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Suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack killed in Milan police shootout: Official
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Good morning
Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [359 views] Top|| File under:

#1  One of my favorite actresses, Fred.

Posted by: Mullah Richard || 12/23/2016 13:18 Comments || Top||

Deadly attacks foiled in Kabul city, suicide bombing vests, explosives seized: NDS
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The Afghan intelligence operatives foiled a series of deadly attacks in capital Kabul
...the capital of Afghanistan. Home to continuous fighting from 1992 to 1996 between the forces of would-be strongman and Pak ISI/Jamaat-e-Islami sock puppet Gulbuddin Hekmayar and the Northern Alliance, a period which won Hek the title Most Evil Man in the World and didn't do much for the reputations of the Northern Alliance guys either....
by seizing some suicide kaboom vests along with several other types of weapons and explosives.

The National Directorate of Security
...the Afghan national intel agency...
(NDS) said the operatives of the agency seized at least three suicide kaboom vests, six magnetic bombs, an improvised bomb, six mobile sets to be used in kabooms, six hand grenades, two remote controls, 70 rounds of pistol ammunition, and several other types of explosives.

NDS further added that the explosives and boom jackets were confiscated from the vicinity of 7th police district of the city and were defused.

According to NDS, the bully boyz were looking to use the explosives for a series of deadly attacks in Kabul city.

No further details were given regarding the potential targets of the attacks.

The anti-government armed Death Eater groups have not commented regarding the report so far.

This comes as the anti-government armed bully boyz have been attempting to stage attacks in key cities of the country, including capital Kabul during the recent weeks.

A coordinated attack was launched on the guesthouse of an Afghan politician late on Wednesday night that left several people dead or maimed.

Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [246 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

5 Taliban leaders critically injured in premature bomb explosion
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] At least five leaders of the Taliban group were maimed in a premature bomb kaboom in eastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the incident took place in the vicinity of Duab district after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) went off prematurely.

MoD further added that the maimed Taliban leaders have been identified as Qari Mohammad Hanif, Salahuddin, Juma, Mohammad Shah, and Dad Mohammad.

According to MoD, the Taliban leaders have sustained serious injuries in the kaboom.

Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [272 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Militants suffer casualties in Kunduz air and artillery srikes: MoD
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The anti-government armed forces of Evil suffered casualties in air and artillery strikes in northern Kunduz province. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the operations were conducted in the villages of Defense Tapa Akhtar, Tasisat, Janat Bagh, and central parts of Kunduz city. MoD further added that at least 22 forces of Evil were maimed in the air and artillery strikes.
Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [253 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Pakistan resumes shelling in Kandahar, Kunar provinces of Afghanistan
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The Pak military has resumed artillery shelling in southern Kandahar and eastern Kunar province
... which is right down the road from Chitral. Kunar is Haqqani country.....
s of Afghanistan as Afghanistan summons the country’s ambassador to lodge a protest over indiscriminate shelling.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MoFA) said the Pak Ambassador to Afghanistan Syed Abrar Hussain was summoned over the recent artillery shelling from the side of Durand Line by Pak military and militia forces over Maruf district of Kandahar and Sarkanu district of Kunar.

MoFA further added that a formal protest was lodged over the shelling with the head of the first political department Musfa Arifi warning that the shelling in such a sensitive time when the relations between the two countries has been witnessing an all time low, could prove provocative and further ignite tensions.

The indiscriminate shelling by Pak military stopped with the formation of the new Afghan government, National Unity Government, led by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
...former chancellor of Kabul University, now president of Afghanistan. Before returning to Afghanistan in 2002 he was a scholar of political science and anthropology. He worked at the World Bank working on international development assistance. As Finance Minister of Afghanistan between July 2002 and December 2004, he led Afghanistan's attempted economic recovery until the Karzais stole all the money. ..
and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah
... the former foreign minister of the Northern Alliance government, advisor to Masood, and candidate for president against Karzai. Dr. Abdullah was born in Kabul and is half Tadjik and half Pashtun...
in late 2014.

The Pak military continued to fire artillery shells in eastern provinces that caused heavy casualties and losses to the local residents of the eastern provinces.

Although the Pak officials rejected shelling the Afghan soil however on some occasions they admitted that the shelling were done to respond to bully boyz activities along the Durand Line.

This comes as the Afghan and Pak border forces have engaged in deadly festivities along the Durand Line during the past several months, mainly due to irresponsible movements by Pak border forces along the line, as claimed by the Afghan officials.

Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [241 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistan

Suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack killed in Milan police shootout: Official
The Tunisian man suspected of driving a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin was killed early Friday in a shootout with police in Milan, ending a Europe-wide manhunt, Italy's interior minister said.

