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Science & Technology: The 23-Year-Old Doper Lost His Memory. Then Came the MRI
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  15:00 1 Comments 316 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[NEWSER] ‐ Since 2012, doctors in Massachusetts have observed a most unusual kind of patient just 14 times--or, 14 times that we know about. It all started with Max Meehan, who was taken to the hospital after his behavior freaked out his family: his memory had suddenly vanished. "The kid was amnestic," neurologist Yuval Zabar says of the then-23-year-old, and what Zabar found when he reviewed an MRI scan of Meehan's brain essentially freaked him out: As BuzzFeed puts it, two bright white orbs where there should have been gray, each "perfectly localized" to both hippocampi, which plays a crucial role in the formation of memories. Zabar had never seen it before, but it wasn't a total anomaly: Doctors in the state have now identified 13 more people who experienced the same white orbs and memory issues, and one of their commonalities, with two exceptions, is opioid use.

In Meehan's case, he shot up heroin and collapsed before waking to a seeming inability to form new memories, leaving him in a state that forced him to drop out of college and made it difficult to hold a job. Memory improvements came slowly over two years. "The only thing that seems to parallel" the condition--which has been named CHIAS, for complete hippocampal ischemic amnestic syndrome--"is fentanyl use," says another Massachusetts neurologist. Among the many varied theories: that there was a toxin in the drugs ingested, or that persistent fentanyl use results in severe respiratory issues that may deprive those parts of the brain of oxygen. For now, state public health officials are pushing the mystery forward by branding CHIAS a "reportable disease," meaning the state will have to be alerted to any new cases. Read the full piece.
#1: ....or that persistent fentanyl use results in severe respiratory issues

Quite obviously not severe enough to result in final problem resolution. Hopefully he can remember where he put his stash and renew the effort.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 15:28 ||Comments

Home Front: Politix: Congressman Says Corruption in Washington Is ‘Worse Than You Think'
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  14:37 0 Comments 1636 words Read the whole thing on page 4
[Daily Signal] Corruption on Capitol Hill is "worse than you think," Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., insists.

"When you first get here, you think that you are in some sort of fairy-tale novel," Buck said. "They wine and dine you and they show you just exactly what it’s like if you play the game. It’s a wonderful life."

Things quickly change, however, if "you don’t play the game."

"If you don’t play the game ... it becomes a much less conformable existence here," Buck said.

Buck, who has served Colorado’s 4th Congressional District since 2015, previewed his new book, "Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think," published on Tuesday.

Chapters in Buck’s book include "Why Washington is a Swamp," "Play the Game‐Or Else," "Beating the Beltway Bullies," and "What You Can Do To Drain the Swamp."

Buck said his book addresses corruption present in government today that he was not prepared for after being elected to Congress in 2014.

"One of the things that I found startling when I got here is that you have to pay dues to be on a committee," Buck said.

During the time he served on the House Judiciary Committee, Buck said he had to pay periodic dues of $200,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign committee of the House of Representatives.

Now, as a member of the House Rules Committee, Buck’s periodic dues are $450,000.

The obligation to pay dues, Buck said, forces members of Congress to hold fundraising receptions and encourages corrupt influences from special interest organizations who attend the fundraisers.

Home Front: Politix: DNC Chair Excommunicates Catholics, Other Pro-Lifers
Posted by Matt 04/23/2017  12:58 3 Comments 115 words Read the whole thing on page 6
Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez became the first head of the party to demand ideological purity on abortion rights, promising Friday to support only Democratic candidates who back a woman's right to choose.

"Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman's right to make her own choices about her body and her health," Perez said in a statement. "That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state."

"At a time when women’s rights are under assault from the White House, the Republican Congress, and in states across the country," he added, "we must speak up for this principle as loudly as ever and with one voice."

#1: I have to assume this guy is a Republican sleeper agent of some sort.
Posted by: Matt|| 2017-04-23 13:12 ||Comments

#2: I have to assume this guy is a Republican sleeper agent of some sort.
Posted by: Matt|| 2017-04-23 13:12 ||Comments


"The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies."

I think it applies.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski|| 2017-04-23 14:23 ||Comments

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: Palestinian stabs 4 near Tel Aviv promenade
Posted by g(r)omgoru 04/23/2017  11:48 0 Comments 40 words Read the whole thing on page 1
An 18-year-old Palestinian from Nablus in the West Bank stabbed and lightly wounded three men and a woman in Tel Aviv on Sunday afternoon in a terror attack near the Herods Hotel on Hayarkon Street, along the city's seaside promenade.

Science & Technology: 'Lost city' discovery: Kansas site sheds new light on Native American history
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  08:06 2 Comments 84 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[FOX] Archaeologists have found incredible evidence of a huge Wichita Indian town in Kansas that was once home to 20,000 people.

Donald Blakeslee, a professor of archaeology at Wichita State University, told Fox News that experts harnessed 400-year-old Spanish documents and modern technology to locate the long-lost town of Etzanoa near Arkansas City, Kansas.

"A single community of 20,000 people was not something that any of us expected," he said over the phone. "It’s a completely different view of everything."
#1: Missing is that it was a local kid who was out exploring and found a metal ball about 1/2" diameter - could not trust the local news, they said cannonball. Could be arquebus, could be grapeshot. Anyways, kid knew it was out of the ordinary and went towards people who might know such things. Nice of the professor and the news system to take credit for finding it.
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2017-04-23 14:12 ||Comments

#2: Solid ball? Or corroded hollow ball? The de Soto entrada carried lots of ornamental bells for trade.
Posted by: Rob Crawford|| 2017-04-23 14:25 ||Comments

Economy: Wall Street gears up for busiest earnings week in years
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  06:02 0 Comments 211 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[Reuters] Forget about French elections or the flagging Trump trade.

Corporate America is set to unleash its biggest profit-reporting fest in at least a decade next week, with more than 190 members of the S&P 500 index .SPX delivering quarterly scorecards, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices data.

The lineup accounts for around 40 percent of the benchmark index's value, or more than $7.7 trillion, and includes big names like Google's parent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N).

The onslaught could keep U.S. stock investors' focus largely on earnings next week even as the world's attention is likely to be drawn elsewhere.

"That would be our hope," said Joe Zidle, portfolio strategist at Richard Bernstein Advisors in New York.

"A lot of people looked at this market and said it was the result of the Trump bump or the Hillary relief rally," while earnings have been rebounding, he said. "The faster earnings growth is underappreciated by investors."

Many strategists have attributed the 10 percent rally in the S&P 500 .INX since Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election to optimism Trump would boost the domestic economy through tax cuts and an infrastructure spending binge.

Europe: Islam in the Heart of England and France
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  05:54 0 Comments 258 words Read the whole thing on page 4
[Gladstone] The city of Birmingham in the West Midlands, the heart of England, the place where the Industrial Revolution began, the second city of the UK and the eighth-largest in Europe, today is Britain's most dangerous city. With a large and growing Muslim population, five of its electoral wards have the highest levels of radicalization and terrorism in the country.

In February, French journalist Rachida Samouri published an article in the Parisian daily Le Figaro, in which she recounted her experiences during a visit there. In "Birmingham à l'heure islamiste" ("Birmingham in the Time of Islam") she describes her unease with the growing dislocation between normative British values and those of the several Islamic enclaves. She mentions the Small Heath quarter, where nearly 95% of the population is Muslim, where little girls wear veils; most of the men wear beards, and women wear jilbabs and niqabs to cover their bodies and faces. Market stalls close for the hours of prayer; the shops display Islamic clothes and the bookshops are all religious. Women she interviewed condemned France as a dictatorship based on secularism (laïcité), which they said they regarded as "a pretext for attacking Muslims". They also said that they approved of the UK because it allowed them to wear a full veil.

Another young woman, Yasmina, explained that, although she may go out to a club at night, during the day she is forced to wear a veil and an abaya [full body covering]. She then goes on to speak of the extremists:

Europe: French election 2017: Marine Le Pen leading the race as polls open
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  05:36 3 Comments 111 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[Telegraph] Polls have opened in the first round of France’s most unpredictable and high-stakes presidential election in decades, with far-Right leader Marine Le Pen and the maverick centrist Emmanuel Macron leading the field.

A Le Pen victory could lead to the collapse of the European Union, experts warn, but after the victory of Donald Trump in the US and the Brexit vote in Britain most agree that there is no safe bet in the French race.

Unprecedented security measures were in place to keep voters safe as they cast their ballots, with 50,000 police officers and 7,000 soldiers deployed across the country to try to prevent any new radical Islamist attack.
#1: If a terror attack happened today, while voters are going to the polls, think the press would cover it honestly? I don't
Posted by: Frank G|| 2017-04-23 09:19 ||Comments

#2: First the UK. Frexit coming? Germany going to follow once Merkel is gone?
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 09:20 ||Comments

#3: Everyone is on edge today, so things will be reported, and anything real will get international play. From the article, time stamped at 2:28 p.m.:

Shooting in western France ‘not terror related’, as false alerts see several polling stations evacuated
From David Chazan in Paris:

A man was injured by gunfire in Rouen, western France, as million of French voters cast their ballots in the presidential election, three days after the murder of a policeman in Paris.

Local media reported that the man was injured in the legs and rushed to hospital after “at least two shots” were fired in the city centre. The shooter was reported to be on the run.

Initial reports suggested that the incident was not terror-related but arose from a dispute between two people who knew each other.

Earlier security scares led to the evacuation of several polling stations around the country but all turned out to be false alerts.

Voting was briefly suspended at two polling stations in the eastern town of Besançon after a car was driven very slowly towards one of them, and then abandoned with its engine running.

A rifle was found inside, but Le Parisien newspaper reported that it was not terror-related but a “common law case”.

In Saint-Omer, northern France, two polling stations were evacuated and a security cordon was set up after a suspicious car was spotted, the Voix du Nord newspaper reported. Bomb disposal experts checked the car and gave the all-clear.

In Haguenau, eastern France, a cool box was found with electrical wires protruding from it about 60 metres from a polling station. Water was sprayed on it and it was found to be empty.

Army soldiers patrol past posters showing faces of the candidates for the first-round presidential election near a polling station in Paris

In Paris, a polling station in the 20th arrondissement was briefly closed after a car considered suspicious was parked nearby. It was checked and voting resumed after about 20 minutes.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2017-04-23 11:10 ||Comments

Home Front: WoT: Ralph Peters: 'We'll have small scale terror attacks unless we turn into a police state'
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  05:31 7 Comments 123 words Read the whole thing on page 4
[Right Scoop] Ralph Peters had another great interview, this time on The non-O’Reilly Factor with Greg Gutfeld.

He explains why we’re bound to continue to have small scale terror attacks in a free society, unless we abandon freedom and turn into a police state.

Peters makes it clear that he wants to destroy every terrorist, but he thinks this is just a reality we have to deal with. He also goes on a mini-rant about what a "nutcase" Marine Le Pen is. She’s the far right alt-right favorite in the French election, and she’s only down by a few points with a terror attack that might help boost her into the French presidency....
#1: Many states have "open season" on varmints.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:41 ||Comments

#2: Or... stop letting any one into the country that does not wish to participate and protect western civilization mores and rules.
Posted by: BrerRabbit|| 2017-04-23 09:38 ||Comments

#3: He also goes on a mini-rant about what a "nutcase" Marine Le Pen is.

The reason we're facing the prospect of these attacks is because we've allowed a flood of these animals into the West.

If the "respectables" won't do anything about the problem, then the deplorables will.
Posted by: charger|| 2017-04-23 10:38 ||Comments

#4: A "police state" is a large scale and continuous terror operation, replacing politics almost completely.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 10:55 ||Comments

#5: Mumbai wouldn't have been nearly as bad had the jihadis had to worry about gunmen everywhere.

We don't need a police state -- we need our inherent right to self-defense respected. Turning off the flood from the Third World, admitting the truth about Islam, and recognizing we're all better off as free citizens of Western Civilization than as subjects in some leftist fantasy will take care of the rest of the problem.
Posted by: Rob Crawford|| 2017-04-23 14:24 ||Comments

#6: I'm surprised Peters is going this route. Missing all these years, and still, is a strategic "counter-narrative" against Jihad itself. Here is a candidate: http://theological-geography.net/?p=28938
Posted by: TopRev|| 2017-04-23 15:11 ||Comments

#7: Link to number 6
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 15:16 ||Comments

Caribbean-Latin America: 12 Dead Overnight in Caracas as Venezuela Explodes
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  05:24 3 Comments 151 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[PJ] There is a near civil war in Venezuela as tens of thousands of protesters clashed with police and President Nicolas Maduro's armed paramilitary thugs in the streets of Caracas. Most of the 12 deaths reported overnight were the result of looters being electrocuted after breaking into a bakery.

But four protesters were shot dead in the streets by armed pro-government vigilantes thought to be controlled by Maduro, according to AFP.

