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US ignores Turkey’s objection, approves arming Kurdish forces in Syria
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Military Choppers Land In Sar-e-Pul ‘To Equip Militants’
[Tolo News] Local officials in Sar-e-Pul
...a city and eponymous province in northern Afghanistan, population about 500,000. Demographically it is majority Tadjik and Uzbek. There are small Pashtun, Arab, and Hazara communities, of which the Hazaras mostly don't bother anyone...
province in Afghanistan’s north claimed on Tuesday that two military helicopters landed in the Sayyad district in the province in order to equip holy warriors.

"According to the report we have received from the 2nd Battalion of the Afghan National Army, which fights on the first line of the battle in Sar-e-Pul, two military helicopters landed in a stronghold of the enemy at 8pm last Thursday," Sar-e-Pul governor Mohammad Zahir Wahdat told TOLOnews.

"The helicopters took off after 10 minutes and went towards Sar-e-Pul-Shibirghan Highway, but they could not be filmed due to the darkness of the night," he added.

No further details were immediately available and the identity of the helicopters was not clear.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [442 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

#1  I have an idea who
Posted by: Frank G || 05/10/2017 10:09 Comments || Top||

#2  Russians or Iranians.
Posted by: Pappy || 05/10/2017 10:29 Comments || Top||

#3  Or locals.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 05/10/2017 10:35 Comments || Top||

#4  Doubtful that the Talibs have their own helos. Possible that it could be Afghans. Not likely that Afghans are capable of night ops.

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are within range.
Posted by: Pappy || 05/10/2017 15:41 Comments || Top||

Heavy Clashes Ongoing Close To Kunduz City
[Tolo News] Soldiers on the first line of the battlefield in Kunduz urged government to pay attention to the needs of security and defense forces in the province.

A number of security forces in Kunduz province on Tuesday said heavy festivities are ongoing between Afghan soldiers and Taliban
...Arabic for students...
in areas close to Kunduz city and at least five police and army outposts are under siege by the holy warriors.

According to the soldiers, the festivities have closed the Kunduz-Takhar Highway to traffic for past five days.

TOLOnews’ news hound Karim Amini said the Talibs are at least 150 meters far from the Kunduz city’s exit gate in Charkhab area which is 1.5 kilometers far from the center of the city.

He said the forces on the first line of the battleground have called for help and some of them are complaining about lack of coordination.

"Mr. [President] Ashraf Ghani
...former chancellor of Kabul University, now president of Afghanistan. Before returning to Afghanistan in 2002 he was a scholar of political science and anthropology. He worked at the World Bank working on international development assistance. As Finance Minister of Afghanistan between July 2002 and December 2004, he led Afghanistan's attempted economic recovery until the Karzais stole all the money. ..
is sleeping under the fan; Mr. [Chief Executive] Abdullah Abdullah
... the former foreign minister of the Northern Alliance government, advisor to Masood, and candidate for president against Karzai. Dr. Abdullah was born in Kabul and is half Tadjik and half Pashtun...
is busy in fashion. I tell the truth. I do not fear from anyone. There are weapons, tanks, but there is no faith," the Garrison Commander of Kunduz Mujahid Azimi said.

"We move forward but with every advancement, we hold a session. The war cannot move on with sessions," Rahim said referring to lack of coordination among security forces in the province.

"We are in war with bully boyz for the past few days. The Taliban [militants] are 150 meters far from here. They are in civilians houses," said Haji Omid, an army soldier.

"We have not made any advancement. We retreated and the first line of the battle is here at the moment. We will try to advance tonight [Tuesday night]," said Rahmatullah, commander of Kunduz Highway Squad.