Checks conducted after the shootout showed "the person killed, without a shadow of a doubt, is Anis Amri, the suspect of the terrorist attack," Interior Minister Marco Minniti said.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Monday attack in Berlin, which killed 12 and injured 56 others.
Anis Amri

The wanted photo issued by German federal police on Dec. 21, 2016 shows 24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri, who is suspected of being involved in the fatal attack on the Christmas market in Berlin on Dec. 19, 2016. (AP)

Amri, who had spent time in prison in Italy, was stopped by two officers during a routine police check in the Sesto San Giovanni neighborhood of Milan early Friday. He pulled a gun from his backpack after being asked to show his identity papers and was killed in the ensuing shootout.

One of the two officers was shot by Amri and is in the hospital, but his condition is not life-threatening, Minniti said. The other officer fatally shot Amri.

It was unclear how and when Amri traveled from Berlin to Milan. German authorities issued a Europe-wide wanted notice for him on Wednesday, two days after the attack.
Posted by: Frank G || 12/23/2016 07:23 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1150 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  Good job on the Italian cops.
Posted by: DarthVader || 12/23/2016 7:57 Comments || Top||

#2  Milan? Not surprising. Beginning in the early nineteen nineties its major mosque and Islamic Center became directly involved in the movement of funds, arms and men to Al Qaeda. The city remains a notorious center of Islamist activity.
Posted by: Heriberto Greper9897 || 12/23/2016 8:52 Comments || Top||

#3  ...Glad they got the bastard. Also convenient.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski || 12/23/2016 9:46 Comments || Top||

#4  What a nice Christmas present for the world..
Posted by: Warthog || 12/23/2016 9:49 Comments || Top||

#5  Very convenient.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 12/23/2016 10:40 Comments || Top||

#6  "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line"!
Posted by: Green Steve || 12/23/2016 10:48 Comments || Top||

#7  Very convenient.

My spider-sense is tingling. Something is hinky about this.
Posted by: SteveS || 12/23/2016 10:52 Comments || Top||

#8  Dead men tell no tales
Posted by: Frank G || 12/23/2016 11:28 Comments || Top||

#9  He's dead, Jim.
Posted by: Dr. McCoy || 12/23/2016 11:31 Comments || Top||

#10  The first name of one of the officers who stopped him is "Christian".
Posted by: Jeremiah and Tenille5419 || 12/23/2016 11:49 Comments || Top||

#11  Another Jihaidi who left his ID in the truck. You have every right to be suspicious. But a win is a win.
Posted by: Regular joe || 12/23/2016 14:28 Comments || Top||

#12  I love a happy ending.
Posted by: Barbara || 12/23/2016 15:49 Comments || Top||

#13  Obama/Mainstream press still will not state a cause for the attack.

Despite this pledge of his released by ISIS.

Yet they jump all over the Delta hoaxer in a heartbeat.

Our mainstream press has become the enemy.
Posted by: Injun Bucket8891 || 12/23/2016 16:02 Comments || Top||

#14  Yup. A dead mutt is a good mutt.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike || 12/23/2016 16:14 Comments || Top||

#15  insh'allah, putz.
Posted by: Sonny Spolugum9932 || 12/23/2016 16:52 Comments || Top||

#16  "Our mainstream press has become the enemy"

Become, #13 IB?
Posted by: Barbara || 12/23/2016 21:08 Comments || Top||

Released Pakistani goes missing in Germany
[DAWN] Naveed Baloch -- the Pak asylum seeker who was detained in Berlin for his suspected involvement in a deadly assault in which 12 people died early this week, and who was said to have been released late on Tuesday for lack of evidence against him -- has neither contacted his family nor reached the refugee shelter in the German capital where he was living.

Naveed’s father Hassan Baloch told Dawn on Wednesday that his son had gone missing. He said he had not been contacted by Naveed even though media reports said his son had been set free by the Berlin police on Tuesday night.

When contacted, a Baloch activist in Berlin, Wajid Baloch, confirmed that Naveed had yet to reach the refugee shelter where he was living prior to his detention.

His mobile phone had been switched off, Wajid said. He said he was in contact with the head of the refugee shelter.

Hassan said his son used to work on a daily wage basis in the local fishing industry. "Out of frustration and fed up with unemployment, my son went to Germany 17 months ago," he said.

Hassan lives in Kech district of Balochistan
...the Pak province bordering Kandahar and Uruzgun provinces in Afghanistan and Sistan Baluchistan in Iran. Its native Baloch propulation is being displaced by Pashtuns and Punjabis and they aren't happy about it...