"It was like a war," said 33-year-old construction worker Carlos Yanez, a resident of the southwestern district of El Valle.

"The police were firing tear gas, armed civilians were shooting guns at buildings. My family and I threw ourselves to the floor. It was horrible," he told AFP.

Eleven people were killed in the neighborhood, according to officials.

Eight of them were reportedly electrocuted while trying to loot a bakery amid the chaos. The rest were shot.
#1: Rachael Maddow told me the riots were because Cirgo gave money to President Trump's inauguration. Goebels would be so proud of her.
Posted by: Deacon Blues|| 2017-04-23 07:39 ||Comments

#2: Sam Jackson and the fighting Hollwood brigade will embark shortly to join their fellow social justice warriors.
Posted by: AlanC|| 2017-04-23 08:23 ||Comments

#3: 12 deaths reported overnight

Slow Saturday night for Chicago
Posted by: Skidmark|| 2017-04-23 15:02 ||Comments

Home Front: Culture Wars: The Outrages of Sharia
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  04:49 2 Comments 321 words Read the whole thing on page 4
[The American Thinker] As sharia continues to make inroads in America and Europe, we should take heed of Ralph Waldo Emerson who once wrote:
"[w]e began well. No inquisition here. No kings, no nobles. No dominant church here, heresy has lost its terror."

If only that founding reality of the American experience were understood by those who foolishly claim tolerance and acceptance for sharia law in this country -- sadly, it is not.

The fact is, sharia is well entrenched in the Middle East and creeping forward to the West. The charge of heresy is imposed on any who would counter its mandates. In the Muslim world, those who speak out for reformation have placed a bull's-eye on their chests. Consequently,
Ayatollah Boroujerdi has spoken out against political Islam and [has] been [a] strong advocate of the separation of religion and state, for which Iran sentenced him to 11 years as an Iranian political prisoner.

On September 23, 2014, Mohammad Mohavadi, prosecutor of the Special Clerical Court visited Ayatollah Boroujerdi in Ward 325 of Evin prison. Mohavadi informed him that the contents of Boroujerdi's book were 'heresy' against the leadership and insulted the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Mohavadi continued that the punishment for these crimes is execution, and stated that all those who had a hand in publishing the book will also be killed. When Ayatollah Boroujerdi suggested an open, public debate with the Special Court regarding his views, Mohavadi announced that his office did not participate in debates, just trials and punishment [execution].

Iranian Kurdish prisoner Zeinab Jalalian was arrested on March 16, 2008 by the Iranian secret police. An Iranian court charged Jalalian with being a member of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK), a banned Kurdish group, found her guilty and sentenced her to death. Based on her alleged membership of that Kurdistan political party, she was accused of fighting God (mohareb) and given the death penalty.
#1: The fact is, sharia is well entrenched in the Middle East and creeping forward to the West.

Cancer def.-- Cancer's two main characteristics are uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and the ability of these cells to migrate from the original site and spread to distant sites. If the spread is not controlled, cancer can result in death.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:38 ||Comments

#2: Sharia is not making inroads in America, it's being wholeheartedly invited by leftist mayors and city councils who want to check the multi-culti box on their political CVs. These are people who feel a terroristic act and handing out The Watchtower are morally equivalent.
Posted by: M. Murcek|| 2017-04-23 15:37 ||Comments

Home Front: Politix: The Democrats Were Here Before and Tore the Nation Asunder – Consider Lincoln
Posted by Besoeker 04/23/2017  04:46 3 Comments 451 words Read the whole thing on page 4
[American Thinker] The Democrats, through their rhetoric and their actions, are opposing the Trump administration at every turn. Through Obama administration government holdovers, they intend to bring down the present government and maintain and expand the bureaucratic Administrative State which is destroying federalism, taking away Americans’ individual rights, and nullifying large swaths of the Constitution of the United States. Their presidential candidate failed to win the office, and the Democrats’ expected triumph of the Administrative State will at best be postponed and at worst be dismantled to a great extent by President Trump and his appointees.

The Democrats are furious, and, as has been reported in these pages and in other sources, their reaction has been militant, irrational, and destructive to our nation.

We have seen this before. Over 150 years ago the issues were cogently examined and argued by presidential hopeful Abraham Lincoln in his Feb. 27, 1860 address at Cooper Union in New York City. The issue then was slavery, whether the federal government had a right to prevent its expansion into U.S. territories not yet organized into states. Because of the Dred Scott U.S. Supreme Court decision, Lincoln predicted that the right to own slaves would spread to the entire nation if Democrats had their way.

Today the issue is the Administrative State and whether it will destroy federalism and our citizens’ G-d given individual rights, some of which are enumerated in the Constitution as amended, and our representative republic.

In 1860 the Democratic Party was divided. The slave states were the exclusive territory of the Democratic Party. It was, without argument, the party of slavery. In the North, the policy of the Democratic Party as to slavery was expounded by its leader, Sen. Stephen A. Douglas, who refused to express an opinion as to whether slavery was good or bad, or whether it should or should not expand into the territories. In the end, the Democrats attempted to take their slave-holding states out of the Union and tore the nation apart because they held that slavery was a wonderful condition for the slaves, and that some men had a G-d given right to earn their living in leisure at the expense of other men’s sweat and toil. In consequence, over 600,000 Americans lost their lives in an armed struggle to restore the Union.

Today the Democratic Party would intentionally ruin our unique-in-history federalist and constitutional republic in order to replace it with an Administrative State not far removed from what we read about in Brave New World, 1984, and Darkness at Noon. Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, teaches a course on tyranny which, for good reason, incorporates these books, among others, in its syllabus.
#1: they intend to bring down the present government and maintain and expand the bureaucratic Administrative State which is destroying federalism, taking away Americans’ individual rights, and nullifying large swaths of the Constitution of the United States.

If this were a 5th column effort, one would think they were engaging in treason, subversion, and sedition---but that can't be (sarc); they are one of our major political parties.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:34 ||Comments

#2: Both parties in the last decades have been hard at work on the Administrative State. Liberty is an obsolete word with them.
Posted by: Alaska Paul|| 2017-04-23 12:11 ||Comments

#3: Both parties in the last decades have been hard at work on the Administrative State. Liberty is an obsolete word with them.
Posted by Alaska Paul

"Repeal and replace, repeal and replace, repeal and replace, repeal and replace, repeal and replace"

All they (Pubs) could plan for in eight long years was their annual pay raise.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 14:49 ||Comments

Home Front: Culture Wars: What part of "if you let them take Milo down you're next" did the right fail to get?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 04/23/2017  03:14 8 Comments 123 words Read the whole thing on page 3
Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was recently fired from Fox News after mounting accusations of sexual harassment and backlash from network sponsors. This follows the resignation of former CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes in July 2016 after allegations from Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantros, and Megyn Kelly of sexual harassment. Tantros also filed suit against Bill O’Reilly and politician Scott Brown.

The latest conservative commentator to be accused of sexual misconduct is host Sean Hannity who was accused on the Pat Cambell Show by lawyer, political commentator, and frequent Fox News guest Debbie Schlussel. Debbie claimed on the show that Sean Hannity asked Schlussel to come back to his hotel twice after a book-signing event. Does this constitute sexual misconduct?
#1: Schlussel is a nutcase
Posted by: Frank G|| 2017-04-23 08:30 ||Comments

#2: A message composed by a friend of mine to his sons:
" Dear Sons, You have studied and worked hard for what you have accomplished. You are true professionals and I pray it will remain so. But you are going to be living in dangerous times and I am not talking about terrorism. The workplace poses the most danger to you and I must, I feel, advise you to be careful in your daily encounters with people, especially women. First, never be alone with a women in the work place. Always try to work around other people so they could be witnesses if you need them. Second, always be respectful to everyone, even if they don't deserve it. Use your acting and survival skills to get you through the day. Third, never trust anyone in the work place. They are co-workings, not organ donors. Trust begets betrayal and one who smiles and dips her head today, will hire a lawyer tomorrow and sue you. Protect and guard your reputation at all cost. Fourth, if off-color jokes are being exchanged in the work place, LEAVE THE ROOM. Even passive participation will be viewed by some scorned soul as active participation. Never add to a joke which contains political, sexual or religious content. Learn to just walk away. Fifth, keep your own counsel. Never, never, never express your opinion which is outside the scope of your employment or duties. It the work place and not a playground. Manage your thoughts and actions carefully and never emote until you get home. Sixth, even if your employer has a party, don't let your guard down. There are those who will seek out relaxed inhibitions and prey upon them and then use your responses and behavior against you in court. Seventh, NEVER touch a woman while at work, other than shaking her hand. Any sign of affection--no matter how slight--may be interpreted as an unwanted overture and one that creates a "hostile working" environment for her. It's a short distance from the work place to the courthouse. Eighth, be polite and civil, but NEVER inviting. Never go to lunch alone with a female co-worker. Others might read something into it that isn't there, or she might do the same. Protect yourself from unwarranted and unfounded interpretations of your behavior. Ninth, keep a daily, contemporaneous journal of all contacts you have with co-workers. It will be admissible evidence in court if, God forbid, you need it. And tenth, I am sorry I have to tell you this,but it's the times we live in or you will live in. Some people will use anything to get ahead and are more than willing to use your back as a stepping stone. You must protect yourself everyday. I wish I could leave you more, but as an attorney, I can only give you sound advice so you will never find yourself in a courtroom or before the Human Resources manager defending actions you are innocent of. I love you and will not be around to witness all your professional accomplishments. But if there's a legacy I can leave you, it is this. Be careful. Those who smile at you are displaying the same teeth they will bite you with. Love, Dad."
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2017-04-23 09:16 ||Comments

#3: Eleventh, get out of the work place and retire as soon as possible.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 10:38 ||Comments

#4: Twelfth: Consider the monastic life
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 10:40 ||Comments

#5: That used to be the advice fathers gave to daughters. Generally speaking, it is wise for both -- every workplace has users and abusers, and some of the worst masquerade as friends.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2017-04-23 11:20 ||Comments

#6: UK: Oxford U's latest guidance:
Students who avoid making eye contact with their peers could be guilty of racism, according to Oxford University’s latest guidance.

The university’s Equality and Diversity Unit has advised students that “not speaking directly to people” could be deemed a “racial microaggression” which can lead to “mental ill-health”.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 11:46 ||Comments

#7: Tragedy it is, we must oftentimes have to become old, to become wise.

"But let your communication be, Yea or Nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 11:53 ||Comments

#8: "Whatever you said or didn't say, will be held against you."
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 12:03 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Report: Israel struck government army bases in Syria
Posted by g(r)omgoru 04/23/2017  03:00 0 Comments 120 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Arab media on Sunday morning reported that Israel struck a military base belonging to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The base was located in the village of Nbaa Al-Fawwar, on the outskirts of Quneitra.

According to Al Mayadeen TV, three people were killed and two were injured in the attack.

Additional details have not been released.

On Friday, air raid sirens sounded in various locations in Israel's Golan, and shortly thereafter two mortar shells were found in Israeli territory.

No one was injured and no damage was caused.

In an earlier air strike on Friday, a mortar shell was found in an open area in the northern Golan Heights.

The IDF attacked the Syrian sites from which the mortars were fired.

Down Under: Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process
Posted by Blossom Unains5562 04/23/2017  00:00 4 Comments 396 words Read the whole thing on page 2
[BBC] Australia will make it more difficult to gain citizenship in a major overhaul of its migration process.

Aspiring citizens will undergo tougher tests on their English language skills and ability to demonstrate "Australian values", PM Malcolm Turnbull said.
[MODS: Australia .gif HERE]
Applicants must also have completed four years as a permanent resident - three years longer than at present.

The move comes two days after Australia unveiled stricter visa requirements for skilled workers from overseas.

Mr Turnbull said the changes would ensure that migrants were better integrated into the community.

"It is important that they understand that they are making a commitment to our Australian values," he said.

What are the changes?

In explaining what constituted "Australian values", Mr Turnbull said migrants must demonstrate support for religious freedom and gender equality.

"Respect for women and children ... that is a key Australian value," he said, adding domestic violence would not be tolerated.

What exactly are 'Australian values'?

Other changes to the citizenship process include:

A more stringent English language test involving reading, writing, listening and speaking;

Providing evidence of integration into the community, such as employment history, school enrolment or membership of community organisations;

Having already been a permanent resident for at least four years;

Allowing applicants to apply only three times, and automatically failing anyone who cheats on a test.

When asked about reports that applicants would be quizzed on whether they supported forced child marriage or female genital mutilation, Mr Turnbull said it was important to "reinforce our values".

"If we believe that respect for women and children [is an Australian value]... then why should that not be made a key part, a fundamental part, a very prominent part, of our process to be an Australian citizen?"

Tightening rules

The requirements would apply to all new applications for citizenship, the government said.