On Monday a number of MPs sharply criticized Kunduz officials for not maintaining security and said they should be introduced to judicial centers and should answer to the people.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [349 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Parwan Ulema Council chief and 7 students killed in Madrasa explosion
[Khaama (Afghanistan)] The provincial Ulema Council chief of the northern Parwan province was killed in an explosion in this province earlier today. The incident took place in the vicinity of Charikar city after explosives placed inside a Madrasa went off, leaving Mawlavi Abdul Rahim Shah Hanafi and seven students dead. No group including the Taliban insurgents has so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [372 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

#1  Chemistry Class related?
Posted by: Omusoque Spolutch1486 || 05/10/2017 5:03 Comments || Top||

#2  A crack hookah incident.
Posted by: Skidmark || 05/10/2017 12:10 Comments || Top||

Africa Horn
Car bomb kills 4, injures 10 in Mogadishu
[SHABELLENEWS] At least five people were killed and ten more others maimed after a boom-mobile exploded at the entrance of Coffee Italia in Somali capital Mogadishu on Monday.

Witnesses said a boom-mobile went kaboom! outside a popular eatery and coffee place called The Italian Restaurant which is located opposite to the Immigration department compound.

Those killed in the attack include military officer and Kuntuwarey district commissioner. The maimed victims were immediately taken to hospitals for treatment.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [351 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

Al-shabab seizes Gofgadud town after deadly gunfight
[SHABELLENEWS] Al shabaab has wrested full control of the strategic town of Goofgaduud near Baidoa city after a deadly battle with Southwest and Somali government troops on Tuesday morning.

The snuffies mounted in pickups and armed with heavy-arms raided the town, before seizing its control. The attack has sparked hours-long shootout which left 4 soldiers dead.

Reports from the town indicate that Al shabaab has burnt down a military vehicle, and seized two others during the raid against the army barracks of Somali forces.

The allied troops retreated to Baidoa after the were pushed out of the district.

Local residents said at least five soldiers were killed after a land mine blast has destroyed their convoy between Goofgaduud and Baidoa town early in the morning.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [305 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

Landmine blast injures 7 in the Kenyan town of Garissa
[SHABELLENEWS] A landmine kaboom which hit a vehicle in the Kenyan town of Garissa on Monday late afternoon injured seven people -- six critically -- the Kenya Red Thingy has confirmed.

In a statement, the Kenya Red Thingy said the injured had been rushed to Liboi Health Center just after the kaboom.

It is not the first time that such attacks have happened in Kenya. In June last year an ambulance driver was killed in Garissa county and medics were maimed after they drove over a landmine which security forces say had been planted by bully boyz from the Somalia-based al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab
... the personification of Somali state failure...
There have also been numerous cases of police deaths in Kenya -- particularly in Garissa county -- after unsuspecting officers drove over devices believed to have been placed by al-Shabaab bad boys.

Garissa county has witnessed numerous attacks by al-Shabaab, who cross into Kenya through the porous Kenya-Somali border.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [323 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

Denmark joins combat against Somalia piracy
[SHABELLENEWS] The Danish government is deploying a Challenger airplane to support maritime security in the Horn of Africa.

Additionally, the government decided that Denmark will again make a Challenger airplane available for the Mediterranean efforts to monitor EU’s outer borders.

"I am pleased that once again, Denmark can play a part in maritime security in the Horn of Africa region. The waters of the region play a vital role in international commercial shipping, and Denmark has previously won great international recognition for our role here," said Anders Samuelsen, Denmark’s minister for foreign affairs.

The Danish air detachment will be deployed for about 30 days from the middle of May 2017 to the middle of June 2017.

During its deployment, the detachment will be tasked to support Task Force 150 by gathering intelligence, which can contribute to on-going surveillance and building situational awareness in the Indian Ocean.

At the time of deployment, Task Force 150 will be under French leadership.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [388 views] Top|| File under: Pirates

#1  No Vikings on that ship?
Posted by: Helmuth, Speaking for Snore2699 || 05/10/2017 2:29 Comments || Top||


Governments already know and ASSIST the people traffickers.

Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 05/10/2017 10:34 Comments || Top||

Mortar shells land at AMISOM base near Somali capital
[SHABELLENEWS] A salvo of mortar rounds have just landed in Arbacow area, located in the outskirts of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Tuesday night.

The mortars were reported to have hit a military base belonging to Burundian troops serving with the African Union
...a union consisting of 53 African states, most run by dictators of one flavor or another. The only all-African state not in the AU is Morocco. Established in 2002, the AU is the successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was even less successful...
Mission in Somalia. There was no confirmation of the casualties.

A heavy gunfire ha erupted following the barrage, with reports that armed forces of Evil are engaging AMISOM forces in a shootout, as they try to overrun their base, residents said.

AMISOM is yet to comment on the attack against its camp in Arbacow area near Mogadishu.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [349 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

Africa Subsaharan
3 UN Peacekeeper killed in attack in Central Africa
[Dhaka Tribune] Three UN peacekeeper was killed and four others were missing following an attack on their convoy in the southeast of Central African Republic, the UN said Tuesday.

The convoy was attacked on Monday evening near Yogofongo village, more than 470-km east of the capital Bangui, close to the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo
...formerly the Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Zaire, and who knows what else, not to be confused with the Brazzaville Congo aka Republic of Congo, which is much smaller and much more (for Africa) stable. DRC gave the world Patrice Lumumba and Joseph Mobutu, followed by years of tedious civil war. Its principle industry seems to be the production of corpses. With a population of about 74 million it has lots of raw material...
, the MINUSCA peacekeeping mission said.

"Three Cambodian peacekeeper was killed and eight peacekeepers were maimed, including one Cambodian and seven Moroccans," said a MINUSCA statement.

"Four peacekeepers are missing in action, among them three Cambodian soldiers and 1 Moroccan soldier. The perpetrators of the attack fled into the bush."

Killing a UN peacekeeper is considered a war crime, MINUSCA front man Herve Verhoosel said, adding the convoy comprised police and UN military staff.

The UN sent a helicopter and soldiers to secure the area and search for the missing, while the maimed were evacuated to Bangui, the statement added.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [359 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Vengeful fathers, is my guess.
Posted by: Richard Aubrey || 05/10/2017 9:00 Comments || Top||

'Jews run away before I kill you': Meat cleaver-wielding man, 61, is arrested by armed police after ‘storming two Jewish shops i
Oddly enough, the Daily Mail has blacked out the gentleman's face in their photos, not their usual practice.
  • Man alleged to have threatened girls, aged eight and 14, with a meat cleaver

  • Reports he targeted two Kosher food shops in Hackney, north London

  • When he fled, volunteers from Stamford Hill Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol surrounded the area until the police arrived

  • No one was hurt during incident this afternoon and man remains in custody
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/10/2017 01:42 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [409 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  blacked out the gentleman's face

A sixty-ish hajji of Hackney,
Of chivalrous Muslims the acme,
While piously flirting
With aim of converting
Two children, was snubbed for his acne.
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220 || 05/10/2017 17:46 Comments || Top||

The Grand Turk
British member of ISIS cell nicknamed The Beatles and close friend of Jihadi John is jailed for three years in Turkey for joining a terror group
  • Londoner Aine Davis was found guilty of being a senior member of a terror organisation

  • He was given a seven-and-a-half year sentence, having already been in prison 18 months

  • Davis was part of the same terror cell as Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/10/2017 01:27 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [471 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  Jailed, why?
Is it even remotely possible he can be redeemed?
Posted by: Skidmark || 05/10/2017 11:55 Comments || Top||

#2  Not now...
Posted by: Raj || 05/10/2017 12:51 Comments || Top||

Peshmerga forces repel ISIS attack on Kurdish-American base near Kirkuk
[ARA] Iraqi Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces repelled an attack by Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
’s (ISIS) jihadists on a Kurdish-American airbase near Kirkuk city in northern Iraq, officials reported on Monday.

According to the Peshmerga Ministry, five ISIS jacket wallahs tried to infiltrate into the Kiwan Airbase west of Kirkuk.

