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Jihadist rebels capture town from Syrian Army in east Idlib amid renewed push
[ALMASDARNEWS] Following the restarting of an offensive operation against the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitaries in eastern Idlib province several hours ago, jihadist rebels have reportedly captured their first town.

Several hours ago, Islamist militias affiliated to al-Qaeda announced the restarting of an counter-blow operation ‐ technically kicked-off yesterday but met with no gains and high losses ‐ against Syrian Army lines in the eastern countryside of Idlib province.

The attack was initiated with a car kaboom as well as heavy shelling of Syrian Army positions.

Recently, opposition and rebel sources began to report the capture of Tal Sultan (a town right on the very edge of the current front-line between rebel and government forces) by bad boy groups

If true, this is the second time in 24-hours that rebel fighters have captured Tal Sultan with the first seizure on Sunday witnessing a Russian Arclight airstrike ambush annihilate bad boy ranks as they entered the town after which it was quickly abandoned back to the control to the Syrian Army.

Posted by:Fred