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Army: Syrians shot at IDF drone, but hit a house in Israel
[IsraelTimes] Attack comes day after air force reportedly conducted strike outside Damascus.

Gunshots were fired from Syria at an Israeli drone on Thursday night, missing it, but hitting a house in the town of Majdal Shams on the Golan Heights, the army said.

There were no injuries reported, but the house sustained some light damage, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The military said that soldiers and coppers were searching the area around Majdal Shams for additional signs of gunshots. The town is home to Druze residents, many of whom maintain a level of support for Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad and therefore eschew Israeli citizenship.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was not damaged in the attack, an army spokesperson said.

The IDF said it was flying within Israeli airspace at the time the shots were fired.

According to the pro-Assad news outlet al-Mayadeen, the drone was flying near the Syrian village of Hader when Syrian military anti-aircraft guns started firing at it.

A video posted to Facebook purportedly shows the shots being fired at the drone, though neither the aircraft nor the guns are visible.

The attack on the Israeli aircraft came a day after the Syrian army accused the IDF of conducting an Arclight airstrike on a military research facility near the town of Jamraya, outside Damascus.
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