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Israeli troops raid home of terrorist who stabbed security guard
[IsraelTimes] Clashes break out as soldiers descend on slain assailant's house in Halhul, north of Hebron
...Hamas Central in the West Bank...
interrogate his family.

Clashes broke out between Paleostinians and Israeli soldiers in the southern West Bank town of Halhul on Wednesday, as troops raided the home of a terrorist who stabbed a security guard and then was rubbed out earlier that morning.

"As they entered [Halhul], a riot broke out in which rocks were thrown at the soldiers. The IDF troops responded with riot dispersal means and enjugged
Please don't kill me!
one of the demonstrators," the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

"The forces arrived at the home of the terrorist and interrogated members of his family," the army said.

Early Wednesday morning, Hamzeh Yusef Zamaareh, 19, stabbed a civilian security guard in the palm of the hand in a guard post at the entrance to the Karmei Tzur settlement, just outside Halhul in the Etzion bloc.

A second guard shot the assailant and killed him, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Officials said the terrorist arrived at the scene with a car. Security forces were scanning the area.
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