The Daily Mail has a good deal more about the illiterate, mentally unfit Balochi, who needs his cousin to take care of him... according to the cousin.
Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [432 views] Top|| File under: Moslem Colonists

#1  Maybe he's setting up to drop something on one of the upcoming Bundesliga games next month? Big bang for the buck there.
Posted by: Raj || 12/23/2016 0:24 Comments || Top||

#2  Klaus, you've lost another Pakistani?
Posted by: SteveS || 12/23/2016 0:43 Comments || Top||

#3  Probably returned to his luxury apartment in Brussels courtesy of the EU and some Saudi or Qatari donations.
Posted by: AlanC || 12/23/2016 7:16 Comments || Top||

#4  im w/ Raj on his thinking of a setup for another boom; i think he had a part go play in the market attack: first as an observer to ensure it sent down as planned , then as a decoy to giv e the perp time to flee. and since 'this time' he was clean the coppers had to let him go
Posted by: USN, Ret. || 12/23/2016 18:15 Comments || Top||

#5  **golf clap**, #2 Steve. :-D
Posted by: Barbara || 12/23/2016 21:12 Comments || Top||

3 LeT militants flee from cordon in Hajan
[Daily Excelsior] Three forces of Evil of Lashkar-e-Taiba
...the Army of the Pure, an Ahl-e-Hadith terror organization founded by Hafiz Saeed. LeT masquerades behind the Jamaat-ud-Dawa facade within Pakistain and periodically blows things up and kills people in India. Despite the fact that it is banned, always an interesting concept in Pakistain, the organization remains an blatant tool and perhaps an arm of the ISI...
(LeT) fled from cordon in Hajan area of Bandipora district this morning after locals pelted stones at security forces.

On a tip of about presence of three forces of Evil of LeT hiding in a house in Parray Mohalla Hajin, Army’s 13 Rashtriya Rifles, Special Operations Group (SOG) Bandipora and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) cordoned it of at around 6:30 a.m.

The forces of Evil who were hiding in the village were identified as Musaib, Maviya and Khitab, all Paks, who infiltrated into Kashmire this year and are operating in this area for past few months. Security forces have been tracking them for last few months in the area.

Reports said that as the security forces cordoned of the village and the house where forces of Evil were hiding, locals pelted stones on them and facilitated fleeing of the three Lion of Islams.

Militants also fired several rounds at the security forces before fleeing. However,
denial ain't just a river in Egypt...
security forces fired tear smoke to disperse the protesters. They later called of the operation to prevent collateral damage.

In the meantime, police fired several rounds in air after they found suspicious movement of forces of Evil in Shuhama area of Ganderbal district this evening.

Reports said that police received information about presence of forces of Evil in Shuhama area of Ganderbal district this evening. As a police party reached the spot, they asked two persons to stop, who fled and police fired to stop them. However,
denial ain't just a river in Egypt...
they escaped, Police party later conducted searches in the area. However,
denial ain't just a river in Egypt...
no one was jugged
Book 'im, Mahmoud!
Security forces have been receiving reports of Lion of Islam movement in the area for last one month. The security patrolling in the area has been intensified.

Police this afternoon issued high alert in Pulwama after driver of a van bearing registration number JK13 ‐ 8478 reported to the Police Station Pulwama that a group of gunnies took away his vehicle at Tengpuna on the outskirts of Pulwama town and boarded it. However,
denial ain't just a river in Egypt...
after all the security force camps were alerted, an Army unit informed the police that it were their troops who took away the vehicle. The vehicle was later recovered by police and handed over to the owner.
Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [253 views] Top|| File under: Lashkar e-Taiba

Iraqi militia finds ISIS hideouts in Baqubah
Diyala (IraqiNews.com) Commander of the 110th brigade of al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia, Haider Ali al-Haideri, announced on Thursday discovering three hideouts belonging to the Islamic State, near Naft Khana area, northeast of Baqubah.

Haidari said in a press statement, “Forces from al-Hashd al-Shaabi’s 110th brigade discovered three hideouts belonging to the Islamic State, during extensive search operations in Hamrin Mountains, near Naft Khana area.”

“The hideouts were used by the Islamic State’s militants for hiding,” he explained. “The 110th brigade continues searching Hamrin Mountains for more hideouts,” he further added.

Yesterday, the 110th brigade announced, that its forces found a mysterious runway in Hamrin Mountains.
Posted by: badanov || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [297 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Kirkuk Kombat Chronicle
Airstrikes cause 17 casualties amongst ISIS Turbans near Kirkuk

Kirkuk (IraqiNews.com) Seventeen Islamic State fighters were either killed or wounded Thursday in airstrikes by US-led coalition forces west of Kirkuk, a security source has reported on condition of anonymity.

The source told Alsumaria News that fighter jets bombed Taza, al-Rashad and Daqouq south and southwest of Kirkuk, killing five militants and injuring 122.

The airstrikes were carried out based on Iraqi intelligence information, the source explained.

ISIS fighters have been in control over several regions in southwestern Kirkuk since the group proclaimed a self-styled ”Islamic Caliphate” in several Iraqi cities in 2014. The group has used those locations as launching points for its attacks on Kirkuk and Salahuddin. Preparations are underway for a joint campaign by security and popular forces to retake those regions.

Battles between Iraqi government forces and IS in Mosul and Kirkuk have forced at least 125.000 people to flee homes to refugee camps.

