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Saudi soldiers,mercenaries killed in Najran, Asir
[SABANEWS.NET] Dozens of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries were killed on Wednesday in separate operations by the units of the army and popular forces in Asir, Najran and Jizan province, a military official told Saba.

The units of the army and popular forces carried out a unique operation on al-Dhabaa military site in Najran, resulting in the killing and injuring dozens of the Saudi army and burning weapons store in the site, said the official.

...back at the barn, Bossy had come up with a new idea, one that didn't involve kerosene...
the army sniped three of the enemy soldier mercenaries in front of Alab border crossing in Asir, also the artillery shells hit the mercenaries gatherings east Sabahtal mountain.

Furthermore, the artillery and missile force of the army and popular forces shelled gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries in al- Mawsem gate, al- Ramdhah and al- Tiwal border crossing in Jizan, causing direct casualties.

15 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Hajjah

Army's artillery shells mercenaries' sites in Medi
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