"Two of them detonated their boom belts near the main gate of the Kiwan Airbase after failing to break into the base," a Peshmerga officer told ARA News on Monday.

At least two Peshmerga guards bit the dust and six others were maimed in the kaboom.

The source confirmed that three other suicide bombers were killed by Peshmerga fire before reaching their target.

"The strict security measures by the Peshmerga and allied US-led coalition’s forces prevented these Death Eaters from infiltrating into the base," the Kurdish official told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity
... for fear of being murdered...
Kiwan Airbase is a main station for the US-led coalition and Kurdish forces in their fight against ISIS snuffies in northern Iraq.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [440 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

100 Islamic State militants killed in Anbar airstrikes
[Iraq News] The Iraqi Joint Operations Command said Tuesday its fighter jets killed 100 Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
members in strikes that targeted western Anbar havens.

The command said the strikes targeted the group’s western Anbar strongholds of Qaim and Annah, destroying booby-trapping workshops and drone airstrips belonging to the group. It added that the group targeted used to supply weapons to cells carrying out attacks in Baghdad.

...back at the wreckage, Captain Poindexter awoke groggily, his hand still stuck in the Ming vase...
Hussein Ali, mayor of Rawa, was quoted by Alsumaria News Tuesday saying that there are more than 250 families nesieged by ISIS (Islamic State) in the town (230 Km west of Ramadi).

According to Ali, most of Rawa residents had fled the town to the city of Ramadi and more secure areas.

"The families at the town of Rawa have been dyin of hunger, and the group is encircling it and preventing them from leaving town," Ali added, urging faster efforts to retake the city.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [334 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Iraqi forces take over western Mosul’s 30 Tamuz district
[Iraq News] Iraqi government forces took over the western djinn-infested Mosul
... the home of a particularly ferocious and hairy djinn...
’s 30 Tamuz (July 30th), making another step forward on its new axis of operations against Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
bully boys.

Nineveh Operaions commander, Lt. Gen Abdul-Amir Yarallah, said the forces recaptured the 30 Tamuz neighborhood and became on the outskirts of 10 Tamuz and al-Haramat al-Thaletha.

He said earlier on Tuesday his forces had recaptured a major industrial area.

The developments come as Iraqi forces opened last week a new front targeting the strategic, IS-held Old City from the northwestern direction, having struggled for weeks to invade the densely populated and narrowly structured area from its southern entrances.

Iraqi commanders have reported dozens of deaths among Islamic State bully boyz and the recapture of large parts of districts falling next to the Old City from the northwest.

Earlier on Monday, a spokesperson of the Interior Ministry said ministry forces had killed 3320 IS members since the offensive to retake western Mosul was launched in February. Iraqi forces recaptured eastern Mosul in January after three months of fighting.

Iraqi commanders say they currently control at least 70 percent of territory in the western side of Mosul. Some were quoted saying they expect the city to be entirely under their control before the end of May.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [341 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Islamic State execute 47 multinationals in Hawija, including members
[Iraq News] Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
members executed 47 of their prisoners in Kirkuk’s Hawija on Monday, including 12 of their comrades, according to local sources in the province.

Those executed were of several Arab nationalities, according to the source, who added that the sentence was applied as per an order from the group’s so-called wali( mayor) of Hawija at al-Bakara airbase.

Militants filmed the execution, according to the source who did not explain the method of the execution.

IS members have been in control over Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk since 2014, when the group came to the scene, took over several Iraqi regions and proclaimed an Islamic "caliphate".

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [530 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  Bunch of crazy bastards, eh? ISIS is heading towards extinction soon.
Posted by: JohnQC || 05/10/2017 19:49 Comments || Top||

Palestinian filmed shooting at Israeli cars rapidly apprehended
[Ynet] A Paleostinian man in his 30s allegedly shoots indiscriminately towards Israeli cars in the West Bank and is detained by the IDF within an hour; he alleges he fired his gun in self defense.