On Tuesday, the government said it would replace a controversial visa scheme to make it harder for foreign nationals to work in Australia.

Mr Turnbull said both announcements had been made in the national interest.

The opposition Labor Party accused Mr Turnbull of making announcements for political gain.
...of course...
"It seems a little odd to me that you would actually ask people whether or not they are going to obey the law when they already pledge to obey the law," said Labor senator Penny Wong.
#1: What exactly are 'Australian values'?

Beer & prawns?
Posted by: Classer|| 2017-04-23 01:35 ||Comments

#2: Locking the door, etc...
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2017-04-23 02:48 ||Comments

#3: Oh lord, where is the international outrage?
Posted by: chris|| 2017-04-23 09:27 ||Comments

#4: if it wasn't the bbc I'd read the article.
Posted by: Craick Ebberetle7364|| 2017-04-23 11:09 ||Comments

Home Front: Culture Wars: Woman absolutely loses it when flight is delayed, watch how cops appear scared to ‘handle' her
Posted by Blossom Unains5562 04/23/2017  00:00 2 Comments 567 words Read the whole thing on page 3
A big-mouthed woman erupted in a major rant on a flight about to depart San Antonio, Texas, and she seemed to know what she was doing.

After the recent United Airlines debacle where a doctor was forcibly removed from a plane that caused a media firestorm, police seemed afraid to remove the beligerant woman when they arrived. And she took full advantage, even referencing the doctor and said she wouldn’t be as nice as he was.

Video of the ranting passenger was posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows her swearing at crew members, taunting other passengers, and walking up and down the aisles yelling. It is not certain who the woman is, but the video is going viral and for good reason -- it’s wild.

After a few minutes, a couple of San Antonio police officers enter the plane but both approach the situation very gingerly appearing not willing to be caught in the same situation as police in Chicago where they forcibly removed Dr. David Dao seriously injuring him in the process.

"So I guess y’all not going nowhere, still. I was just bulls***ing about them... I was going to be nice," she said before leaping to her feet to walk the aisles and harass crew members. It isn’t known what set the woman off.

The officers repeatedly plead with the woman to no avail. The incident has an unexpected ending, but I’m sure the police were relieved.

As the video rolls, the woman yells out, "They’re trying to say I’m disturbing her, that I’m disturbing the people on the plane, b**** that’s crazy."

The woman continues acknowledging that she is the one keeping the plane on the ground because of her wild, unruly behavior.

"’You might want to get your mother***ing pilot and all your f***ing crew ready because ain’t nobody going nowhere," she says.

And when police arrive, she warns, "Trying to get me off this mother***er and it’s going to go down."

The woman then begins referencing what happened to Dr. Dao, She warned that she woudln’t be as docile as Dao was.

"That dude, that’s a doctor, I ain’t no doctor, I’m gonna beat you’re a**," she screeches.

Next she tries to blame her own behavior on Donald Trump saying, "This is Trump’s fault. Blame it on Trump."

Police try to explain to the woman that she is "causing a disturbance" and an officer tells the woman that he wants her off the plane.

"Listen, causing a disturbance, the captain wants you... the captain said he doesn’t want you on his plane and you need to get off," the officer is heard calmly saying on the video.

The video cuts off as the woman begins to gather up her belongings to leave the plane.

It is thought that the plane is a Delta flight due to the types of magazines seen in the seat pockets in the video but further details are still unknown.
."History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce."

- Karl Marx
#1: So the cops are unable to differentiate between a passenger who is sitting there quietly trying to mind his own business and a crazy lady who is being abusive to the crew and other passengers?
Posted by: Abu Uluque|| 2017-04-23 15:19 ||Comments

#2: The cops knew exactly what was taking place. They have their wives and children to think about. Not much market for terminated police officers facing an avalanche of civil law suites. I can't blame the police. They have been made powerless by liberal judges and courts
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 15:24 ||Comments

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: UNWRA Gaza union head, accused of Hamas ties, no longer employed by agency
Posted by trailing wife 04/23/2017  00:00 1 Comments 445 words Read the whole thing on page 2
If this is the beginning of a trend, it will be because of President Trump.
[IsraelTimes] Israel had charged that school principal Suhail al-Hindi was elected to a leadership role in the terror group in February vote.

The United Nations
...the Oyster Bay money pit...
agency for Paleostinian refugees said Saturday a Gazoo staffer suspected of having been elected to Hamas, a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth",’s leadership no longer works for the agency.

Agency front man Chris Gunness said that Suhail al-Hindi was no longer employed by the UN Relief and Works Agency. He declined to say whether al-Hindi had quit or was fired, saying the agency doesn’t "discuss the terms of departure of individual staff members."

In February, UNRWA suspended al-Hindi -- the chairman of the agency’s Paleostinian workers’ union -- pending the results of an internal investigation sparked by Israeli accusations that the school principal was a member of Hamas’s new politicianship.

Al-Hindi denied links to the terror group.

Hamas is listed as a terror organization by the United States and most of Europe, including some of UNRWA’s top funders.

The claims against al-Hindi were made by COGAT, the Israeli Defense Ministry agency responsible for civilian affairs in the West Bank and Gazoo, and the Foreign Ministry.

UNRWA, which provides Paleostinian refugees and their descendants with education, health care, and social services, initially denied Hindi’s Hamas affiliation, saying in a statement that the agency had "neither uncovered nor received evidence to contradict the staff member’s denial that he was elected to political office." Its statement quoted Hindi as saying that he has "no relation whatsoever with the issue."

Three days later, however, UNRWA front man Chris Gunness announced Hindi was suspended based on "substantial information" it had been provided.

He insisted the decision to suspend Hindi pending the outcome of an internal investigation was made independently of Israeli demands.
#1: His, salary as Hamas functionary, will still come (ultimately) from UN, however.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2017-04-23 02:54 ||Comments

Home Front: WoT: French consulate in New York evacuated after bomb threat
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Everybody is nervous nowadays. Jihad is no longer something that happens far away to other people or at home only in certain, easily avoided neighbourhoods.
[IsraelTimes] Security bolstered at French missions after jihadist shooting in Gay Paree ahead of first round of presidential elections.

The French consulate in New York, where thousands of expatriates were registered to cast ballots in their presidential election on Saturday, was briefly evacuated following a bomb threat, officials said.

A suspicious vehicle prompted police to clear the building on Fifth Avenue across from Central Park, Consul General Anne-Claire Legendre said.

"After the Champs Elysees attack, the New York police department was told to be especially vigilant," she said.

Dozens of people who were inside the building at about 5 p.m. local time (2100 GMT) waited on the sidewalk while authorities checked the vehicle.

The situation returned to normal after about 50 minutes, consulate press officer Amelie Geoffroy said.

Voting activities, which were scheduled to take place until 7 pm, also resumed, she added.

Some 28,500 French citizens living in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are registered to vote at the consulate.

Security measures were strengthened at French polling stations across the United States following a jihadist’s killing of a policeman on Gay Paree’s famed Champs Elysees avenue this week.

China-Japan-Koreas: Chinese jihadis’ rise in Syria raises concerns at home
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[IsraelTimes] Organized, battle-hardened and numbering in the thousands, members of the Turkistan Islamic Party have fought in the ranks of al-Qaeda, Islamic State and other bully boy groups.

Many don’t speak Arabic and their role in Syria is little known to the outside world, but the Chinese fighters of the Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria are organized, battled-hardened and have been instrumental in ground offensives against Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Terror of Aleppo ...
’s forces in the country’s northern regions.

Europe: Panic in Paris station as man arrested with knife
Posted by trailing wife 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 313 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Is there anyone left in France who does not understand that he could easily be the victim of a jihad attack at any moment?
[IsraelTimes] A man carrying a knife was tossed in the clink
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!
on Saturday at Gay Paree’s Gare du Nord station, causing brief panic days after the jihadist killing of a policeman, police sources said amid pre-election jitters.

"An individual carrying a knife came into the station, was pointed out to a police patrol which immediately arrested him," one of the sources said.

No-one was injured in the incident.

Another police source added that the arrest caused a "panic movement" with a number of travelers abandoning their luggage in the middle of the station.

The incident came two days after the Champs-Elysees killing of a policeman and one day before La Belle France goes to the polls in the first round of close-run presidential elections.

La Belle France remains under a state of emergency following a string of attacks that have claimed 239 lives since 2015.
Al Ahram adds:
One police source said that some travellers saw the man, a 20-year-old Malian, "inside the station, knife in hand" and pointed him out to police, who detained him.

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: Police arrest 2 Palestinians with firebombs in West Bank
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[IsraelTimes] Border Police early on Saturday tossed in the clink
Drop the heater, Studs, or you're hist'try!
two Paleostinian teens for possession of Molotov cocktails outside a West Bank military base south of Jerusalem.

The two Paleostinians, identified as residents of the Deheishe refugee camp outside Bethlehem, were allegedly preparing to use the Molotov cocktails, police said in a statement.

The two suspects were taken in for questioning.

Later another unidentified suspect threw a Molotov cocktail at the same military facility and expeditiously departed at a goodly pace, Walla news reported.

The Border Police and IDF opened an investigation into the incident.

Rioters demonstrating in support of prisoners' strike throw stones and Molotov cocktails

[Ynet] A demonstration in support of the prisoners' strike took place in Silwan. The police say that the masked demonstrators threw stones and Molotov cocktails at a police force and the Border Police.

As a result, a policeman was lightly injured by a stone thrown at him. He did not need medical treatment.

The rioters were dispersed by the force.
#1: See, every day IDF intercepts "Palestinians" with bombs, guns, and knives - and, unlike in Europe, nobody panics. In, fact, I'm more concerned on days when no "Palestinians" are arrested - because it might mean they've managed to sneak in.
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Caribbean-Latin America: Peru’s Hezbollah trial spells both warning and opportunity
Posted by trailing wife 04/23/2017  00:00 1 Comments 123 words Read the whole thing on page 4
From this past Tuesday.
[IsraelTimes] The trial of a Hezbollah operative in Peru, together with the Iranian-backed group’s unprecedented political overtures and religious indoctrination efforts there, illustrate how far Tehran is willing to go to spread its influence in Latin America.

Thursday a Lima court will have the unique opportunity to say basta! ‐enough! -- to Iranian influence in their country as it delivers the verdict in the case of Muhammad Ghaleb Hamdar.

Police found bomb making materials and sensitive photos of Israeli and Jewish targets in Peru at Hamdar’s home when they placed in durance vile
#1: Hezbollah is working alongside other extremist groups in order to wield influence in local politics with an eye on impacting the affairs of the Lima government at home and abroad. Just last year Hezbollah registered as an official political party in Peru.

Best to cut off the nose of this camel before it gets too far into the tent; excise this cancer before it's too late; nip it in the bud.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:24 ||Comments

Home Front: Culture Wars: Providence Passes Ordinance Welcoming Gang Members To Their City
Posted by Blossom Unains5562 04/23/2017  00:00 5 Comments 254 words Read the whole thing on page 6
[LawOfficer.com] Here are some of the items that the future victims of Providence Crime need to be aware of:

Traffic stops can no longer be used as probable cause to investigate further criminal activity.

Police may not ask for identification more than once including "police may not consider an individual’s lack of proof of identification or failure to respond to a request for identifying information as probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity."

Police may not photograph anyone below the age of 18 and if a photo (under certain guidelines) is allowed, it must be destroyed in 90 days.

"Police may not inquire about an individual’s immigration status."

There is an entire appeal process for anyone listed as a gang member to not be listed as a gang member.

"If an individual has no convictions within a two-year period after their name has been placed on the "gang list," and no new evidence meeting the criteria for inclusion on the "gang list" has been found, the name shall be removed and all related records destroyed."

And of course, the ordinance ends with an entire page on how police will be prosecuted and sued for any violation of anything in the ordinance of which must goes far and beyond any case law or practice that any agency in this country is currently doing. Actually, the piles of paperwork that the Act requires of a police officer after they stop someone is done in another city....Chicago. Hasn’t that worked out well there?
#1: I'll bet the police embrace this ordinance and the flood of criminals with open arms (sarc). What a moronic ordinance. These people must be smoking whacky weed.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:17 ||Comments

#2: The only way Democrats in RI can stay within the law, especially the city gov't.
Posted by: AlanC|| 2017-04-23 09:03 ||Comments

#3: Providence - home of Buddy Cianci and Broken Pensions
Posted by: Frank G|| 2017-04-23 09:03 ||Comments

#4: And Buddy C. was a Republican...
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2017-04-23 09:22 ||Comments

#5: once:
"Cianci was first elected mayor as the candidate of the Republican Party. While in office, he declared himself an independent and, as of 2009, he said that he had no party affiliation"
Posted by: Frank G|| 2017-04-23 09:43 ||Comments

Government: Rare parchment copy of Declaration of Independence found by Harvard researchers
Posted by Blossom Unains5562 04/23/2017  00:00 1 Comments 309 words Read the whole thing on page 3
An extremely rare copy
How rare? This rare.
of the Declaration of Independence has been found in an obscure records office in southern England.

