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In daylight campus raid, undercover commandos nab West Bank student leader
[IsraelTimes] Footage of incident shows gunnies at Birzeit University snatching Omar al-Kiswani, a member of Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason,'s student faction

Undercover commandos on Wednesday captured the Paleostinian student council head at a West Bank university for suspected involvement in terror activity, a Border Police front man said.

The daylight raid by Border Police officers dressed as Paleostinian civilians on the campus of Birzeit University, near Ramallah, was caught on camera and shared widely on social media.

The student, Omar al-Kiswani, is a member of the Hamas terror group’s student faction at Birzeit, according to reports.

"The kidnappers, carrying firearms in their backpacks, entered the campus during working hours and attacked the student in front of the Student Council Building, located at the center of the campus," Birzeit University said in a statement. "The operatives forced and pinned the student to the ground while firing their weapons, endangering lives."

"Protecting this group’s intrusion into the university was an armed Israeli army unit. The unit detained the university’s guards in the guards’ room and proceeded to use their firearms against the students while providing cover for the kidnapping operation," it added.

In a video of the incident, a group of men in civilian clothing can be seen wrestling a person to the ground, as other members of the group brandish pistols at onlookers.

At the end of the short clip, Paleostinians could be seen clashing with Israeli soldiers maintaining a perimeter at the entrance to the university.

On social media, the video was compared to popular TV show "Fauda," about undercover Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Reports said the commandos, members of the Border Police’s undercover unit, were disguised as Paleostinian journalists.

Birzeit University said the raid was a violation of international law.

"This is not the first violent intrusion by Israeli army forces, who systematically invade the university’s campus ‐ even though it is specifically protected under international humanitarian law ‐ and constantly harass students, faculty members, and staff at Birzeit University and other Paleostinian educational institutions," it said.

No injuries as Palestinian teen tries to stab Israeli man with scissors

[IsraelTimes] A teenage Palestinian girl is in custody after attempting to stab an Israeli man in a settlement south of Hebron, the local council says. The incident took place near the settlement of Havat Talia. According to reports, the stabbing followed a brief verbal altercation between the two. The 16-year-old has been arrested. No injuries were reported.

IDF forces capture tens of thousands of shekels in terror funds

[Ynet] During IDF scans in Bethlehem and the village of Beit Ur a-Tahta, army and Shin Bet forces captured tens of thousands in terror funds.

Security forces in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley also arrested ten people suspected of involvement in terror, popular terror acts and violent clashes with civilians and security forces.

Poll: 51% of Israeli Arabs refuse to recognize Israel as Jewish state

[Ynet] Survey conducted by Prof. Sammy Smooha of Haifa University shows relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel continue on downward trend, but foundation for coexistence remains strong; less than 60% of Israeli Arabs recognize Israel's right to exist, less than half its character as Jewish, democratic state; 77% of Arab citizens nevertheless state they will not move to a Palestinian state should one be created; two thirds of Jews, meanwhile, think Arab citizens should be enjoying equal rights.
More details at the link.
Posted by:trailing wife

#5  Too much to hope it was Berkley.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2018-03-08 13:48  

#4  Poll: 51% of Israeli Arabs refuse to recognize Israel as Jewish state

The other 49% are being discreet.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2018-03-08 12:41  

#3  Ooops "threatened" ---> "endangered"
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2018-03-08 12:39  

#2  Nope. It's the international law for conserving threatened species.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2018-03-08 08:47  

#1  Birzeit University said the raid was a violation of international law

Really? Where is that? Like attacking civilian populations?
Posted by: Frank G   2018-03-08 08:39