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Iran's Rouhani in Kuwait to soothe Gulf ties
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Large cache of ammunition, rockets, explosives seized in Nangarhar
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] A large cache of ammunition, rockets, and explosives was discovered and seized in eastern Nangarhar
The unfortunate Afghan province located adjacent to Mohmand, Kurram, and Khyber Agencies. The capital is Jalalabad. The province was the fief of Younus Khalis after the Soviets departed and one of his sons is the current provincial Taliban commander. Nangarhar is Haqqani country..
province of Afghanistan.

Provincial police front man Gen. Hazrat Hussain Mashriqwal said the cache was discovered during an operation in Behsud district.

He said the cache included 15 rounds of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and 250 rounds of various types of heavy and light ammunition, including rockets.

Mashriqwal further added that RPG rockets, BM-1 rocket, Dshk machine gun and various other types of bullets were seized by the security forces.

According to Mashriqwal, the operation was conducted by the Counter-terrorism Unit of Nangarhar police commandment.

The forces of Evil were looking to transfer the ammunition and explosives to Jalalabad city for a series of terrorist attacks, Mashriqwal added.

He said no suspect has been tossed in the clink
Maw! They're comin' to get me, Maw!
in connection to the discovery of the cache but an operation is underway to arrest the forces of Evil who were keeping the explosives and were planning attacks in the city.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [284 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

38 (plus 16) ISIS militants killed during Shaheen-25 operations in Nangarahr
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] At least 38 loyalists of the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group were killed during the newly-launched Shaheen-25 military operations in eastern Nangarhar
The unfortunate Afghan province located adjacent to Mohmand, Kurram, and Khyber Agencies. The capital is Jalalabad. The province was the fief of Younus Khalis after the Soviets departed and one of his sons is the current provincial Taliban commander. Nangarhar is Haqqani country..
province of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Interior said Wednesday.

The Nangarhar police however said at least 22 bandidos forces of Evil were killed in the past 24 hours in Haska Mina and Kot districts.

At least 9 bandidos forces of Evil were also maimed and another hard boy was placed in durance vile
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!
alive by the security forces.

According to Nangarhar police, at least 11 of the bandidos forces of Evil were killed in Haska Mina district after they were targeted in Gorgori and Payeen areas.

The nine bandidos forces of Evil were also maimed in the same areas and one of their fighters was arrested.

The remaining 11 bandidos forces of Evil were killed during the clearance operations in Kot district as the Afghan forces targeted the bandidos forces of Evil in Sepai and Patadari areas.

The Nangarhar police commandment said huge caches of explosives, weapons, and ammunition were seized during the operations.

The security forces and local residents did not suffer any casualties during the operations, the police commandment added.

16 ISIS Bad Guys die in Nangarhar province

[ToloNews] At least 16 foreign Daesh militants were killed in an Afghan security forces ground and air operation in Nangarhar province, local officials said.

Provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khogyani confirmed the operation and said that the Daesh militants were killed in Operation Shaheen 25 launched by security forces three days ago in Kott and Dih Bala districts.

Among the 16 Daesh militants killed, 11 of them were killed in Nare area of Dih Bala district in an airstrike and five others were killed in a ground operation, Khogyani said.

Two other Daesh militants were wounded, Khogyani added.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [338 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Militants kidnap 52 farmers in northern Jawzjan province
"Awright, lissen up: we're holding you all for ransom! Here's the deal: we want $2.54 for each of you, and we want it by Friday at five p.m. in cash or the equivalent value in goats. We've decided to take this thing wholesale."
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The anti-government armed Lions of Islam have kidnapped at least 52 Lions of Islam in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

According to the local government officials, the incident took place earlier today in Darzab district.

It is yet not if the Lions of Islam were kidnapped by the Taliban gunnies or Lions of Islam belonging to any other Death Eater group.

Both the Taliban gunnies and Lions of Islam loyal to the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group are active in some parts of Jawzjan province.

This comes as at least six employees of the International Committee of Red Thingy were rubbed out by Lions of Islam in this province last week.