The National Archives in Washington has the only other parchment document like it, say Harvard researchers Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen.

They uncovered the copy at the West Sussex Records Office, in Chichester, England.

The Sussex archive listed the document as "manuscript copy, on parchment, of the Declaration in Congress of the thirteen United States of America," in its online catalog.

"I’d found vague descriptions of other copies of the Declaration that turned out to be 19th-century reproductions of the signed parchment in the National Archives, so that was what I was expecting," Sneff told the Harvard Gazette. "What struck me as significant was that it said manuscript on parchment."

Sneff was sent a disc with photos of the document.

"When I looked at it closely, I started to see details, like names that weren’t in the right order -- John Hancock isn’t listed first, there’s a mark at the top that looks like an erasure, the text has very little punctuation in it -- and it’s in a handwriting I hadn’t seen before," she said. "As those details started adding up, I brought it to Danielle’s attention and we realized this was different from any other copy we had seen."

The researchers said the signers on the Sussex version are not broken down by state, something that distinguishes it from the copy in the National Archives.

The two dated the document to the 1780s and that it originally belonged to a Duke of Richmond known as the "Radical Duke" for his support of Americans during the Revolutionary War.

#1: I got one in the mail and one from a Great Aunt when I was little for a school project! real parchment also!
Posted by: Crinegum Ulaigum2776|| 2017-04-23 08:08 ||Comments

Arabia: Yemeni troops, Soddy forces clash in Taiz, Marib
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[AlManar] The Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees, in a retaliatory attack against the forces of the Saudi-led coalition, managed to kill 40 mercenaries of the Riyadh regime in Yemen’s southwestern province of Taiz, military sources said.

In a unique operation launched on Friday by the Yemeni army troops near the port city of Mocha in Taiz, 40 mercenaries of the fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh, were killed and dozens more were wounded, Lebanon’s Arabic-language Al Mayadeen TV quoted the sources as saying.

In another development, heavy clashes erupted between the Yemeni forces and the mercenaries of Hadi near an air defense base in northwestern parts of Taiz.

According to the Yemeni Defense Ministry, a number of other mercenaries were also killed in missile attacks by the country’s army and Popular Committees east of Marib.

The attacks against Saudi mercenaries came in retaliation for the continued massacre of civilians and destruction of Yemen’s infrastructure by a coalition led by the Saudi regime.

Arabia: Yemeni missile hits Soddy base in Najran
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[AlManar] The Yemeni army and popular committees launched a ballistic missile, branded Qaher 2, onto the gatherings of Saudi soldiers and the mercenaries in Al-Khadra exit in Najran, killing scores of them.

According to local sources, the operation followed a process of monitoring the movements and the gatherings.

The sources added that the Yemeni army and popular committees also launched shell and rocket barrages onto the Saudi posts to inflict heavy losses upon the Saudi soldiers and the mercenaries.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Syrian Army Combat Summary
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[AlManar] The Syrian army controlled Montar hill in Hama northern countryside after clashing with Nusra terrorists and killing many of them.

The Syrian army units also continued their operation across the country.

The so-called “Democratic Syria Troops” controlled two village sin Raqqa northern countryside, killing scores of ISIL terrorists.

In a different context, two persons were injured in terrorist attack with two mortar shells on Rukneddein residential area in Damascus.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Airstrike hits makeshift hospital in Idlib
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BEIRUT: A warplane on Saturday attacked a makeshift hospital set up in a cave in the northern Syrian province of Idlib, causing massive damage and wounding several staff, a monitor said.

The head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was not immediately clear if the strike was carried out by a Syrian or Russian aircraft.

Rami Abdel Rahman said the attack hit “a hospital located in a cave in the Abdeen region in southern Idlib province, causing huge damage and knocking it out of action.”

“Five staff members were wounded and were pulled from the rubble, but four more are still trapped beneath it,” Abdel Rahman said.

Idlib is controlled by a rebel alliance that includes a former Al-Qaeda affiliate, and is regularly targeted by both the Syrian government and its Russian ally.

Earlier this month, a suspected chemical attack hit the town of Khan Sheikhun in Idlib, killing dozens of civilians including children.

Much of the international community blamed the Syrian regime for that attack, and three days later 59 cruise missiles fired from US warships targeted the airbase from where the attack was launched.

Abdeen, where the hospital was hit on Saturday, is eight kilometers (five miles) from Khan Sheikhun.

The Observatory said regime forces fired a rocket at the Abdeen region after the air strike, killing a young man working in a field.

More than 320,000 people have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government demonstrations.

Iraq: Mosul Offensive News
Posted by badanov 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 264 words Read the whole thing on page 1

Iraqi troops capture al-Sihha al-Thaniya district

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi troops have declared taking over al-Sihha al-Thaniya district from Islamic State in western Mosul.

“The army’s Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) freed al-Sihha al-Thaniya district in western Mosul,” Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Yarallah, commander of the Nineveh operations, said in a statement on Saturday. “The forces raised the Iraqi flag on its buildings after losses in lives and property were inflicted on the enemy.”

In related news, a security source told Shafaq News that CTS gained control on almost 90 percent of al-Tanak district, in west of the city, adding that full control could be gained within few hours.

On Thursday, the Joint Operations Command declared recapturing al-Thawra district, ending intense encounters with IS militants that lasted for four days. The announcement came hours after al-Thawra al-Oula, a first section of the neighborhood, was retaken. Later on the day, al-Nasr district was freed, before the troops declared further advance at al-Tanak and al-Sihha districts.

Last week, the forces said that only six districts in western Mosul are still held by Islamic State as Iraqi troops liberated most of the districts.

Eastern Mosul was retaken in January after an offensive was launched in October. A new offensive was launched in February to recapture the western side.

Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul is the militants’ last urban stronghold in the country.
Google Map at the link

Iraq: Iraqi militia group stops ISIS infiltration in Makhoul area
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Makhoul (IraqiNews.com) Al-Hashd al-Shaai militia announced, on Saturday, foiling an attempt made by the Islamic State to sneak into Makhoul area, north of Salahuddin Province.

Al-Hashd al-Shaabi media office said in a statement that the intelligence of the 25th brigade foiled an attempt made by the Islamic State group to sneak into al-Sheikh Ali Village in Makhoul area.

Forces from al-Hashd al-Shaabi’s brigade, in coordination with the 99th brigade, managed to foil the attack.

The Islamic State is frequently attacked the area of Makhoul, while al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces foil many of the attacks and kill dozens of the militants.

Terror Networks: The Beatings Will Continue: Iraqi and Syria Editions
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ISIS executes 15 for failing to quarter its shooters

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Islamic State militants have killed 15 civilians in western Mosul for refusing to allow the group’s snipers to position or erect rocket launchers above their residences as Iraqi government forces push deeper against the militant group.

Islamic State has regularly been reported to kill civilians for trying to escape areas under its control in western Mosul or collaborate with security forces since Iraqi forces launched an offensive in February to retake that region.

Al-Arabiya quoted Qusai al-Kanaani, a major from the Iraqi joint forces, saying he believes four Islamic State snipers were deployed at al-Refaie, Zanjili and al-Sihha districts in western Mosul.

Iraqi generals say IS’s reliance on snipers and booby-traps, as well as their entrenchment in the middle of civilians, has slowed down advancement by security troops in central Mosul districts, especially at the narrow streets of the Old City, a strategic area from where Islamic State first declared the establishment of its rule in Iraq in 2014.

Iraqi government forces, backed by a U.S.-led coalition and paramilitary troops, took over eastern Mosul in January after three months of battles.

The U.S. State Department said on Twitter on Friday Iraqi troops currently control 4000 kilometers of the city.

The U.S.-led coalition had estimated the number of remaining IS militants in Mosul by less than 1000. The group has lost dozens of its foreign and local leaders since the start of western Mosul operations. On Friday, the Federal Police service said it killed the group’s booby-trapping official for western Mosul, Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Rusi, a Russian national, and three other Asian aides.
Google Map at the link

ISIS executes 42 in Mosul

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Islamic State militants killed 42 civilians in Mosul as they refused to join the group, a parliamentary source from Nineveh province said.

“The militants in Mosul are looking for women to get them involved in the so-called jihadul Nikah [sexual jihad],” the source said. “IS kills whoever refuses to join.”

“IS executed 42 men who refused to join the group in Mosul,” the source added.

Earlier on Saturday, IS was reported to have killed 15 civilians in western Mosul for refusing to allow the group’s snipers to position or erect rocket launchers above their residences.

IS executed hundreds of civilians and security members since it took over large areas in Iraq to proclaim a self-styled “Islamic Caliphate” in 2014.

IS has been losing ground and personnel since Iraqi government forces, backed by a U.S-led coalition and paramilitary troops, launched an offensive in October 2016 to recapture Mosul, the second-largest Iraqi city and the militants’ last urban stronghold in the country. The U.S.-led coalition had estimated the number of remaining IS militants in Mosul by less than 1000.

Eastern Mosul was retaken in January after three months of fighting. A new offensive was launched in February to retake the west.

Over four million persons were displaced inside the country since emergence of IS in 2014.

Iraqi troops currently control 4000 kilometers of the city, the U.S. State Department tweeted on Friday.

Infighting erupts among ISIS Big Wigs in Taqba

[ARA News] Internal clashes broke out on Saturday between militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the town of Tabqa in Syria’s northeastern Raqqa province, military sources reported.

This comes amidst continued advance by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against ISIS in Tabqa. The SDF has imposed a heavy siege on ISIS-held neighbourhoods inside the town.

A source in the Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed that internal fighting erupted among ISIS fighters in Tabqa, after some of them wanted to surrender due to the SDF siege on the town.

“As a result of the fighting and the siege on the ISIS terrorists inside the city of Tabqa, the Syrian Democratic Forces is witnessing that some of the Daesh [ISIS members] want to surrender themselves to the SDF,” said Jesper Söder, a Swedish volunteer with the SDF forces.

“But their commanders don’t allow them to do this, so they are fighting among themselves inside Tabqa,” the source said.

According to the SDF member, a number of ISIS militants have been killed by their own in Tabqa city on Saturday.

“Several Daesh [fighters] have been killed by their own inside of the city,” Söder reported.

The information could not be verified by other sources.

Iraq: Iraqi forces, militia destroy ISIS hideout in Baqubah
Posted by badanov 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 145 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Baqubah (IraqiNews.com) Commander of Tigris Operations, Lieutenant General Mazhar al-Ezzawi, on Saturday, announced destroying a hideout belonging to the Islamic State group, and dismantling four improvised explosive devices by a military operation, northeast of Baqubah.

Ezzawi said in a press statement that joint security forces, backed by al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia, conducted extensive military operations in the valleys of Thlab, Qazla and al-Hadidi, near Naft Khana (80 km northeast of Baqubah), destroying a hideout belonging to the Islamic State, as well as dismantling four improvised explosive devices, without causing any casualties.

The operation took place within the strategy of the Tigris Operations Command to eliminate the presence of the Islamic State cells, in addition to destroying the terrorist group hideouts in the area, he added.

Noteworthy, Tigris Operations announced destroying dozens of the Islamic State hideouts in several areas of Diyala, in the last few months.

Iraq: Anbar Antix
Posted by badanov 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 296 words Read the whole thing on page 1

Iraqi troops control strategic road

Anbar (IraqiNews.com) Military troops have gained control on strategic road that was used by Islamic State militants in attacks against Haditha town, western Anbar, a source said on Saturday.

“The 28th brigade combed the region of Makhazin Haditha and took over the strategic road that links between Haditha and T1,” said Sabah Nouri, commander of the second army. “Islamic State militants used that road to launch attacks against Haditha, al-Haqlaniyah and the nearby military units.”

Two military operations were launched earlier on Saturday to comb desert regions in Anbar.

“Two campaigns were launched to comb desert regions in Anbar. The first one was launched by Jazeera Operations Command from two axis toward the south of Kabisa city,” the War Media Cell said in a statement. “The other one, backed by the Iraqi troops and international coalition, was launched in Makhazin Haditha and Houran regions to destroy IS rest houses and stores of weapons.”

“Some regions are still being combed,” the service said adding that Anbar Operations Command launched another campaign, supported by air cover, to comb desert regions toward H2 base.

On Thursday, Jazeera Operations Command launched a military operation to liberate and comb some regions in the north of Haditha Dam lake, 160 KM west of Ramadi city.

Haditha city is fully controlled by security forces and tribal fighters, however, IS launches attacks there every now and then.