Airstrike destroys ISIS war council in Kirkuk

Kirkuk (IraqiNews.com) Al-Hashd al-Shaabi’s leader Jabbar al-Maamouri announced on Thursday, that an air strike targeted the so-called “War Council” in Hawija district, southwest of Kirkuk, and killed two elite leaders of the Islamic State.

Maamouri said in a press statement, “Yesterday, an air strike bombarded a meeting of the so-called War Council of the Islamic State in Hawija district, southwest of Kirkuk.”

“The air strike was very successful, and killed a number of the Islamic State’s leaders, including two assistants of IS Wali of Kirkuk,” Maamouri added.

“The War Council was invented by the extremist group to synchronize between the efforts of its leaders against joint security forces and al-Hashd al-Shaabi,” Maamouri further added.

“The people of Hawija are cooperating with security forces, as well as providing them with information about the headquarters and hideouts of the Islamic State,” he explained.

The self-proclaimed Islamic State group is controlling the district of Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, since June 2014.
Posted by: badanov || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [287 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Mosul Offensive News
Iraqi MoD could call Iraqi militia to eastern Mosul

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi military officials are considering to seek backup from Shia-led al-Hashd al-Shaabi militias to embolden forces in the eastern region of Mosul against Islamic State militants, a newspaper has said.

Worked out by continuous battles and fierce resistance from IS in eastern Mosul, the forces may receive backup from certain militias operating under al-Hashd al-Shaabi’s flag, London-based The New Arab newspaper reported, quoting officials close to Mosul operations command.

Iraqi government forces, backed by al-Hashd al-Shaabi and US-led air forces, launched a wide-scale military campaign mid October to retake Mosul: IS’s last major stronghold in Iraq. Government forces are fighting on the eastern shore of the Tigris River, recapturing almost 50 percent of that region since then, according to security officials. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Wednesday forces recaptured 5600 sq km out of a total space of 7600 sq km of the province of Nineveh. Al-Hashd al-Shaabi has been, meanwhile, fighting the group in the western region, claiming to have isolated IS’s hideouts there from both Syria and Iraq.

But, as admitted by military media, progress in battles at the east slowed down over the past week. That is reportedly due to bad weather conditions and the density of the targeted districts.

A senior officer at the Ministry of Defense told The New Arab that the government has begun discussions over recalling nearly 5000 fighters from al-Hashd who are currently deployed near the strategic IS stronghold of Tal Afar in the west. “Most of al-Hashd groups agree to that, but some others refuse to join as part of military or police forces, and have declined to get government forces uniforms as was the case in previous occasions,” the officer said.

The officer admitted that al-Hashd militias are more accustomed to guerrilla-style battles, adding that though government forces enjoy an air cover from US-led forces, that support does not resolve the battle on the ground.

Reda Allawi, a senior commander at al-Hashd al-Shaabi, said their participation in the Mosul battle has become “very likely”. He told the newspaper that the battle there “needs intervention by paramilitary forces because the army is obviously dragging inside districts”.

He, however, conditioned that such an intervention must be officially declared. “The government should not appease Washington by again putting the army or federal police label on us,” as he put it, referring to concerns voiced by the US and other world bodies of al-Hashd’s involvement into the liberation battles.

On Monday, Iraqi President Fuad Masum approved a law passed by parliament in November that turned al-Hashd al-Shaabi from a paramilitary to national force.The passing of the long-debated bill came amid intense objections from Sunni groups within the parliament who feared the law would grant the militia unchecked powers, and therefore stoke sectarian tensions.

Al-Hashd al-Shaabi was formed by a decree from Iraq’s top Shia clergy to combat the Islamic State militants who took over many regions of Iraq in 2014. The militia is currently engaged in fighting against ISIS on the side of the Iraqi government forces, and its involvement in the liberation of areas inhabited by Sunnis has aroused international and local fears of sectarian twists.

The law counts al-Hashd al-Shaabi as part of the national armed forces and subject to its supreme commander. Its text says personnel affiliated with the force should be disconnected with any other political, social or partisan affiliations. It gives an exclusive mandate to the supreme commander of the armed forces to decide on the distribution and deployment of the force among provinces.

4 UN workers die in mortar attack in Mosul

(Reuters) Four Iraqi aid workers and at least seven civilians were killed by indiscriminate mortar fire this week during aid distribution in two separate incidents in eastern Mosul, the United Nations said on Thursday.

A U.N. statement did not assign blame for the attacks, but Islamic State militants retreating from the Iraqi military’s offensive in the northern city have repeatedly shelled “liberated” areas, killing or wounding scores of residents fleeing in the opposite direction.

The operation in Mosul, the jihadists’ last major stronghold in Iraq, has retaken a quarter of the city but the troops’ advance has been slow and punishing. The U.S.-backed campaign launched by a 100,000-strong alliance of local forces on Oct. 17, has become the biggest in Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Lise Grande, U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, condemned the attacks as a violation of humanitarian principles.