Local officials said the ICRC employees were rubbed out by ISIS loyalists and at least two of them were kidnapped.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [309 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Africa North
LNA hits Jufra
[Libya Herald] More bombs were dropped on Hun this morning by aircraft linked to the Libyan National Army (LNA). Casualties are unconfirmed although some reports suggest there could have been two fatalities.

The LNA are understood to have targeted the Benghazi Defence Brigade (BDB) which has been using the base as its operational headquarters. Hun residents posted on social media that they could hear the sound of explosions as planes roamed overhead.

The air force says it carried out three airstrikes, destroying a number of vehicles and killing a number of BDB supporters.

The LNA has been targeting BDB patrols in the surrounding area. Three days ago the LNA claimed to have destroyed 40 BDB vehicles as they approached the Mabruk oilfield.

The LNA had said the that attack was dedicated to the memory of three of their helicopter pilots shot down by the BDB south of Sirte two days before.

Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [269 views] Top|| File under: Arab Spring

Houthi militias kidnap 300 civilians in Yemen, demand ransom
[ENGLISH.ALARABIYA.NET] Local sources in Ibb governorate have revealed that the Houthi
...a Zaidi Shia insurgent group operating in Yemen. They have also been referred to as the Believing Youth. Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi is said to be the spiritual leader of the group and most of the military leaders are his relatives. The Yemeni government has accused the Houthis of having ties to the Iranian government, which wouldn't suprise most of us. The group has managed to gain control over all of Saada Governorate and parts of Amran, Al Jawf and Hajjah Governorates. Its slogan is God is Great, Death to America™, Death to Israel, a curse on the Jews ...
militias kidnapped 300 civilians, mostly elderly and children, in the town of al-Adeen.

Sources said that the kidnapped people were all civilians from the villages of Dbayeh and al-Meydan in Ramid District.

The kidnappings are said to be in Dire Revenge for the killing of Houthis commander Abu Abdulrahman al-Alwi in the district last Friday, which reportedly happened during festivities with unidentified people. Sources said that the forces of Evil blew up a number of houses in the same area.

Militias raided the houses and drove out families by force before kidnapping civilians and taking them to an unknown destination. Sources also confirmed that residents of these villages are not armed and do not know the killer of the Houthi leader.

According to local sources, the militias looted a group of houses and continue to surround the village blocking its entrance and exit points. They noted that the rebels asked some mothers to give them gold in exchange for the release of their children. According to them, one woman gave up all her gold to ensure that her toddler son is released.

Recent human rights
When they're defined by the state or an NGO they don't mean much...
reports have documented the arrest of about 10,000 people by the Houthi militias sine they entered Sanaa on September 21, 2014.

According to local and international human rights reports, many of the detainees are subjected to torture, beatings, flogging and electrocution, and exposed to frost and ironing with fire, to force them to confess to charges of crimes they did not commit.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [343 views] Top|| File under: Houthis

#1  300 seems like a nice round number.
Posted by: Skidmark || 02/16/2017 6:47 Comments || Top||

#2  Arabs are big on numbers, y'know.
Posted by: Pappy || 02/16/2017 8:15 Comments || Top||

#3  "Keep em. We have more"
Posted by: Frank G || 02/16/2017 8:43 Comments || Top||

Yemeni forces down Soddy drone in Marib
[al-Manar] Yemeni air defense shot down late Tuesday a Saudi drone over the country’s central province of Marib.

According to Yemeni military sources, the unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down while engaged in operations over the province’s Sirwah district. It was downed by the Yemeni army and the popular committees.

On 25 January, the Yemeni army and popular committees shot down an Apache helicopter belonging to the US-Saudi aggression on the outskirts of “Thabab” directorate in Taiz.

More than 7,400 people have been killed in the war since a Saudi-led coalition started a military campaign on Yemen. That toll includes around 1,400 children.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [290 views] Top|| File under: Houthis

6 wimmin die in Soddy airstrike in Sanaa
[al-Manar] The Saudi warplanes committed on Wednesday a new massacre after raiding a funeral ceremony in Arhab in the capital Sanaa, killing six women and injuring 10 others.