Last week, additional U.S. forces reportedly arrived to a military base in Anbar to take part in the security campaign against IS militants.
Google Map at the link

Africa North: Morocco: Three-man Terrorist Cell Dismantled in Tetuan
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 348 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[North Africa Post] The Moroccan Interior Ministry Friday announced it dismantled in the Northern city of Tetuan a three-man cell connected to Daech that was preparing attacks against institutions and security authorities.

The operation was led by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), the judicial arm of the domestic intelligence service.

According to the early investigation findings, the leader of the cell, a graduate in sciences, well trained in the making of explosives fitted with remote detonator systems, was on the verge of acquiring substances used in the making of bombs, the ministry said.

The trio was preparing to attack Moroccan institutions as well as security authorities, the ministry’s statement said, adding that the BCIJ squad seized in the operation some equipment as well as electronical items used in the production of remotely controlled explosives.

Bladed weapons, cells phones as well as a bottle containing a suspicious liquid were also seized during the raid.

This is the second operation by BCIJ forces so far this month. A week ago, security forces nabbed seven bully boyz in the city of Fez and nearby town of Moulay Yacoub.

The cell members were trying to recruit volunteers for the terrorist Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group, the interior ministry announced.

Morocco’s counterterrorism strategy is based on vigilant security measures, regional and international cooperation, and counter-radicalization policies.

The BCIJ has dismantled multiple groups with ties to international networks that included ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

Africa Subsaharan: Boko Haram: Military Court Convicts Journalist Over Report, Risks Death Sentence
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[NEWSGHANA.GH] A military court in Cameroon
...a long, narrow country that fills the space between Nigeria and Chad on the northeast, CAR to the southeast. Prior to incursions by Boko Haram nothing ever happened there...
has convicted Ahmed Abba, a journalist for Radio La Belle France Internationale’s (RFI) Hausa service, on charges of "non-denunciation of terrorism" and "laundering of the proceeds of terrorist acts", according to his lawyer and RFI.

Abba’s lawyer, Clement Nakong, told the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) that Abba, who has been tossed in the slammer
Keep yer hands where we can see 'em, if yez please!
since July 2015 in relation to his reporting on the regional gang Boko Haram
... not to be confused with Procol Harum, Harum Scarum, possibly to be confused with Helter Skelter. The Nigerian version of al-Qaeda and the Taliban rolled together and flavored with a smigeon of distinctly Subsaharan ignorance and brutality...
, could face the death penalty on the first charge and a maximum of five years in prison on the second charge at a sentencing hearing scheduled for April 24.

Nakong said Abba would appeal to have the conviction overturned.

RFI reported that the military tribunal acquitted the journalist of the charge of "apologising for acts of terrorism".

The CPJ called on Cameroonian authorities to release Abba without delay and not to contest the journalist’s appeal.

"The military court’s conviction of Cameroonian radio journalist Ahmed Abba on terrorism charges that could carry the death penalty is an outrage," Robert Mahoney, CPJ deputy director, said in a blurb on the CPJ’s website.

"Covering terrorism as a news hound must not be equated with committing acts of terror. Each day Abba spends behind bars is a travesty of justice."

Africa Subsaharan: Buratai gives reason for success in war against Boko Haram terrorists
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[DAILYTRUST.NG] The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai said the lessons he learnt from the Bangladesh National Defence while on course had been very useful in the counter insurgency operations in the North-East.

Buratai made this known in Lagos, on Saturday when he received the Bangladesh Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Abu Shafiul Huq.

According to him, the lessons are partly responsible for the success being recorded in the fight against the Boko Haram
... not to be confused with Procol Harum, Harum Scarum, possibly to be confused with Helter Skelter. The Nigerian version of al-Qaeda and the Taliban rolled together and flavored with a smigeon of distinctly Subsaharan ignorance and brutality...

"The Bangladesh experience in counter insurgency is something that I brought to bear in the efforts to rid Nigeria of Boko Haram since my appointment as the Chief of army staff," he said.

According to him, he attended the Bangladesh National Defence course in 2008.

He urged military around the world to take the issue of insurgency and terrorism seriously because they were difficult battle to overcome.

"Counter insurgency should be utmost importance to army across the world, the army in particular bears the brunt as they confront gunnies in very difficult terrain and indeed, sometimes within the population.

"It is a very, very difficult experience and it will continue to be difficult but it ‐ insurgency can be countered through the use of intelligence.

"Counter insurgency is at best an intelligence operation," he said.

Earlier, Huq commended the the Nigerian army for the success it had recorded in the fight against the Boko Haram terrorists.

He said both his country and Nigeria had a lot of experience and knowledge to share in counter insurgency operations.

Huq said his visit was to explore ways both countries could further strengthen their relationship.

The Bangladesh army chief is to visit the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Gabriel Olonisakin in Abuja and some military formation while on a five-day visit to Nigeria.

Afghanistan: Senior Taliban leader identified as Ijaz-ul-Haq killed by own bomb in Laghman
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[Khaama (Afghanistan)] A senior Taliban
...the Pashtun equiovalent of men...
leader identified as Ijaz-ul-Haq was killed in a premature kaboom in eastern Laghman
...It has a population of about 445,600, which is multi-ethnic and mostly a rural society. During the invasions of Alexander the Great, the area was known as Lampaka, wich is apparently Olde Macedonian for Laghman.The city of Mihtarlam serves as the bucolic capital of the province. The population is half Pashtun, the remainder Tadjik and Pashai. It had a reputionagreat wealth until it was conquered in the tenth century by Abu Mansur Sabuktigin.
He conquered it and set fire to the places in its vicinity which were inhabited by infidels, and demolishing the idol-temples, he established Islam in them, He marched and captured other cities and killed the polluted wretches, destroying the idolatrous and gratifying the Musulmans. After wounding and killing beyond all measure, his hands and those of his friends became cold in counting the value of the plundered property.
province of Afghanistan.

The provincial government media office in a statement said Ijaz-ul-Haq also known as Omari was killed along with three other snuffies as they were planting an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on a main road in Alingar district.

The statement further added that the incident took place late on Thursday night around 8 pm local time in the center of Alingar in Hakimabad area.

The other snuffies killed in the incident have been identified as Manaf son of Abdul Wahab, Jan Agha an Nadim.

According to the local officials, Ijaz-ul-Haq was a prominent Taliban leader who had started insurgency mainly by manufacturing IEDS and had a proper scale in preparing and detonating IEDS on main roadsides.

Afghanistan: 28 ISIS-K militants killed during Hamza operations in East of Afghanistan
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[Khaama (Afghanistan)] At least twenty eight Death Eaters of the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
of Iraq and Syria Khurasan (ISIS-K) were killed during the ongoing Hamza counter-terrorism operations in eastern Nangarhar
The unfortunate Afghan province located adjacent to Mohmand, Kurram, and Khyber Agencies. The capital is Jalalabad. The province was the fief of Younus Khalis after the Soviets departed and one of his sons is the current provincial Taliban commander. Nangarhar is Haqqani country..
province of Afghanistan.

Local government officials in Nangarhar confirmed that the operations were conducted in Achin and Haska Mina districts in the past 24 hours.

The officials further added that the Death Eaters suffered the casualties during the Arclight airstrikes conducted in the two districts.

An Arclight airstrike initially targeted a key compound of the terror group located in Arghach area of Haska Mina district leaving at least 9 Death Eaters dead, the officials said, adding that the second strike left at least 19 Death Eaters dead after they were targeted in a similar Arclight airstrike in Mamand Dara area of Achin.

The majority of those killed in the two Arclight airstrikes are foreigners, the officials added.

Afghanistan: Taliban claims 4 of its fighters had enrolled before the attack on army base
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[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The Talibs group claim four of its fighters had enrolled in the 209th Shaheen Corps months before to plan and coordinate the attack on the army base.

The Taliban
...the Pashtun equiovalent of men...
group front man Zabiullah Mujahid released the picture of the ten jacket wallahs who launched the attack on Friday afternoon.

Taliban claims around 500 army personnel were killed or maimed during the attack.

women are made to be loved, not understood...
the 209th Corps of the Afghan Army said around 11 armu personnel bit the dust in the attack and around 15 others were maimed.

The murderous Moslems involved in the attack have been identified as Ahmad Safi Balkhi, Mullah Lal Mohammad Nangarhar
The unfortunate Afghan province located adjacent to Mohmand, Kurram, and Khyber Agencies. The capital is Jalalabad. The province was the fief of Younus Khalis after the Soviets departed and one of his sons is the current provincial Taliban commander. Nangarhar is Haqqani country..
i, Hafiz Nematullah Kabul
...the capital of Afghanistan. Home to continuous fighting from 1992 to 1996 between the forces of would-be strongman and Pak ISI/Jamaat-e-Islami sock puppet Gulbuddin Hekmayar and the Northern Alliance, a period which won Hek the title Most Evil Man in the World and didn't do much for the reputations of the Northern Alliance guys either....
i, Qari Feda Mohammad Baghlani, Hafiz Zabiullah Kunduzi, Eng. Talha Wardak, Mullah Jawad Kandahari, Hafiz Zia-ur-Rehman Khosti, Abdul Basir Parwani, and Mohammad Nabi Ghaznawi.

The attack forced President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
...former chancellor of Kabul University, now president of Afghanistan. Before returning to Afghanistan in 2002 he was a scholar of political science and anthropology. He worked at the World Bank working on international development assistance. As Finance Minister of Afghanistan between July 2002 and December 2004, he led Afghanistan's attempted economic recovery until the Karzais stole all the money. ..
to make an unannounced visit to the northern Balkh province.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the attack was carried out by a group of at least ten murderous Moslems who had disguised themselves in the Afghan army uniform to infiltrate inside the base.

The defense officials are saying that one of the suicide bombers was nabbed
Drop the rod and step away witcher hands up!
while the other one managed to detonate his explosives, opening the way for the other murderous Moslems to start firing on the soldiers.

In the meantime, Colonel John Thomas, a front man for the U.S. military’s Central Command, told Rooters earlier that "We’re talking probably more than 50 casualties."

Thomas further added "There is a mosque and a dining facility on the base that seemed to, at this point from our reports, be the subject of significant attack from enemy forces."

women are made to be loved, not understood...
the 209th Shaheen Corps later said 11 army personnel bit the dust and around 15 others sustained injuries, rejecting the reports given by the officials regarding the massive casualties inflicted to the security forces.

#1: seems thia shoud be wot ops

also, this infiltration tactic seems to have worked against the Afghan govt at least a half dozen times before - haven't they ever heard of daily passwords
Posted by: lord garth|| 2017-04-23 00:19 ||Comments

#2: seems thia shoud be wot ops

The report of the attack was P.1, lord garth. The discussion afterward is P.2: WoT Background.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2017-04-23 10:42 ||Comments

Afghanistan: US forces confirm death of top Taliban leader Quari Tayib
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[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The United States Forces for Afghanistan (USFOR-A) confirmed the death of a top Taliban
...Arabic for students...
leader Quari Tayib in northeastern Takhar province of Afghanistan.

"U.S. Forces-Afghanistan confirmed Quari Tayib, once known as the Taliban Shadow Governor of Takhar Province, was killed in an Arclight airstrike in Archi District, Kunduz, Afghanistna on Apr. 17," a statement by USFOR-A said.

The statement further added that rhe strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom-of-movement in the area.

"According to USFOR-A, Tayib had been a target-of-interest since 2001 and was directly responsible for the deaths of U.S. service members in Afghanistan," the statement added.

USFOR-A also added that rhe strike targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for holy warriors in the area. Eight additional Taliban fighters were killed in the strike.

"U.S. Forces took every precaution to preent civilian casualites. No other casualties or damage were associated with this strike," the statement said.

The anti-government armed holy warrior groups including the Taliban holy warriors have not commented regarding the report so far.

Bangladesh: Youth sets himself on fire in front of lover in Sobhanbagh
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Because a Third World girl is definitely going to want to spend the rest of her life with the burnt hulk he is making himself into.
[Dhaka Tribune] A youth attempted suicide in the Sobhanbagh area of Dhaka on Saturday, by setting himself on fire with kerosene in front of his lover.

The 25-year-old Shumon Kumar Pal, a Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) graduate from Daffodil International University, committed the act in front of the Dhaka Dental College Hostel at Dhanmondi around 6pm. He was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s Burn and Plastic Surgery unit at death's door at 7pm.

Kamrul, who rushed the burn victim to DMCH, said that Shumon was in a relationship with a female student in his own department and they were having relationship issues.

He added that Shumon had asked the female student to meet him in front of the Sobhanbagh Dental College. At one point when they were speaking, Shumon doused himself with the kerosene and set himself alight.

DMCH police outpost Sub-Inspector Md Bacchu Mia confirmed the matter to the Dhaka Tribune.