“People waiting for aid are already vulnerable and need help. They should be protected, not attacked,” she said. “All parties to the conflict – all parties – have an obligation to uphold international humanitarian law and ensure that civilians survive and receive the assistance they need.”

The authorities do not release figures for civilian or military casualties, but medical officials have said dozens of people are wounded each day in the Mosul battle.
al-Manar sez the butcher's bill is at 11, but you now how those guys are:
Mortar fire killed 11 people including four aid workers as civilians gathered to receive assistance in the battleground Iraqi city of Mosul, the United Nations said on Thursday.

“According to initial reports, four aid workers and at least seven civilians queuing for emergency assistance in eastern Mosul city have been killed by indiscriminate mortar fire,” Lise Grande, UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, said in a statement.

“Within the last 48 hours, there have been two separate incidents” that also wounded up to 40 people, Grande said.

“People waiting for aid are already vulnerable and need help. They should be protected, not attacked,” she said, adding: “The killing of civilians and aid workers violates every humanitarian principle.”

Iraqi forces launched an operation on October 17 to retake Mosul, the country’s last city held by the Takfiri ISIL group, and have retaken areas on its eastern side.

The UN announcement came a day after Human Rights Watch said that IS was “indiscriminately” attacking civilians who refused to retreat along with the Takfiris in Mosul.

“Residents said (ISIL) members told them in person, by radio, and over mosque loudspeakers that those who stayed behind were ‘unbelievers’ and therefore valid targets along with the Iraqi and coalition forces,” the rights group said.

The terrorists have targeted civilians with mortars, explosives and gunfire, HRW said.

70 ISIS Bad Guys die in Mosul

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday killing of 70 members of the Islamic State, including senior leaders, by an air strike in Nineveh province, while also pointed out to the destruction of a cache of weapons and explosives laboratories in Anbar.

The ministry said in a press statement, “Iraqi Air Force, based on accurate intelligence information, bombarded a gathering of the Islamic State, south of Tal Abta area, killing 20 leaders and 50 members.”

“Iraqi Air Force also conducted several air strikes, destructing a cache of weapons and explosives and a laboratory for explosives manufacturing in Akashat desert, west of Anbar,” the statement added.

“The air strikes also destroyed an explosives laboratory in al-Sakra area, west of the province,” the statement explained.

The ministry also revealed that military intelligence directorate in coordination with the intelligence of the 16th brigade raided a headquarters of the Islamic State containing mortar shells and Katyusha rockets, as well as military gears in Shalat area, near Police Academy, north of Mosul.
Posted by: badanov || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [309 views] Top|| File under:

Baghdad Bomb and Bullet Bulletin: 4 die
4 die in double car bomb attack in Ouriage area

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Baghdad Operations Command announced on Wednesday, that four persons were wounded in a twin bombing, south of the capital.

Spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command, Brigadier General Saad Moen, said in a press statement, “Two explosive devices planted in one of popular markets in Ouriage area, south of Baghdad, exploded, resulting in the wounding of four citizens with several injuries.”

“Security forces cordoned off the area of incident, and transferred the wounded to a nearby hospital,” Moen added.

The capital, Baghdad, is witnessing several blasts using booby-trapped vehicles or explosive devices, in addition to separate attacks against civilians and security members from time to time.
Posted by: badanov || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [221 views] Top|| File under:

ISIL suicide car bombers kill at least 23 Iraqis
[Al Jazeera] Three suicide boom-mobiles driven by ISIS fighters killed at least 15 civilians and eight Iraqi coppers on Thursday in an eastern suburb of djinn-infested Mosul
... the home of a particularly ferocious and hairy djinn...
, a military statement said.

The attacks targeted Kokjali, a suburb that authorities said they had retaken from ISIS almost two months ago. A military front man told Rooters news agency the vehicle bombs went off in a market.

...back at the pie fight, Bella opened her mouth at precisely the wrong moment...
mortar fire killed 11 people - including four aid workers - as civilians gathered to receive assistance in the war-torn city of Mosul, the United Nations
...a formerly good idea gone bad...
said on Thursday.

Iraqi forces launched an operation on October 17 to retake Mosul - the country's last city held by Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) - and have retaken part of its eastern edge. But these areas are still exposed to deadly artillery attacks, suicide vehicle bombings, and sporadic gunfire.

"According to initial reports, four aid workers and at least seven civilians queueing for emergency assistance in eastern Mosul city have been killed by indiscriminate mortar fire," Lise Grande, UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, said in a statement.

"Within the last 48 hours, there have been two separate incidents", which also maimed as many as 40 people, she said.

Mahmud al-Sorchi, a front man for volunteer fighters from Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital, said mortar fire killed aid workers from a local organization called Faz3a.

The UN's Damian Rance told Al Jazeera it is still unknown who targeted the aid workers and civilians. But he said ISIS combatants retreating from the military offensive have repeatedly shelled areas after they are retaken by the army, killing or wounding scores of residents fleeing in the opposite direction.