A Paleostinian was filmed shooting a gun at Israeli cars in the West Bank from a distance of about 20 meters and was detained less than an hour later on Sunday evening.

An IDF unit from the Combat Engineers’ 601st Battalion, which is responsible for the southern Hebron hills, captured the 30-year-old Paleostinian from the village of Rabud, near the town of Dahariya, after he allegedly fired the shots towards Route 60. The suspect claimed that he had fired in self-defense.

A security camera caught the incident wherein, according to the IDF, he fired more than 15 bullets. No one was hurt or injured.

"At about 19:30, the soldier on guard duty at our outpost near Otniel heard many shots, and then I heard them as well coming from nearby," the commander of the 601st Company, Capt. Neria Gur, told Ynet.

"With the help of quick intelligence activity, we closed the circle on the identity of the shooter, we got on his house and enjugged
Drop the gat, Rocky, or you're a dead 'un!
him within half an hour," said Gur. "The weapon was hidden in the vicinity of the house and he claims to be self-defense, but we know that any illegal weapon, such as this pistol, will also be used for terrorist-related circumstances, and not only criminal."

Route 60 throughout Judea and Samaria, and particularly in the southern Hebron hills, remains open to Paleostinians, including during the wave of terrorism over the past two years.
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/10/2017 01:46 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [288 views] Top|| File under:

US, UK, Jordan deploy troops, tanks in southern Syria
[Iran Press TV] Reports coming out of Syria suggest that a joint military force of US, British, and Jordanian troops, equipped with tanks and helicopters, have reportedly been deployed in the war-torn country's southern border areas from Jordan's northern region.

The troops are now reportedly positioned in a long strip region across the border zones of Syria's southern provinces of Dara'a and Suwayda, from Tel Shahab rural area, just a few hundred meters from the Jordanian border, to al-Nasib Border Crossing and Khirbet Awad village.

The forces have also been seen near Ramtha, a Jordanian city, located in the far northwest of the Arab country close to the Syrian border.

The media bureau of Syria's Joint Operation Command also released a number of aerial photos (shown below), taken by drones, which purportedly showed the presence of a large number of British Challenger tanks, UK's main battle tank (MBT), and American Cobra and Black Hawk helicopters.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [425 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Syria

US ignores Turkey’s objection, approves arming Kurdish forces in Syria
Message sent.
[Iran Press TV] US President Donald Trump
...New York real estate developer, described by Dems as illiterate, racist, misogynistic, and what ever other unpleasant descriptions they can think of, elected by the rest of us as 45th President of the United States...
has authorized the arming of Kurdish forces in Syria despite fierce opposition from The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
The Pentagon made the announcement on Tuesday, stressing that arming the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is to "ensure a clear victory" in operations aimed at the liberation of Raqqah from the ISIS terrorist group.

The US currently provides air support for members of the SDF -- a Kurdish-dominated and anti-Damascus alliance. They have largely surrounded Raqqah and are expected to begin an offensive soon.

The SDF is led by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) which Ankara views as a terrorist organization over its alleged links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

"We are keenly aware of the security concerns of our coalition partner Turkey," said Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White. "We want to reassure the people and government of Turkey that the US is committed to preventing additional security risks and protecting our NATO
...the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A single organization with differing goals, equipment, language, doctrine, and structure....
ally," she added.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also confirmed the announcement, "Yesterday the president authorized the Department of Defense to equip Kurdish elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces as necessary to ensure a clear victory over ISIS in Raqqah, Syria. The SDF partnered with enabling support from US and coalition forces are the only force on the ground to successfully seize Raqqah in the near future."

The move was announced after US Defense Secretary James Mattis said Washington will be cooperating with Turkey to liberate the ISIS-held northeastern Syrian city of Raqqah.