Fahmida Akhter, duty doctor at the DMCH burn unit, said that Shumon suffered burns on 35% of his body.
#1: Carrying a torch for her.
Posted by: Skidmark|| 2017-04-23 00:22 ||Comments

#2: Love is a burning thing.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2017-04-23 01:04 ||Comments

#3: Made an ash of himself.
Posted by: Deacon Blues|| 2017-04-23 07:36 ||Comments

Posted by: Frank G|| 2017-04-23 08:27 ||Comments

#5: Did he have an H1-B visa because of his Comp. Sci skills. I worked at a couple of places where an H1-B had to return to India to meet his bride to be.
Posted by: AlanC|| 2017-04-23 08:30 ||Comments

#6: "Yo, Chaudhry! Break out the marshmallows!"

"Setting yourself ablaze" has got to be pretty close to the top of "ill-considered ideas".
Posted by: PBMcL|| 2017-04-23 13:57 ||Comments

Africa Horn: Kenyan army kills 52 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia
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[SHABELLENEWS] nya’s Ministry of Defense said its troops, operating under the African Union
...a union consisting of 53 African states, most run by dictators of one flavor or another. The only all-African state not in the AU is Morocco. Established in 2002, the AU is the successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was even less successful...
Mission in Somalia, have destroyed an al-Shabaab
... Somalia's version of the Taliban, functioning as an arm of al-Qaeda...
camp, killing 52 bandidos bully boyz and seizing weapons.

In a statement, the ministry said troops raided the camp, located near the town of Badhadhe in the Lower Jubba region, at around 1:00 a.m. Friday.

"The intelligence-led operation was executed after surveillance assets sighted al-Shabaab terrorist concentration in the location," the ministry said. "Ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire were employed to neutralize the camp thereafter," the statement added.

A local resident who could not be named for security reasons told VOA Somali the bombed al-Shabaab camp is near Lagta Dishu, a military base used by Kenyan military operating in Somalia.

He said Kenyan troops used helicopters to bomb the area early in the morning, and said the aerial attack on the site was ongoing.

The resident said he could not confirm the casualty figure claimed by the Kenya military.

"It’s possible many al-Shaboobs were killed, but I don’t know how many," he said.

Kenya said other bandidos bully boyz escaped with injuries. The statement said troops seized weapons including seven AK47 rifles, ammunition and bombs.

Badhadhe is 200 kilometers southwest of Kismayo
...a port city in the southern Lower Juba province of Somalia, at the extreme southern end of the country (assuming Somalia can be called a country). It is the commercial capital of the autonomous Jubaland region...
and is one of the main towns in the region still controlled by al-Shabaab.

Residents west of Kismayo reported separate festivities between Somali regional forces and al-Shabaab bandidos bully boyz Friday.

Jubbaland security forces front man Ahmed Mohamud Mohammed said their forces have seized new areas from the myrmidons.

"We have conducted military operations against these religious bandidos in Bulo Haji, our troops are there now," he said.

He said the operations and the attack by Kenyan forces were coordinated.

Africa Horn: EU calls to fight resurgent piracy off Somali coast
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[SHABELLENEWS] The resurgent piracy attacks off the vast Somali coastline is a result of the growing insecurity in the Horn of Africa region, which calls for renewed security partnership to defeat, a commander of an international naval task force against piracy told Xinhua.

Commander Jacqui Sheriff, Spokesperson for the European Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) operating off the Somali coastline to deter piracy along the Indian Ocean coastline and in the Gulf of Aden, said pirates have felt the need to return to sea in the middle of heightened insecurity in recent months.

"The EU NAVFOR warships and maritime patrol aircraft are continuing to work with maritime partners to deter armed pirate attacks," Sherriff said in a recent interview.

The EU NAVFOR and China’s PLA Navy have formed the bedrock of international naval collaboration to defeat rampant acts of piracy along the Indian Ocean coastline and the Gulf of Aden.

The Chinese navy was instrumental in the rescue of an Indian vessel, Al Kausar, which was hijacked on April 3 as it headed to the Port of Bossasso.

This was the second such incident in weeks after several months of calm in a region where up to 237 attacks were reported during the peak piracy period in 2011.

#1: What's needed here is a catch and release program, where Somali pirates are caught off east Africa and then released off of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Puts the pirates to work cutting down the refugee flow. Everybody wins(except the refugees, and that's why they're refugees).
Posted by: ed in texas|| 2017-04-23 09:54 ||Comments

Africa Horn: Puntland Presidential guard shot dead in Galkayo town
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[SHABELLENEWS] Unknown gunnies, believed to be Al shabaab assassins have killed a senior Puntland
...a region in northeastern Somalia, centered on Garowe in the Nugaal province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state in 1998. Puntland and the equally autonomous Somaliland seem to have avoided the clan rivalries and warlordism that have typified the rest of Somalia, which puts both places high on the list for Islamic subversion...
Presidential guard in the central town of Galkayo on Friday evening, officials said.

Ahmed Hassan Abdirahman known as (Gandi), was rubbed out by pistol-wielding in the Puntland administered northern part of Galkayo town, the regional capital of Mudug region.

The killers expeditiously departed at a goodly pace after shooting dead the security official.

No group has yet grabbed credit for the killing, but local Police blamed Al shabaab for being behind the liquidation of Puntland Presidential guard.

The security forces of Puntland administration were reported to have launched an operation in the northern villages of Galkayo, in an attempt to detain the perpetrators.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Iran election campaign kicks off without Short Round
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[DAWN] Camp­aign­ing began on Friday for Iran’s presidential election with incumbent Hassan Rouhani facing a tough battle against hard liners, though not from former president Mahmoud Short Round Ahmadinejad who was barred from standing.

Ahmadinejad’s disqualification by the conservative-run Guardian Council was no surprise -- he had been advised not to run by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who said it would "polarise" the nation.

His populist economics and defiant attitude to the establishment had alienated even Ahmadinejad’s hard-line backers during his 2005-2013 tenure.

"Once the supreme leader had told him not to stand, it became impossible for him to be cleared by the Guardian Council," said Clement Therme, research fellow for Iran at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. "By his second term, [Ahmadi­nejad] was even challenging the holy mans. He was not useful anymore for the system."

India-Pakistan: Child killed, 2 hurt in Bajaur blast
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[DAWN] KHAR: A child was killed and two persons were maimed in a roadside kaboom blast in Khar tehsil of Bajaur Agency, aka Turban Central
...Smallest of the agencies in FATA. The Agency administration is located in Khar. Bajaur is inhabited almost exclusively by Tarkani Pashtuns, which are divided into multiple bickering subtribes. Its 52 km border border with Afghanistan's Kunar Province makes it of strategic importance to Pakistain's strategic depth...
on Friday afternoon, officials and local people said.

They said the incident took place in Shinkoot area, some 10km from Khar, the agency headquarters.

Officials quoted eyewitness as saying that Gul Mast Khan, a local resident, along with his children was coming home from a nearby mosque after offering Friday prayers when a remote-controlled bomb placed along the link road went off.

They said a child identified as Marwan was struck down in his prime while his father and other child, Farmanullah, received serious injuries in the blast.

People of the nearby areas immediately reached the site and shifted the maimed to the agency headquarters hospital. Later, both the maimed were shifted to Beautiful Downtown Peshawar
...capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly known as the North-West Frontier Province), administrative and economic hub for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. Peshawar is situated near the eastern end of the Khyber Pass, convenient to the Pak-Afghan border. Peshawar has evolved into one of Pakistan's most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities, which means lots of gunfire.
No one grabbed credit for the blast nor did the family blame anyone for the kaboom.

Later, officials of the local administration and Levies personnel visited the site of the kaboom and launched a hunt for the perpetrators. However,
we can't all be heroes. Somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by...
no one was taken into custody.

India-Pakistan: ‘IS men behind attack on clerics’
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[DAWN] The Beautiful Downtown Peshawar
...capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly known as the North-West Frontier Province), administrative and economic hub for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. Peshawar is situated near the eastern end of the Khyber Pass, convenient to the Pak-Afghan border. Peshawar has evolved into one of Pakistan's most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities, which means lots of gunfire.
police have suspected that the murderous Moslem Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group-linked elements are behind the Thursday night attack on holy mans in the city, which left two people dead.

A police source told Dawn that the attack took place in Qazi Kilay area of the capital city at around 11pm where two gunnies entered a mosque, opened fire on the holy mans eating dinner in a room, and fled.

He said the firing killed Abdul Qayyum and Asad and injured Mufti Nadeem, Yasin, Sohail and Imdadullah.

Another source claimed that the attack targeting Mufti Nadeem possibly involved two terrorists, who came to the mosque by cycle of violence.

He said one stayed outside the mosque, while the other entered the premises and carried out the attack using a 9mm pistol.

The source said it appeared that the Islamic State-linked elements were behind the attack as its target, holy man Mufti Nadeem, was outspoken in his criticism of them.

He said the holy man had long been receiving threats from gunnies over Afghan telephone numbers and had formally informed the police about them before getting the permission to carry gun for own security.

He said the holy man was accompanied by three guards when he came to the mosque to deliver Friday sermon.

The source said the counter-terrorism department has registered FIR before beginning investigation.

India-Pakistan: Three ‘wanted men’ killed in ‘encounters’
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[DAWN] Police claim to have killed three proclaimed offenders (POs) in two ’shootouts’ on Friday.

According to police, two of the POs were eliminated in a shootout in Kachiwala.

The Kachiwala police set up pickets at exit and entry points of the area in a bid to arrest dacoits following complaints of rising crime. Four suspects opened fire on a police party in Chak 189 when it signalled them to stop at a picket. The police returned the fire in which two POs identified as Peeran Ditta and Nadeem of Pakpattan were killed while two of their accomplices managed to escape.

The police recovered a cycle of violence, mobile phones and arms from the scene.

Police claimed Peeran Ditta and Nadeem were wanted in 25 cases of murder, robbery and other heinous crimes.

In Chishtian, a PO was killed in a shootout with police.

A team of the Chishtian Saddar police drove Azam for recovery of a state-owned vehicle. Near Chak 33, his accomplices opened fire on the police and got Azam released. "Police chased the accused. A shootout occurred in the Haroonabad police precincts in which Azam was killed. His body was shifted to DHQ Hospital for an appointment with Dr. Quincy," a police front man said.

India-Pakistan: 500 Baloch militants surrender, abandon armed struggle
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More on this report from yesterday.
[DAWN] QUETTA: Around 500 turbans belonging to different banned Baloch krazed killer organizations surrendered themselves to authorities concerned on Friday.

At a ceremony held on the lawns of the Balochistan
...the Pak province bordering Kandahar and Uruzgun provinces in Afghanistan and Sistan Baluchistan in Iran. Its native Baloch propulation is being displaced by Pashtuns and Punjabis and they aren't happy about it...
Assembly building, the turbans announced that they had abandoned the armed struggle against the government and would join mainstream politics.

The ceremony was attended by Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, Commander of Southern Command Lt Gen Aamir Riaz, Nawab Changez Khan Marri and tribal elders.

Those who surrendered themselves included 12 ’commanders’ and 16 ’sub-commanders’ of the krazed killer organizations.

The turbans belonged to the Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Lashkar-e-Balochistan and some other Baloch krazed killer groups.

India-Pakistan: Where we stand
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[DAWN] MASHAL Khan was murdered by a mob. The students were worked up into a frenzy, with the knowledge that they will harm Mashal, and then they were led to him and they killed him. The issue used to work students up was an alleged instance of blasphemy.

Blasphemy charges have been similarly misused before this incident too. But this was a particularly blatant and odious use of an emotive issue to settle scores and to get rid of a young person -- all because, it seems, Mashal was asking awkward questions of the university administration.

The blasphemy law, religiously and legally right or not, has been misused many times now. The law needs to be changed. Even the unanimous resolution passed by the National Assembly has said that safeguards against the misuse of the law need to be built into the law itself. But that is another debate.
#1: Khan was murdered by a mob. A warning to Berkeley.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:26 ||Comments

India-Pakistan: Anti-terrorism court seeks mental health report of man accused of blasphemy in Chitral
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[DAWN] An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Saturday directed the local police to constitute a medical board and submit a detailed report regarding the mental and physical health of a man tossed in the clink
Please don't kill me!
on allegations of blasphemy in Chitral.
Oh good. We were concerned about that yesterday.
On Friday, an angry mob attacked and beat the man inside the historical Shahi Mosque in Chitral after he was accused of making blasphemous remarks during Friday prayers.

The mosque's imam, fearing for the man's life, handed him over to the police.

The crowd turned violent after the blasphemy accused was handed over to the police and ransacked a cop shoppe. They also torched the vehicle of the imam.

Chitral Town police booked the man on charges of blasphemy and terrorism, and produced him before a ATC for physical remand.

The ATC judge rejected the request for physical remand of the accused and ordered them to submit a medical report. The judge also instructed the concerned authorities to form a medical board for a detailed report on the accused’s physical and mental state.

Special security arrangements were also made on the occasion and the man was shifted to jail after the hearing.