"I do not think we will ever know for certain which party fired the mortar rounds on Thursday," said Rance, a UN communications officer based in Mosul.

"However given that Iraqi forces have not been using artillery in Mosul city, and given that it is likely that the mortar rounds came from probable ISIS held locations, the probability that the mortar rounds were fired by ISIS is high."

Mosul's civilians are increasingly being caught in the crossfire, Human Rights Watch said in a statement on Wednesday.

Posted by: Fred || 12/23/2016 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [240 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Palestinian shot dead throwing bomb at soldiers, army says
[IsraelTimes] Security forces attacked during operation to raze East Jerusalem home of terrorist who killed two in a shooting attack.

A Paleostinian was rubbed out overnight Wednesday by IDF soldiers in East Jerusalem, with the army saying he was targeted as he threw an improvised bomb at security forces, during an operation to destroy the home of a terrorist.

An IDF spokesperson said Thursday that during a clash, "suspects threw improvised bombs at soldiers, who responded by opening fire," killing the Paleostinian, identified by the Paleostinian health ministry as Ahmad al-Kharoubi, 19.

Security forces had arrived in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Kafr Aqab to demolish the home of terrorist Mesbah Abu Sabih.

As troops moved in, they came under fire and IEDs were thrown at them by rioters, the IDF said. There were no injuries to security forces.

The destruction of the apartment was carried out by smashing down walls and sealing off entrances and windows.

Sabih, 39, a former resident of al-Ram in the West Bank, killed two Israelis and injured six others when he opened fire on pedestrians near the capital’s Ammunition Hill. He was eventually rubbed out in a shootout with police on October 9, 2016.

Sabih was reportedly known to Israel Police as a suspected terrorist and member of Hamas, a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth", for several years. He had previously spent a year in jail for incitement and was due, on the day of the shooting, to report to an Israeli prison to serve a four-month sentence for assaulting a police officer in 2013.

In the two weeks prior to the attack, Sabih had been picked up and released by police five times and had been banned from entering East Jerusalem for one month, he told the Paleostinian Ma’an news agency.
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Arab MK arrested on suspicion of smuggling phones to terrorists
[IsraelTimes] Move comes after politician Basel Ghattas waves his immunity, insisting he has "total faith in my innocence, because I have nothing to hide."

Arab politician MK Basel Ghattas was nabbed
... anything you say can and will be used against you, whether you say it or not...
Thursday night on suspicion of smuggling cell phones, SIM cards, and coded messages to convicted forces of Evil serving time in Israel’s prisons.
Continued on Page 49
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Israel busts Hamas cell planning suicide bombings in Jerusalem, Haifa
A personnel chart with photos and names in Hebrew can be seen at the link.
[IsraelTimes] Shin Bet says 20-member West Bank network, including several ex-prisoners, was gearing up for terror attacks; 4 jacket wallahs were recruited.

Israeli security agents busted a 20-member Hamas, a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth", cell that was plotting suicide kabooms and shootings against Israeli citizens in major Israeli cities, including Jerusalem and Haifa, the Shin Bet disclosed on Thursday.

The internal security agency didn’t specify when the sting took place, only saying it occurred in recent months, incorporated various IDF units, and that the Hamas cell was in a state of "high readiness to carry out deadly suicide kabooms."

The Shin Bet said it tossed in the calaboose
Drop the rosco, Muggsy, or you're one with the ages!
over 20 Hamas operatives from across the West Bank, many of whom had previously spent time in Israeli prisons for terrorism charges. The cell was "hierarchical and organized," the Shin Bet said, with various members involved in different aspects of planning the attacks.

The suspects told Sherlocks that between May and August 2016 they set up a lab in Nablus and produced nearly 15 pounds of TATP
...known affectionately as "Mother of Satan," it can easily be mixed up in the bathtub of your mother, but is very tempermental, exploding unpredictably in one's backpack just as one is waiting at the bus stop for the crowd to come out after the University of Oklahoma football game...
explosives intended for suicide kabooms in Jerusalem, Haifa and bus stations across the country.

They also obtained M-16 rifles for attacks on Israeli civilians, and enlisted four suicide bombers. The terror cell was supported by a broad network of supporters who assisted in acquiring and storing weapons, transferring funds and hiding wanted persons.

The terror network was foiled before it could carry out attacks, the Shin Bet said in the statement.

"This investigation shows, once again, the great efforts made by the terrorist organization Hamas to establish infrastructure in the West Bank with the aim of carrying out attacks against Israel," it said.