Media reports mentioned that the Saudi warplanes kept on flying over the scene of the massacre, knowing that it is not the first time that KSA warplanes target funeral ceremonies in Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army and popular committees continued striking the Saudi soldiers and the mercenaries in various areas across Yemen and in the bordering towns, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [289 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Big question: WHOSE funeral?
Posted by: Frank G || 02/16/2017 8:44 Comments || Top||

Four Indian soldiers among 8 killed in Kashmir
[DAWN] Four Indian soldiers and as many gunnies were killed on Tuesday in shootouts in India-held Kashmire, in the second outbreak of violence between security forces and gunnies in three days.

Three soldiers and a Lion of Islam died in a shootout in north Kashmire’s Bandipora district, as a joint army and police team mounted a search following a tip-off that gunnies were in the area, a defence front man said. Five soldiers were maimed.

"During the searches, gunnies hiding in a house opened fire, triggering off an encounter," Lt Col Rajesh Kalia said.

Separately, security forces rubbed out three gunnies in Handwara district, a senior police official said. An Indian army officer was also killed in the shootout.

Four gunnies and two Indian soldiers were among at least seven killed in a shootout and subsequent protests in south Kashmire on Sunday.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [303 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistain Proxies

Suicide bomber targets Peshawar judges' vehicle; driver killed
[DAWN] One person was killed in a suicide kaboom in Beautiful Downtown Peshawar
...capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly known as the North-West Frontier Province), administrative and economic hub for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. Peshawar is situated near the eastern end of the Khyber Pass, convenient to the Pak-Afghan border. Peshawar has evolved into one of Pakistan's most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities, which means lots of gunfire.
's Hayatabad area when the bomber targeted a vehicle carrying civil judges on Wednesday.

Civil Judge Asif Jadoon and three female judges of the lower judiciary were travelling in an official car in Hayatabad's Phase 5 area when an attacker on a cycle of violence struck the front of the vehicle and went kaboom!, killing the driver and injuring the four judges.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistain grabbed credit for the attack.

A total of six persons were maimed in the kaboom and subsequently moved to the Hayatabad Medical Complex. An emergency was imposed at the hospital.

"About 15 kg of explosive was used in the suicide kaboom targeting a van carrying Civil Judge Asif Jadoon and other judicial staff in Hayatabat Township," said Peshawar police chief Tahir Khan.

The blast occurred as officials from the provincial government were expected to inaugurate the Out Patient Department (OPD) at the Hayatabad Medical Complex. Pakistain Tehrik-e-Insaf
...a political party in Pakistan. PTI was founded by former Pakistani cricket captain and philanthropist Imran Khan. The party's slogan is Justice, Humanity and Self Esteem, each of which is open to widely divergent interpretations....
(PTI) Chairman Imran Khan
... aka Taliban Khan, who ain't the brightest knife in the national drawer...
and other senior party leaders were expected to attend the ceremony.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [307 views] Top|| File under: TTP

#1  officials from the provincial government were expected to inaugurate the Out Patient Department (OPD) at the Hayatabad Medical Complex.

They did, just not how they expected
Posted by: Frank G || 02/16/2017 8:46 Comments || Top||

The Beatings Will Continue: Iraqi Edition

ISIS kidnaps 16 civilians near al-Rouda district

Anbar (IraqiNews.com) Islamic State militants have kidnapped 16 civilians from a region in Anbar to an unknown destination, the region’s mayor said.

Muayyad Farhan told Alsumaria News Wednesday that IS militants had kidnapped the civilians from al-Rouda, a district on the road between Rahaliyah and Ramadi which, he said. is totally empty of security presence. He urged the government to secure a pathway for Rahaliyah civilians.

Since Islamic State militants took over several Iraqi cities in 2014, Rahaliyah has been known to be under security control, with barely any breach by the extremist group.

Islamic State has notoriously kidnapped hundreds of civilians and held them as potential human shields since the Iraqi government launched a wide-scale offensive to retake the group’s biggest bastion, Mosul, in October 2016. The holding of civilians and Iraqi forces’ proclaimed commitment to their safety had been one reason for occasional slowdowns in military operations against IS.