Tension continued to grip the district as a large number of people marched and tried to reach Chitral Town to protest against the accused.

District administration has imposed Section 144 to prevent any untoward incident from happening. Security was also put on high alert and Frontier Corp personnel were deployed to entry and exit points deemed sensitive.

Chitral Deputy Commissioner Shahab Hamid Yousafzai told DawnNews that police have made dozens of arrest for attacking the cop shoppe and torching the vehicle of the mosque’s imam.

-Land of the Free: US regressing into a developing nation for most people, MIT professor warns
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 9 Comments 225 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[RT] Growing income inequality is turning the US into a dual economy, with one economy for the rich and another for the poor, according to an MIT professor, who warns that the middle class is vanishing.

In his new book, "The Vanishing Middle Class," Peter Temin, professor emeritus of economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warns that the US is moving backward and becoming more like a developing nation, as the "the vanishing middle class has left behind a dual economy."

"We are still one country, but the stretch of incomes is fraying the unity of the nation," Temin wrote in the introduction of his book, according to a copy obtained by Barnard College.

The economist describes a dual economy, where the gap between the rich and the poor has grown wider.

Temin points to a study from the Pew Research Center, which, he said, "shows that the income share lost by the middle class has gone to people earning more than double the median income."

"In short, the rich got richer. The poor did not disappear, and the middle class shrank sharply," Temin wrote. "We are on our way to become a nation of the rich and the poor with only a few people in the middle."

#1: Excellent! The left has long wanted to get rid of the middle class. A long awaited victory by them.
Posted by: Harcourt Angoluting9366|| 2017-04-23 01:16 ||Comments

#2: Simply a natural by-product of tyrannical, third-world leadership. Similar examples are readily found throughout Africa and Latin America. With all due respect to professor Temin, it hardly takes staff tenure at MIT to figure this one out.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 04:31 ||Comments

#3: The professor has a point. We have seen and felt the erosion of the middle class for a long time thanks to progressive policies. The middle class was the strength of this country; the people who put Trump in office.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 09:24 ||Comments

#4: Needs to vastly cut taxes on the middle classes then.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles|| 2017-04-23 10:50 ||Comments

#5: The evident solution to this would be to 'break up' the concentrations of wealth accumulation zones, if you can't raise the wealth index of the lower end. This would require forcible resettlement of persons from high earning areas to areas where they can raise the local average to an equitable median.
The actual cause of this is the legal plundering of assets by the wealthy, but let's don't discuss that.
Posted by: ed in texas|| 2017-04-23 11:03 ||Comments

#6: Do not ever bring up "rent seeking".
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 11:09 ||Comments

#7: The actual cause of this is the legal plundering of assets by the wealthy, but let's don't discuss that.

Is the banker's bank, the Federal Reserve, going to be examined for its role in the demise of the middle class?

Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 11:17 ||Comments

#8: Is the banker's bank, the Federal Reserve, going to be examined for its role in the demise of the middle class? Posted by: JohnQC

As evidenced by my paltry savings account interest rate, the banks (at all levels) no longer need the common man.The government borrower has become their favoured customer.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 11:59 ||Comments

#9: democrats
Posted by: newc|| 2017-04-23 14:35 ||Comments

Europe: 5 terrorist suspects arrested in Brussels after arms, ammo & drugs seized in police raids
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 315 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[RT] Belgian police tossed in the slammer
Please don't kill me!
five people suspected of having ties with a terrorist group after swooping down on their homes in a Brussels suburb. The prosecutor’s office said the arrests were related to a case not associated with Thursday’s attack in Gay Paree.

Two of the four raids were conducted in Brussels’ infamous Molenbeek district, where the criminal mastermind of the November 2015 terrorist attack in Gay Paree, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, as well as one of the main suspects, Salah Abdeslam, used to live amongst the area’s predominantly Moslem population.

Searches were also carried out in the municipality of Ganshoren in the Brussels Region, some five kilometers from the capital, and in the municipality of Roosdaal, about 30 kilometers west of Brussels.

"In all, five persons were arrested and taken in for questioning," the prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Friday, adding that all of them "are suspected of participating in the activities of a terrorist group," as cited by AFP.

Police discovered a cache of weapons during the raids, which included two handguns, a bullet-proof vest, and ammunition. Apart from the hidden arsenal, drugs, namely cannabis, were also found.

The suspects will now appear before a court that will determine if they will remain in jug.

Science & Technology: China’s cargo spacecraft docks with orbital laboratory for 1st time
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 1 Comments 85 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[RT] China’s Tianzhou-1 space freighter has successfully docked with the Tiangong-2, the country’s orbital lab. The automatic procedure was the first in the nation’s fast-paced space exploration program.

The Tianzhou-1, China’s first robotic cargo spacecraft, was launched on Thursday evening from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in south China’s Hainan Province, Xinhua news agency reported.

The docking procedure was completed at 12:23pm on Saturday (04:23 GMT), the report cited the Beijing Aerospace Control Center as saying.
#1: the report cited the Beijing Aerospace Control Center as saying

Prob need some independent verification
Posted by: Skidmark|| 2017-04-23 15:04 ||Comments

-Lurid Crime Tales-: Indian man calls in hijack hoax to avoid trip away with girlfriend
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 1 Comments 183 words Read the whole thing on page 2
[RT] For most, a romantic getaway with their beloved is a date etched in the calendar, but for one Indian man the idea was so off-putting he made a hoax airplane hijack threat to get out of the trip with his girlfriend.

The now presumably single, M. Vamshi Krishna, who reportedly sent an email to Mumbai police warning of hijack attempts at three Indian airports last week, was incarcerated
You have the right to remain silent...
by police in Hyderabad on Thursday.

Krishna sent an anonymous email last week presenting himself as a concerned Indian woman who overheard a group of 23 men plotting a string of hijackings at the Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports.

The airports, some of India’s busiest, were all put on high alert following the threat, with special anti-sabotage sweeps carried out at each. The apparent threat made headlines around the world.
#1: "romantic getaway" at a shoe store possibly? Justifiable if so. /sarc
Posted by: Blossom Unains5562|| 2017-04-23 00:30 ||Comments

-Lurid Crime Tales-: Anti-Muslim threats, attack hoax created by US professor to keep his job
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 5 Comments 426 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[RT] An assistant professor at Indiana State University has been tossed in the slammer
Keep yer hands where we can see 'em, if yez please!
for allegedly making false claims of anti-Moslem threats against him and reporting a made-up attack. Azhar Hussain has been charged with obstruction of justice and harassment.

Campus police said students and faculty members, both Moslem and non-Moslem, were sent threatening emails in March.

The emails contained anti-Moslem sentiment and threats against the Moslem community at Indiana State University (ISU), naming Hussain as a target.

Hussain reported an attack on March 24 as he was entering his office, in which he claimed to have been thrown to the floor, the Tribune Star reports. At the time, ISU police said people in the area at the time of the reported attack didn’t see anything suspicious.

"Based upon the investigation, it is our belief that Hussain was trying to gain sympathy by becoming a victim of anti-Moslem threats, which he had created himself," ISU's chief of police Joseph Newport said.

"It is extremely unfortunate that this situation caused undue concern on other members of the ISU community," said Newport.

Hussain’s scheme was uncovered thanks to an investigation by Indiana State Police’s Cybercrime and Investigative Technologies Section and ISU’s IT security engineer. The FBI and Vigo County’s Prosecutor’s Office helped with the probe.

The investigation traced the computer from where the emails were sent, which revealed that Hussain had sent them himself.

Hussain, who remains in jail on a $10,000 bond, is facing a felony charge of obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor charge of harassment. He has been suspended from his position at ISU.

WTWO reports police believe Hussain sent the emails after learning he would not be re-appointed to his position next year.
#1: article in the Terre Haute local paper is here
Posted by: lord garth|| 2017-04-23 07:15 ||Comments

#2: What's the score on hoax vs. real anti-muzzie attacks?

'bout 300 to 1 now?
Posted by: AlanC|| 2017-04-23 08:52 ||Comments

#3: What's the score on hoax vs. real
Actually a very worthwhile question, but one never asked by the media or authorities, who would claim the non-hoax are so common as to not be newsworthy.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2017-04-23 09:09 ||Comments

#4: His victimhood claim went awry for this guy.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 09:26 ||Comments

#5: If it weren't for fake hate crimes, the "official" victims (blacks, muslims, etc), wouldn't have any hate crimes to report.
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia|| 2017-04-23 15:03 ||Comments

Europe: Demonstrators protesting AfD party clash with Cologne police, arrests reported
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 2 Comments 143 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[RT] Two officers were maimed and a police car set on fire after thousands of leftist demonstrators gathered to protest a congress of Germany’s right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Cologne
...a lovely city in Germany. They invented perfume there...
. Several arrests have been reported.

Scuffles between protesters and officers began after singing and chanting demonstrators tried to block some 600 AfD delegates from entering the congress venue.

Footage posted by Ruptly showed riot police storming protesters who were holding a banner reading "No Borders," with one man being escorted away by two officers.
#1: Need a crackdown on leftwing terrorism supporters and harassment of democracy.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles|| 2017-04-23 11:09 ||Comments

#2: With penalties for poor acronym development.
Posted by: Skidmark|| 2017-04-23 15:06 ||Comments

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia: 2 ISIS-linked militants killed in security operation in North Caucasus
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 536 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[RT] Russia’s security services have killed two forces of Evil from a ’sleeper cell’ kinked to Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
in the North Caucasus region. The forces of Evil were reportedly planning to carry out terrorist attacks, including killing religious figures.

The operation took place in the Stavropol Region of the North Caucasus in southwestern Russia on Friday evening, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAC ) said in statement, as cited by Russian news agencies.

The fighters belonged to a so-called "sleeper cell which pledged allegiance to Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIS]," the statement said.

According to the committee, shooting broke out when officers attempted to stop the myrmidons’ vehicle and they opened fire.

"Those in the car opened fire from an automatic weapon and tried to escape. The two criminals were neutralized [killed] with retaliatory fire," the statement said.

NAC said that the "neutralized bandidos" have been preliminary identified.

"One was the leader of a cell" who was "trained in Islamic State camps and returned to Russia to carry out terrorist acts. The other was an active cell member," the committee said.

Information from NAC suggests that the forces of Evil were planning to carry out attacks "including killings of religious figures and other civilians."

Russian security services found bomb making components and an automatic gun in the myrmidons’ vehicle, and grenades, an bomb, a pneumatic gun, IS symbols, and books on bully boy topics in one of their homes. The Federal Security Service
... the successor to the KGB...
(FSB) defused the bombs found on the site.

Europe: Serbia warns of new Balkan war if Albania unites with Kosovo
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 129 words Read the whole thing on page 3
[RT] A senior Serbian government official warned that another war may break out in the Balkans if Albania tries to establish a union with the breakaway region of Kosovo, urging the West to denounce the plan.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that the mooted unification between Albania and Kosovo "will remain only wishful thinking," and called on the EU to react. "If I said that all Serbs should live in one state, I would be hanged from a flagpole in Brussels," Vucic added.

Earlier this week, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said an interview with Politico he cannot rule out a union between Albania and the breakaway province of Kosovo ‐ formerly part of Yugoslavia ‐ if the country’s EU membership bid is off the agenda.

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: Masked Israeli settlers assault Jewish-Arab activists with stones, sticks
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 1 Comments 128 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[RT] Video footage of a group of masked Israeli settler youths attacking a group of activists and Paleostinian shepherds in the Jordan Valley has received global media coverage. The attack left five activists injured.
What's the Hebrew word for "intifada?"
The video was shared by the Jewish-Arab solidarity group Ta’ayush, who were escorting Paleostinian shepherds near al-Auja, a Paleostinian town near the settlement outpost of Baladim in the eastern West Bank in the Jordan Valley on Friday.

Ta’ayush offers protection to Paleostinian shepherds and farmers at risk of attacks by Jewish settlers. Independent media outlet 972mag reports the group recently began extending their work to the al-Auja area in response to settler violence.
#1: One sparrow doth not a spring make, but
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2017-04-23 02:49 ||Comments

China-Japan-Koreas: N. Korea accuses Australia of ‘blinding toeing US line,’ threatens nuclear strike
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 219 words Read the whole thing on page 2
[RT] North Korea has warned Australia of a possible nuclear strike if it continues to "blindly and zealously toe the US line." It comes after Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Pyongyang poses a "serious threat" to peace and stability in the region.

"If Australia persists in following the US moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK and remains a shock brigade of the US master, this will be a suicidal act of coming within the range of the nuclear strike of the strategic force of the DPRK," a front man for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said, as quoted by the official KCNA news agency.

The threat comes after Bishop said earlier this week that North Korea is on a "path to achieving nuclear weapons capability," posing an "unacceptable" risk to the region. She added that its efforts must be stopped by the international community.