On December 8, the Shin Bet announced that Israeli security forces broke up a Hamas terror cell that was plotting to kidnap IDF soldiers in the Hebron area in October. Six members of the seven-person cell were arrested throughout the month of October, and a number of assault rifles and pistols were also found and confiscated, the Shin Bet security service said. The seventh member and alleged criminal mastermind of the cell, Ibrahaim Abdallah Ghnimat, is accused of planning the kidnapping operations from a prison cell, as he is currently serving a life sentence for his role in a slew of terror attacks in the 1990s, including the kidnapping and murder of an IDF soldier, Sharon Edri.
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Female IDF Soldier Fights Off 23 Terrorists in Ambush Attack
Today's rousing feel-good story. Hat tip Instapundit.
Captain Or Ben-Yehuda of the Israeli Defense Forces has cemented a legacy that will endure well past her lifetime. The young, decorated IDF Captain was in charge of a company of soldiers when they were violently attacked by nearly two dozen terrorists near the Egyptian border. Due to her leadership and bravery, she and her men were able to survive.

Captain Ben-Yehuda was in charge of the Caracal Battalion which was stationed near the Israeli / Egyptian border. Three suspicious vehicles quickly approached the battalion’s position and Captain Ben-Yehuda along with a driver went to check them out. As they approached the first vehicle, nearly two dozen armed men opened fire on their position in an ambush attack. Both Captain Ben-Yehuda and her driver were immediately shot in the volley of gunfire.

Despite suffering from a gunshot wound, Captain Ben-Yehuda managed to get on the radio and call for backup, administer first aid to her driver and return several magazines worth of gunfire back at her attackers.

Backup, in the form of several vehicles full of IDF soldiers, arrived on scene, the wounded Captain commanded the responding soldiers and positioned her men to effectively fight back the terrorists.

At this point it was obvious the IDF was going to be able to push back the armed group, and medical personnel wanted to evacuate Captain Ben-Yehuda to treat her gunshot wounds. However, she was unwilling to leave the battlefield until all of the fighting was done.

For her actions and bravery, Captain Ben-Yehuda was awarded Israel’s highest honor, the Medal of Valor.

After she recovered from her injuries, a special awards ceremony was held in which a surprise guest showed up, Captain Ben-Yehuda’s mother. A decorated IDF soldier in her own right, she presented the award to her daughter. Her mother, Emma Dina Ben-Yehuda, was a decorated IDF officer who served in the Yom Kippur War. She was also honored later for her work with grieving families of IDF soldiers killed in the line of duty.
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#1  You realize this is a story from 2014?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 12/23/2016 2:32 Comments || Top||

#2  I thought pictures were required for all stories pertaining to Israeli female soldiers.
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ISIS Top Turban now Pining for the Fjords near Palmyra
Homs – A US-led coalition airstrike has killed at least seven Islamic State (ISIS) militants, including the group’s military commander in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. Local activists reported that the air raid occurred on Thursday and targeted an ISIS convoy in the vicinity of Palmyra city, east of Homs Governorate.

ISIS commander Amr As’ad, also known as al-Mukahal, was killed along with six other militants in the airstrike. Al-Mukahal was leading ISIS operations in Palmyra.

“The convoy was heading from Palmyra city to the T4 Military Airport in the eastern countryside of Homs when a US airstrike targeted them,” media activist Amro al-Hussein told ARA News.

“The death of al-Mukahal was another blow to the Islamic State,” al-Hussein said.

This comes amid intensifying fighting between ISIS militants and the Syrian Army forces over the T4 airbase.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Army repulsed an Islamic State offensive, driving the jihadists away from the T4 Military Airport. The extremist group had tried to storm the airbase earlier in the day, bombarding it with Grad rockets and mortar shells.

The Islamic State recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra on December 11. Military sources confirmed the rout, reporting that the army had been forced to withdraw under fire.

On December 16, aircraft of the US-led coalition destroyed 14 ISIS tanks and other equipment captured near Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, which was recently taken from regime forces by ISIS. During the operation, 16 Coalition aircraft fired 22 munitions destroying 22 targets.

The group seized the tanks and other military hardware from Tiyas Military Airfield near Palmyra, between 11-13 Dec after the withdrawal of the Syrian regime forces. The US-led coalition doesn’t want these tanks to pose a threat to the coalition forces.

Russia had supported the Syrian Army in Palmyra, with airstrikes and logistical support but their efforts were apparently insufficient to save the city.

Western analysts suggest the Syrian Army and Russia were not well-prepared for an ISIS offensive on Palmyra, and focused all their resources on retaking the city of Aleppo from the Syrian rebels, this while ISIS needed a victory after facing several defeats at the hands of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi Army in Iraq, and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Manbij and near Raqqa.

“Regarding ISIS retaking Palmyra… if the Russians and the regime don’t strike it, we will,” the coalition’s commanding general Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend said last week.

ISIS first took over Palmyra in May 2015, following a protracted battle with regime forces. The Islamic State’s occupation was exceptionally harsh, even by the standards of Syria’s 5-year-long conflict.
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Islamic State: Gazan suicide bomber targeted Turkish troops
[IsraelTimes] Jihadist group names Paleostinian ’Abu Osama’ as attacker who killed 14 in Syria attack.

The Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group said Thursday that a man from Gazoo was responsible for a deadly suicide kaboom against Turkish soldiers the day before in northern Syria.

An IS blurb identified the man only as the Gazook "Abu Osama."

A total of 14 Turkish soldiers were killed and 33 maimed in the attack.

It came as the military was backing Syrian rebels seeking to take the town of al-Bab from bully boys, the Turkish army said.

IS released an image of the alleged jacket wallah through its media.
A photo of the beautifully garbed and groomed cannon fodder can be seen grinning at the link.
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Syria's government recaptures all of Aleppo city
[Al Jazeera] The Syrian army announced the country's second city Aleppo has been fully recaptured from rebel fighters, the government's biggest victory in the nearly six-year civil war.

The last group of rebels and their families holed up in a small enclave in eastern Aleppo were evacuated on Thursday, under a deal that gives the army and its allies full control of the ancient city after years of fighting.

"Thanks to the blood of our heroic deaders, the heroic deeds and sacrifices of our armed forces and the allied forces, and the steadfastness of our people, the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces announces the return of security and stability to Aleppo," said a military statement read by an army general on state television.
... and if you can't believe state television who can you believe?
The statement said the victory in Aleppo is a "strategic transformation and a turning point in the war on terrorism and a deadly blow to the terrorist project and its supporters".

It is a further incentive, it added, to go on fighting to "eradicate terrorism and restore security and stability to every span of the homeland".

More buses leave Aleppo after delays
It represents a momentous victory for Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Scourge of Qusayr...
and a crushing defeat for Syria's opposition.

Western Aleppo erupted in celebratory gunfire seen on Syrian TV, which showed uniformed soldiers and civilians shouting slogans in support of Assad.

The announcement came shortly after state television
... and if you can't believe state television who can you believe?
reported that the last convoy carrying rebels and civilians had left eastern Aleppo.

"The last four buses carrying Lions of Islam and their families arrived in Ramussa", a district south of Aleppo controlled by government forces, the channel said.

Rebel evacuations were set in motion last week after Syria's opposition agreed to surrender its last footholds in eastern Aleppo. Since then, some 35,000 fighters and civilians have been bused out, according to the United Nations
...an organization conceived in the belief that we're just one big happy world, with the sort of results you'd expect from such nonsense...
Ahmed Qorra Ali, an official with the rebel group Ahrar al-Sham
...a Syria jihadi group made up of Islamists and salafists, not that there's that much difference, formed into a brigade. They make up the main element of the Islamic Front but they don't profess adoration of al-Qaeda and they've been fighting (mainly for survival) against the Islamic State. Their leadership was wiped out at a single blow by a suicide kaboom at a crowded basement meeting in September, 2014...
, confirmed "the last convoy has left the rebel-controlled area".

Earlier, the Red Thingy said more than 4,000 fighters had left rebel-held areas of the city in the "last stages" of the evacuation.

Rebel forces agreed to withdraw from the bastion after a month-long army offensive that drove them from more than 90 percent of their former territory.
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#1  From the pictures, it seems what is left of Aleppo would fit in a matchbox.
Posted by: gorb || 12/23/2016 1:48 Comments || Top||

ISIS savages upload a video of themselves burning two Turkis soldiers alive
[Daily Mail, Where America Gets Its News] ISIS savages have filmed themselves burning two Turkish soldiers alive having captured them in Aleppo.

A disturbing video shows two men with freshly-shaved heads dressed in seemingly fuel-doused camouflage army gear taken out of a cage and walked like dogs to their death by Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....

Standing barefoot in the middle of a desert, they are connected by the neck to a torched fuse which eventually engulfs their bodies in flames.

As news of the video reached The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
, the government shut down social media outlets to stop the victims' countrymen seeing the exectuion.

The 19-minute video released by ISIS in the Aleppo Province starts with footage of terrorists fighting on the ground.

At the end of the clip, two men are taken from a cage in the middle of the desert.

They are walked like dogs by two ISIS militants, who appear unmasked and wearing black clothing, brown suicide belts and carrying assault rifles.

A third terrorist stands guard.

The two men are made to stand a few feet from each other with their backs to a long fuse attached to their necks with a chain, which is ignited by one of the ISIS militants with the push of a button.

Flames make their way up the chain, which is intertwined with flammable material, and eventually the two men are set on fire.

The video, seen by MailOnline, shows the Turkish soldiers writhing on the floor in pain attempting to extinguish themselves, but it appears their clothes have been doused in fuel.

They eventually lose consciousness and burn to death.

It is understood the victims were Turkish soldiers captured in Aleppo.
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#1  Some cultures must be destroyed.
Posted by: Sgt.D.T. || 12/23/2016 21:04 Comments || Top||

#2  Some cultures just need bleach
Posted by: Frank G || 12/23/2016 22:21 Comments || Top||

#3  Bleach or ionizing radiation.
Posted by: SteveS || 12/23/2016 22:37 Comments || Top||

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