The group is still holding some strongholds in western Anbar towns near the borders with Syria. While the Iraqi government has not yet officially declared a security onslaught to retake those regions, fighters jets from the Iraqi army and the allied U.S.-led coalition regularly bombard the group’s locations there, with recent, unconfirmed reports talking about an airstrike having seriously wounded IS supreme leader, Abk Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS executes 21 in Mosul

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) The Islamic State executed 21 civilians in Mosul and Kirkuk on Wednesday for collaborating with security forces against the group.

The militants drowned 13 civilians to death in central Mosul over charges of collaborating with security forces, a local source in Nineveh told Alsumaria News on Wednesday as the group braces for a decisive battle with government troops bent on recapturing the city.

“Daesh (Islamic State) today drowned 13 civilians to death inside metal cages in Dawasah, central Mosul, over charges of collaboration with government and Peshmerga forces,” the source told Alsumaria News, referring to Kurdistan region’s defense force.

The group filmed the execution, which was imposed following a verdict by the group’s so-called “legislative court”, said the source.

A similar execution style was adopted in Mosul’s Faisaliyah district with 14 civilians in August 2016 who were also found guilty of giving insider information to security.

Another source said the group executed eight for the same reason in Hawija, southwewest of kirkuk, but did not specify the method of the execution.

Since it occupied large areas of Iraq in 2014 to establish a self-styled “Islamic Caliphate”, Islamic State has posted videos of heinous executions of civilians, security personnel, and foreign workers over multiple charges, most commonly collaborating with security authorities as well as violating its extreme religious rules.

Islamic State remains in control over most of western Mosul, and government forces are awaiting orders to invade that area since they recaptured the eastern section on January 24th. It also remains strong in Kirkuk’s Hawija.

Islamic State’s reign of terror, as well as encounters with security, forced at least 191.000 civilians to flee to refugee camps, and the United Nations had predicted one million to be displaced in Mosul.

3 civilians die in ISIS drone attack in Nabi Yunus district

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) Three grocers died Wednesday and four others were wounded when a drone guided by Islamic State militants dropped two rockets on a marketplace in eastern Mosul.

Anadolu Agency quoted Birg. Gen. Rakan al-Ameri, from the army’s Counter-Terrorism Forces, as saying that the drones targeted a popular market in Nabi Yunus district, one neighborhood retaken during security campaigns that launched in October.

He said the group had made use of inability to address what he described as a “security gap” in areas recaptures by security forces from Islamic State militants.

Since Iraqi government troops became in control of eastern Mosul late January, IS fighters, who fled to strongholds in the west, waged occasional attacks on the liberated areas in the east, either by fighters crossing from the west via the Tigris River or by sending bomb-supplied drones. Militants, some security personnel and civilians were killed in those attacks.

Government troops are awaiting orders from the supreme command to invade the west, with the generals occasionally reiterating that combat plans were ready for the next move.

Consummating the recapture of Mosul would represent the biggest blow to the group which still, however, maintains smaller hideouts in Anbar, Salahuddin and Kirkuk.

ISIS imposes curfew in Tal Afar

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) A local source in Nineveh Province revealed that the Islamic State group imposed a curfew in the majority of Tal Afar, and started to arrest its local leaders in the district, Alsumaria News reported on Wednesday.

The source said, “The Islamic State group imposed a curfew in the majority of areas in Tal Afar, west of Mosul, amid intense spread of its armed detachments in main streets.”

“The Islamic State also started to arrest its local leaders, after the failure of last Saturday’s attack on al-Hashd al-Shaabi and losing dozens of leaders and members,” the source added on condition of anonymity.

Earlier this week, al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces foiled a massive attack launched by the Islamic State on their headquarters in Tal Afar, west of Nineveh Province.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [410 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Mosul Offensive News

16 ISIS fighters die in likely work accident

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) Sixteen Islamic State militants died Wednesday after a mysterious blast hit a group training camp in southern Mosul, according to an Iraqi police officer.

Captain Khalil Ibrahim told Bas News that “a mysterious blast took place inside one of Daesh (Islamic State) encampment in al-Hawi, south of Mosul, leaving 16 militants dead and others seriously wounded.”
IS members cordoned the camp off and casualties were taken to the city’s forensic medicine facility, according to Ibrahim.