Those comments were not taken well by North Korea, with the front man referring to them as a "string of rubbish."

India-Pakistan: Pakistan’s ISI sheltering al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in Karachi
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 386 words Read the whole thing on page 2
[HINDUSTANTIMES] Pakistain’s ISI spy agency has been sheltering al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri
... Formerly second in command of al-Qaeda, now the head cheese, occasionally described as the real brains of the outfit. Formerly the Mister Big of Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Bumped off Abdullah Azzam with a car boom in the course of one of their little disputes. Is thought to have composed bin Laden's fatwa entitled World Islamic Front Against Jews and Crusaders. Currently residing in the North Wazoo area assuming he's not dead like Mullah Omar. He lost major face when he ordered the nascent Islamic State to cease and desist and merge with the orthodx al-Qaeda spring, al-Nusra...
in the port city of Bloody Karachi
...formerly the capital of Pakistain, now merely its most important port and financial center. It is among the largest cities in the world, with a population of 18 million, most of whom hate each other and many of whom are armed and dangerous...
after he survived a US dronezap near the Afghan border in 2016, according to a report.

The report said that if Pakistani political leaders “cannot, or refuse to, bring the ISI under control and turn over al-Zawahiri, Hamza bin Laden and other militant figures, Washington could go nuclear on Pakistan—diplomatically speaking—by declaring it a state sponsor of terrorism”.

American experts believe al-Qaeda remains a “potent force with the ambition and capability to launch another spectacular attack” against the US. Riedel pointed to a 2014 plot by al-Qaeda to place sympathisers on a Pakistani frigate, hijack it and use it to “attack American naval ships in the Indian Ocean, or maybe Indian ships, or maybe both”.

An unnamed Western diplomat said al-Qaeda remains interested a carrying out attacks “related to airlines”.

-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-: Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 19 Comments 291 words Read the whole thing on page 6
[INDEPENDENT.CO.UK] Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'
Their candidate lost, y'see.
Trump Signs an Executive Order to Reduce Tax Regulatory Burdens

Trump to hold rally on night of White House Correspondents Dinner

Trump to unveil tax cut he says could be biggest ever

Trump awards Purple Heart to wounded service member at Walter Reed

Trump meets with Egyptian aid worker released from Cairo jail

HuffPost Blogger Says Trump Supporters ‘Deserve to Die More Than I Do'
“San Francisco might not be at the top of the target list,” Call asserted, “but I’m betting it’s higher up than some s**thole town in Nebraska.”

“In fact,” Call noted, “the majority of states where Trump supporters continue to wear their red “MAGA” (Make American Great Again) caps and give a solid thumbs up to the putrid dumpster fire of an administration he’s been running so far don’t contain a single town where a ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ would even stop to take a s**t in a Walmart bathroom, let alone one that a crazed North Korean leader would want to nuke into oblivion.“
#1: And how is that different than the harpy that ran against him?

Or Obumble and his delusions of grandeur?

Go eat a dick "experts". We don't need or want you.
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2017-04-23 00:02 ||Comments

#2: Grandma and Grandpa were watching a healing service on television.

The evangelist called to all who wanted to be healed to go to their television set, place one hand on the TV and the other hand on the body part they wanted to be healed.

Grandma got up and slowly hobbled to the television set, placed her right hand on the set and her left hand on her arthritic shoulder that was causing her great pain. Then Grandpa got up, went to the TV, placed his right hand on the set and his left hand on his crotch.

Grandma scowled at him and said, "The purpose of doing this is to heal the sick, not raise the dead." - Unknown
Posted by: Blossom Unains5562|| 2017-04-23 00:28 ||Comments

#3: Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union

"A crime is a deviation from generally recognized standards of behavior frequently caused by mental disorder. Can there be diseases, nervous disorders among certain people in a Communist society? Evidently yes. If that is so, then there will also be offences, which are characteristic of people with abnormal minds. Of those who might start calling for opposition to Communism on this basis, we can say that clearly their mental state is not normal." Nikita Khrushchev, May 24, 1959

There was systematic political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union, based on the interpretation of political opposition or dissent as a psychiatric problem. It was called "psychopathological mechanisms" of dissent.

During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used to disable and remove from society political opponents ("dissidents") who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted the official dogma.[4][5] The term "philosophical intoxication", for instance, was widely applied to the mental disorders diagnosed when people disagreed with the country's Communist leaders and, by referring to the writings of the Founding Fathers of Marxism–Leninism—Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin—made them the target of criticism.

Posted by: Slineque Hatrack6743|| 2017-04-23 00:32 ||Comments

#4: So Trump is delusional because half the country thinks he is Hitler? Yeah, that makes complete sense.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2017-04-23 01:12 ||Comments

#5: Right. These are the people who decide if your kid should be put on Ritalin.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2017-04-23 02:58 ||Comments

#6: I blame the past eight years and the reality of Obama. Yes, pardon me whilst I embrace the current delusion.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 04:35 ||Comments

#7: Projection.
Posted by: Hupaitch Glack5068|| 2017-04-23 05:22 ||Comments

#8: And that diagnosis is based on exactly what?
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:10 ||Comments

#9: #8 And that diagnosis is based on exactly what? Fake experts who use pseudo science to push an agenda. They are trying to cloak their dislike for Trump with a phony diagnosis based on something they read in the fake news.
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:15 ||Comments

#10: Brain enema on aisle U
Posted by: M. Murcek|| 2017-04-23 08:38 ||Comments

#11: I agree, M. Murcek. Reading those killed a few brain cells I could ill afford to lose, so -- Spam Cop amd Smokey.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2017-04-23 10:39 ||Comments

#12: Give a dog a bad name so you can hang him. Analogous (in Islamic countries) to accusing someone of blasphemy in order to lynch him.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2017-04-23 10:43 ||Comments

#13: Are these the same people who brought us the implicit bias tool for measuring racism?
Posted by: charger|| 2017-04-23 11:03 ||Comments

#14: Political psychology has had a bad name since 1964 when several prominent psychiatrists pronounced Barry Goldwater crazy in the New York Times.

Twenty years later he was a moderate compared to Reagan and regained his sanity.

Posted by: Frozen Al|| 2017-04-23 13:07 ||Comments

#15: Any psychiatrist that makes a diagnosis based on the news should have their license revoked because they are an unserious charlatan.
Posted by: rjschwarz|| 2017-04-23 13:53 ||Comments

#16: Any psychiatrist that makes a diagnosis based on the news should have their license revoked because they are an unserious charlatan.

Whereas other psychiatrists are serious charlatans?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2017-04-23 13:58 ||Comments

#17: They're seriously charlatans.
Posted by: charger|| 2017-04-23 14:15 ||Comments

#18: So says a leftist, and we know leftism is a mental issue and far more dangerous than anything trump has.

Yer a TURD
Posted by: newc|| 2017-04-23 14:44 ||Comments


Savage obtained a PhD in 1978 from the University of California, Berkeley, in nutritional ethnomedicine but somehow I have a little more trust in his diagnosis.
Posted by: Abu Uluque|| 2017-04-23 15:03 ||Comments

-Short Attention Span Theater-: Michelle Obama An Egyptian Queen In New South Side Mural
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 13 Comments 305 words Read the whole thing on page 6
[DNAINFO] A reliably Democrat Chicago, aka The Windy City or Mobtown
... home of Al Capone, a succession of Daleys, Barak Obama, and Rahm Emmanuel,...
artist has finished a colorful mural of Michelle Obama that features the former first lady as an Egyptian queen, but the project is being criticized for not crediting the original artist who created the work the mural is based on.

The mural project, spearheaded by artist Chris Devins of Hyde Park, was completed Friday on the southeast corner of Chappel Avenue and 74th Street in South Shore. That's two blocks from the former first lady's childhood home at 7436 S. Euclid Ave. and across the street from Bouchet Elementary, which she attended when it was known as Bryn Mawr School.

"I wanted to present her as what I think she is, so she's clothed as an Egyptian queen. I thought that was appropriate," Devins said Friday evening.
The cheek of that cultural appropriator! Did he ask any real Egyptians what they thought of seeing an Obama dressed up in their ancient history? For shame!
Devins launched a GoFundMe campaign in November to create the mural on the outside of Bouchet School, but the mural was put on an apartment building instead.

"The purpose of this mural is to give today's children someone they can literally look up to and to celebrate Mrs. Obama's life and accomplishments during the last 8 years as First Lady of the United States," the GoFundMe stated.
#1: Can someone mod the 'African princess' .gif by pasting the moose's face on it?
Posted by: Skidmark|| 2017-04-23 00:29 ||Comments

#2: No connection to the current subject, but, Egyptians had a lot of beast-headed Gods - didn't they?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2017-04-23 02:47 ||Comments

#3: Not a very accurate likeness. Far too congenial I'm afraid.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 04:42 ||Comments

#4: Ain't that special?
Posted by: JohnQC|| 2017-04-23 08:08 ||Comments

#5: Queen of Denial™
Posted by: Frank G|| 2017-04-23 08:15 ||Comments

#6: Better get private security for them the State Department might try and kidnap her and send her on a mission to Libya to woo the new leader out of something so a bunch of cluster fuck idiots can invade !
Posted by: Crinegum Ulaigum2776|| 2017-04-23 08:22 ||Comments

#7: Somehow everything described in the article and the concept of culture seem, uh, divergent to me...
Posted by: M. Murcek|| 2017-04-23 08:30 ||Comments

#8: If dey wanna sumpin appeal to the local youfs, a pair of bassetbaw shoes or some 9mm shell casings will do...
Posted by: M. Murcek|| 2017-04-23 08:34 ||Comments

#9: Queen Crappylunchia?
Posted by: gorb|| 2017-04-23 10:25 ||Comments

#10: I didn't look, but it must be a yyuuggee wall.
Posted by: AlmostAnonymous5839|| 2017-04-23 12:13 ||Comments

#11: Elevating marxist trailer trash moochers.
Posted by: newc|| 2017-04-23 14:36 ||Comments

#12: Elevating marxist trailer trash moochers.
Posted by newc

Apologies are in order. An obvious insult to marxist trailer trash moochers.
Posted by: Besoeker|| 2017-04-23 14:45 ||Comments

#13: A mural right next to Hilarity's
Posted by: Skidmark|| 2017-04-23 15:16 ||Comments

-Lurid Crime Tales-: 2nd doctor, wife arrested in genital mutilation case
Posted by Fred 04/23/2017  00:00 0 Comments 667 words Read the whole thing on page 3
The local angle and additional details on this story from yesterday.
[DETROITNEWS] Federal agents placed in durance vile
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!
a second doctor and his wife Friday in a widening conspiracy involving female genital mutilation and members of a Moslem sect.

Dr. Fakhruddin Attar is accused of letting Dr. Jumana Nagarwala perform mutilations at his Burhani Medical Clinic on Farmington Road. His wife, office manager Farida Attar, also was arrested and is accused of helping Nagarwala perform the mutilations, according to a 14-page complaint unsealed Friday in federal court.

The arrests are the latest development in the nation’s first female genital mutilation case, which is providing insight into a small, insular Moslem community in Metro bankrupt, increasingly impoverished, reliably Democrat, Detroit
... ruled by Democrats since 1962. A city whose Golden Age included the Purple Gang...
and an illegal procedure performed on maidens.

The complaint solves a mystery stemming from the case by pinpointing where Nagarwala allegedly mutilated two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota earlier this year. The complaint also describes a conspiracy involving at least Nagarwala, Attar and his wife -- all three are members of the Dawoodi Bohra religious community based locally out of a Farmington Hills mosque.
Are they providing this service only to young girls of their sect, or to anyone interested?
Attar, 52, and his 50-year-old wife were arraigned in federal court Friday afternoon and ordered jugged
Drop the rosco, Muggsy, or you're one with the ages!
until a detention hearing Wednesday. Both were dressed in the distinctive attire of Dawoodi Bohra members -- he wore a white cap with gold trim, while his wife wore a long teal dress and head covering with pink fringe.

"Dr. Attar is not aware of any crimes committed at his clinic," defense lawyer Mary Chartier told news hounds outside court. "This is frightening for them and terrifying."
The poor dears. Running headlong into cultural differences that cause one's neighbours to look at one with disgust as the police cart one off to prison can be so upsetting, especially when one has been hiding it from general view for exactly that reason.
She criticized the government for waiting until Friday to arrest the doctor.
"It’s classic gamesmanship by the government, knowing they would spend the weekend in jug," she said. "I’m not surprised the government would pull that stunt."

Gina Balaya, the U.S. Attorney’s Office spokeswoman, said prosecutors were prepared to hold a detention hearing Friday, during which U.S. Magistrate Judge David Grand could have decided whether to release the couple on bond.

"As reflected in open court, it was at the request of the defense that the hearing be set for Wednesday," Balaya told The News.