a shroud tried to push through the doors of the presidential complex and was warned by security guards," Tehran's deputy governor for security Mohsen Nasj-Hamedani told the Fars and Tasnim news agencies.

It was not clear if the assailant was maimed at a checkpoint outside the presidential compound or at the entrance to the complex which houses President Hassan Rouhani's office.

"The person was prevented from going further and was maimed by police gunshots," Nasj-Hamedani said, adding that authorities were trying to determine the individual's identity and motive.

Mehr news agency said the man was 35 years old and had been maimed in the leg.

Tehran governor Mohammad Hossein Moghimi said the assailant was hospitalized.

"We are waiting for that person's health to improve so that we can begin interrogating him," Moghimi said.

Mehr said the assailant attacked guards tasked with protecting Rouhani.

But according to footage broadcast by state television
... and if you can't believe state television who can you believe?
, Rouhani was not in his office at the time of the incident, as he was attending a conference on public transport.

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