On January 24th, Iraqi government forces, backed by a U.S.-led coalition and popular paramilitaries, recaptured eastern Mosul from Islamic State, achieving the most remarkable victory in three months of battles against the extremist group.

Islamic State had lost at least 3000 fighters in battles at the eastern section, but is vigorously building up its defenses in the west for the decisive battle. It has also carried out several attacks on recaptured areas in the east over the past weeks, leaving civilian and security deaths.

The group, however, has reportedly lost many of its leaders in the battles, and is grappling with internal divisions which saw many commanders mysteriously assassinated, and reached their peak this week with reports talking about discussions to replace its supreme leader.

2 Iraqi militiamen die in fighting near Tal Abta area

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) This morning, two members of the Islamic State group blew up themselves on a checkpoint of al-Hashd al-Shaabi, south of Mosul, killing and wounding a number of its members, Captain Udai Bashar, member of al-Hashd al-Shaabi said.

Bashar said in a press statement, “Two suicide bombers blew up themselves near a checkpoint belonging to al-Hashd al-Shaabi in Tal Abta area, south of Mosul.”

“The two blasts resulted in the killing of 5 members of al-Hashd al-Shaabi, as well as wounding others with serious injuries,” Bashar added.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [293 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Diyala Devastations
2 civilians die in small arms attack near Abu Seba’ Village

Diyala (IraqiNews.com) A local source in Diyala Province declared that two civilians were killed in and armed attack, east of Baqubah, Alsumaria News reported on Wednesday.

The source said, “Unidentified gunmen launched an attack, this evening, on two civilians near Abu Seba’ Village in Abu Saida vicinity (30 km east of Baqubah), killing them on the spot.”

“Security forces cordoned off the area of incident and opened an investigation into its circumstances, while ambulances evacuated the bodies to the forensic medicine department,” the source added.

On Monday, an official source in Diyala revealed that the area of Abu Saida is witnessing a security instability in the current time.

Airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Diyala

Diyala (IraqiNews.com) A local source in Diyala Province declared that three locations belonging to the Islamic State were completely destroyed by an airstrike on Mutaibijh area, located between Salahuddin and Diyala, Alsumaria News reported on Wednesday.

The source said, “Three locations belonging to the Islamic State in the area of Mutaibijh, which is located between Salahuddin and Diyala, were completely destructed by an intensive aerial bombardment that lasted for more than half an hour.”

“Semi-confirmed information indicated to the killing of the so-called Islamic State’s Wali of Salahuddin in the air strike,” the source added on condition of anonymity.

“The destroyed locations were known as the immigrants’ locations/ places, and they were homes for Arab and foreign suicide bombers who were planning to launch attacks on security and civilian targets in Salahuddin and Diyala,” the source further explained.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [263 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Baghdad Bomb and Bullet Bulletin

2 die in bombing attack in Radwaniya

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Two people were killed and 14 others were wounded, including security members, when blasts hit three areas in Baghdad on Wednesday, news reports quoted security sources as saying.

An IED exploded near a grocery in Radwaniya, southwest of the capital, killing two and wounding six, sources said, according to Sky Press.

Another explosive device hit a passing police patrol in al-Doura, south of Baghdad, wounding four personnel.

A third bomb exploded near a fish market in Youssefiya in the south, wounding four.

No exact count of casualties has been given yet.

Violence surged in Iraq with the emergence of Islamic State militants who took over large areas of the country in 2014. Baghdad has been witnessing almost daily bombings targeting civilians and security personnel.

Nobody has claimed responsibility yet for the bombings, but IS militants have said they had been responsible for several bloody explosions and attacks that hit the capital in the past months, bringing the governorate municipal and security officials under critics’ fire.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said violence in the country left nearly 382 dead, including security members, and 908 injured during January. Baghdad was the most affected province with 128 deaths and 444 injuries, according to the organization.

2 die in bombing in multiple bomb attacks

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) A car bomb blast hit Habibiya area in eastern Baghdad, killing and wounding 25 persons, Baghdad Operations Command said on Wednesday.

Earlier today, a booby-trapped vehicle, parked in Wahran area near Habibiya area in eastern Baghdad exploded, killing two persons and wounding five others.”

“The casualties of the bombing that hit Habibiya area earlier today increased to five killed and 20 wounded,” Spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command said.

