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Israel Briefs: more troops in W. Bank, 3 arrests, 1 surrender

More troops sent to West Bank following uptick in attacks

[IsraelTimes] Forces to operate primarily in areas near Nablus and Jenin, as manhunt for Ariel stabber continues; several battalions also to be placed on stand-by.

Palestinian caught entering military court with suspected pipe bomb

[IsraelTimes] Security forces arrest man who had what appeared to be an improvised explosive device hidden in his clothes. It was the third such incident in the past two months at the Samaria Military Court in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian who tried sneaking into settlement in army uniform turns himself in

[IsraelTimes] Suspect arrives at Civil Administration headquarters after evading capture in Itamar last week. On January 28, soldiers near the settlement of Itamar spotted men dressed in army uniforms trying to enter the north West Bank community. The troops detained one of the suspects, but the second one managed to evade capture. During searches of the area, forces uncovered binoculars, when the captured the first suspect. Later, they found several prepared Molotov cocktails as well.

Palestinian mother, daughter suspected of planning terror attack

[Ynet] A Palestinian mother and daughter, aged 48 and 16, were arrested on suspicion they planned to carry out a terror attack, it was cleared for publication on Tuesday. They are also suspected of incitement to terrorism and the possession of weapons. The mother allegedly attacked police officers who came to arrest her.
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