Today, a series of explosions hit different areas of the capital, Baghdad, where an IED exploded near a grocery in Radwaniya, southwest of the capital, killing two and wounding six others, while another explosive device hit a passing police patrol in al-Daura, south of Baghdad, wounding four personnel.

A third blast hit a fish market in al-Yusufiyah area in southern, wounding four persons.

18 die in car bomb attack in Sadr City
al-Manar -- You know how those guys are
At least 18 people have been killed in a bomb attack on a suburb in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, security sources say.

A suicide bomber detonated a pick-up truck in Sadr City, targeting a busy street full of garages and used-car dealers.

At least 42 people were also wounded in the blast in the eastern district.

Baghdad saw a wave of deadly suicide attacks in the first few days of 2017, but the number has dropped recently.

No-one has yet said they carried out the latest attack, although similar blasts have been claimed by ISIL terrorist group.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [285 views] Top|| File under:

20 arrested, vehicles seized in IDF West Bank sweep
[IsraelTimes] A dozen cars confiscated in Husan village, 3 more for involvement in ’unlawful riots’ in Bil’in.

Israeli security forces tossed in the slammer
Maw! They're comin' to get me, Maw!
20 Paleostinians and seized 15 Paleostinian vehicles overnight Tuesday in sweeps across the West Bank, the army said.

Twelve of the vehicles, impounded in the southern West Bank village of Husan, were "illegal," according to an army statement, a designation that can mean either unregistered or stolen.

Three additional cars were confiscated in the northern West Bank village of Bil’in, with the IDF saying they were used in violent riots in the village.

In various other raids throughout the West Bank, forces from the IDF, Shin Bet security service and Israel Police detained 20 Paleostinians for alleged participation in violent demonstrations.

One of those detained is reportedly an activist with the Hamas, the well-beloved offspring of the Moslem Brotherhood, terror group, while two others were arrested for suspected "terrorist activity," according to the statement.

An improvised weapon-making site was found and a weapon was confiscated from the location, in a village north of Jerusalem.

Arab teen, 13, arrested for attempting to swipe soldier’s gun
It's so easy to be an idiot when you're an Arab boy in Israel!
[IsraelTimes] A 13-year-old Arab Israeli boy was locked away
Maw! They're comin' to get me, Maw!
after attempting to snatch the gun of a female Israel Defense Forces soldier in the central city of Lod on Wednesday, police said

Police said they were investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The teenager tried to flee the scene but was held by civilians until police arrived, according to the Walla news site.

He was taken in for questioning by police "to clarify the circumstances" of the incident, police said.
Posted by: trailing wife || 02/16/2017 01:44 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [450 views] Top|| File under: Hamas

#1  A dozen cars confiscated in Husan village

Great, great strategy!
Plotting terror, planning sedition, hauling contraband...who has the time or attention to detail to properly license their cars?

Sufficient 'probable cause' to back chain?
Posted by: Skidmark || 02/16/2017 6:46 Comments || Top||

#2  Boil my seein eyeballz Boss
But don't be messin wit my whip
Posted by: Shipman || 02/16/2017 22:28 Comments || Top||

Trump drops US commitment to 'two-state' solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
[DAWN] US President Donald Trump
...New York real estate developer, described by Dems as illiterate, racist, misogynistic, and what ever other unpleasant descriptions they can think of, elected by the rest of us as 45th President of the United States...
halted Washington's quest for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Paleostinian conflict Wednesday, saying he would back a single state if it led to peace.

The new president warmly welcomed Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House and hailed the "unbreakable" bond between their countries.

And -- while he urged Netanyahu to "hold back" from building Jewish settlements for a "little bit" -- Trump broke with the international consensus insisting on two states.

"So I'm looking at two state and one state, and I like the one that both parties like. I'm very happy with the one that both parties like. I can live with either one," he said.

"I thought for a while the two-state looked like it may be the easier of the two but, honestly, if Israel and the Paleostinians are happy, I am happy with the one they like the best."

If this change in the US stance was calculated to please Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition, Trump's views on the shortcomings of the Paleostinian position will delight them.

"I think the Paleostinians have to get rid of some of that hate that they're taught from a very young age," he said, echoing Netanyahu's argument that Paleostinians are not ready for peace.

"They're taught tremendous hate. I have seen what they're taught... it starts in the school room, and they have to acknowledge Israel."

Netanyahu had warm words for the US alliance, and hammered home his own prerequisites for peace.

"First, the Paleostinians must recognise the Jewish state. They have to stop calling for Israel's destruction," he said.

"Second, in any peace agreement, Israel must retain the overriding security control over the entire area west of the Jordan River," he added.

This area contains the entire West Bank area that would represent the heart of any Paleostinian state as conceived in all previous international agreements.

The change in the US stance, which was trailed overnight by a US official, triggered Paleostinian despair and consternation in international capitals.
Posted by: Fred || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [384 views] Top|| File under: Palestinian Authority

#1  "Whatever you guys think is best."
Posted by: Skidmark || 02/16/2017 6:48 Comments || Top||

#2  The Paleos never signed up for it anyway, other than to grab dollars from the rubes.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 02/16/2017 7:53 Comments || Top||

#3  An example of Trump's attitude of keeping our nose out of other people's busienss and 'letting them sort it out.' The paleos and our shadow gov't are no doubt apoplectic with seething and rage.
Posted by: Besoeker || 02/16/2017 7:58 Comments || Top||

#4  The paleos and our shadow gov't are no doubt apoplectic with seething and rage.

So its just another day then.
Posted by: Crusader || 02/16/2017 10:16 Comments || Top||

#5  While just another day, it is also another chance the bastards will pop a blood vessel; I can hope.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike || 02/16/2017 12:44 Comments || Top||

Turkey steps up attacks on Kurd forces in Tel Rifaat
[ARA News] Turkey’s military forcers and allied rebels in Syria continued their offensive against the town of Tel Rifaat in northern Aleppo, targeting positions of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), local sources reported on Wednesday.

The Turkish Army and Turkey-backed rebels of the Euphrates Shield have been bombing Tel Rifaat since Tuesday.

SDF headquarters and residential buildings in Tel Rifaat were hit with dozens of mortar shells. The Turkish troops and allied rebels also used heavy artillery and machine guns in the offensive–aimed at driving the SDF out of the town.

The number of casualties is still unknown.

In the meantime, two Turkish cobra helicopters hit the village of Tal Alo in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah Governorate, close to the headquarters of the Arab Sanadid forces.

The Turkish army has also entered Syrian territory near the Kurdish-held Afrin District in northwestern Aleppo, occupying several hectares of land since January, local sources reported.

Also, Kurdish female fighters of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) on Monday clashed with Turkish Army forces near the town of Amude in Hasakah Governorate. “After three hours of sporadic clashes, the Turkish Army was forced to withdraw. They retreated towards the Turkish side of the border,” a YPJ officer told ARA News.

The clashes followed an attempt by the Turkish military troops to enter the Kurdish territory in northeastern Syria, where Turkey continues to build a concrete wall alongside the borderline.

Kurdish officials condemned the Turkish violations against border areas in northern Syria.
Posted by: badanov || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [323 views] Top|| File under: Sublime Porte

Well, it was his first time: ISIS suicide bomber only blows himself up
o ISIS suicide bomber made an attack during the wrath of Euphrates operation

o He appears suddenly around a corner and his bomb detonates

o But he is too far from the Syrian rebel soldiers he is trying to target

o His actions have sparked comments including 'He needs more practice' online

Posted by: Skidmark || 02/16/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [492 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  "better luck next time"
Posted by: Frank G || 02/16/2017 8:53 Comments || Top||

#2  Understandable. The learning curve is pretty steep in this occupation.
Posted by: gorb || 02/16/2017 10:34 Comments || Top||

#3  So, how many virgins?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 02/16/2017 10:37 Comments || Top||

#4  He was just so excited!
Premature Discombobulation.
Posted by: ed in texas || 02/16/2017 17:28 Comments || Top||

#5  That bloke running along the roof was just delayed enough not to get the blast and debris wave from the suicide bomber. Lucky fellow.
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 02/16/2017 18:34 Comments || Top||

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