"We are going to sort it out and figure out how we are going to do it, but we are all committed to it," he added.
Update from the Daily Mail at 1:00 a.m. EDT:
A full list wasn't immediately available, but officials had indicated in recent days that 120mm mortars, machines guns, ammunition and light armored vehicles were possibilities.

They said the U.S. would not provide artillery or surface-to-air missiles.
Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [814 views] Top|| File under: Sublime Porte

#1  Threats have consequences.
Posted by: gorb || 05/10/2017 0:18 Comments || Top||

Iran test-fires torpedo in the Strait of Hormuz
[FoxNews] The Hoot torpedo, which has a range of six miles, was fired in the Strait of Hormuz, where much of the world’s oil passes each day.

It's unclear if the torpedo test was successful.

The test was carried out in Iranian territorial waters and did not break any international protocols, but the advances Iran is making with this powerful torpedo -- which could travel at 250 miles per hour -- has Pentagon officials worried.

It is not the first time Iran has tried to test this torpedo. The last time it did so was in February 2015.
Posted by: Skidmark || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [504 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Iran

#1  You would think any explosion in the water within a hundred yards would collapse the air cavity around the torpedo.
Posted by: gorb || 05/10/2017 0:21 Comments || Top||

#2  Yeah, but that's 'Science', gorb.
Posted by: Mullah Richard OTR || 05/10/2017 7:21 Comments || Top||

#3  Six miles doesn't sound that long. Is this fired from a shore based site or a sub or boat?
Posted by: AlanC || 05/10/2017 11:07 Comments || Top||

#4  The Russians have had one for a long time. This one is apparently a clone of the VA-111 Shkval, that may have been involved with the mysterious explosion and sinking of the Kursk.
Posted by: Bobby || 05/10/2017 13:26 Comments || Top||

#5  The scuttlebutt I heard was Soviet doctrine was for subs counter-firing a nuke-tipped Shkval back at US hunter-killer subs on hearing incoming torpedoes to assure a mutual kill.
Posted by: magpie || 05/10/2017 15:09 Comments || Top||

Terror Networks
Daesh beheads ‘Russian officer’ in front of camera
[Iran Press TV] The Takfiri
...an adherent of takfir wal hijra, an offshoot of Salafism that regards everybody who doesn't agree with them as apostates who must be killed...
ISIS terror group has released video footage purportedly showing the beheading of a Russian intelligence officer captured in Syria, a report says.

The SITE Intelligence Group, a US-based organization that tracks terrorists’ online activities, reported the emergence of the 12-minute Russian-language video on Tuesday.

Russia has denied reports of the alleged execution.

The footage shows a Takfiri holy warrior clad in black ranting before proceeding to behead the purported agent, according to the report.

The executioner is seen in the video urging Russian agents to surrender and saying, "This idiot believed the promises of his state not to abandon him if he was captured."

The release coincides with Russian celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany with military parades.

Posted by: Fred || 05/10/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [577 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  Seems to me the Russians have a GOAB - Grandmother of All Bombs. This won't end well for Daesh.
Posted by: gorb || 05/10/2017 0:16 Comments || Top||

#2  If that was a Russian, Daesh doesn't seem to have learned the lessons of Lebanon when taking Russian prisoners.
Posted by: DarthVader || 05/10/2017 11:45 Comments || Top||

#3  Darth, do you mean as it is here? How to Deal With Hostage Takers: Soviet Lessons
Posted by: JohnQC || 05/10/2017 19:48 Comments || Top||

Who's in the News
8Islamic State
6Govt of Pakistan
4al-Shabaab (AQ)
2Govt of Iran
1Govt of Syria
1Sublime Porte
1Boko Haram (ISIS)
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A multi-volume chronology and reference guide set detailing three years of the Mexican Drug War between 2010 and 2012.

Rantburg.com and borderlandbeat.com correspondent and author Chris Covert presents his first non-fiction work detailing the drug and gang related violence in Mexico.

Chris gives us Mexican press dispatches of drug and gang war violence over three years, presented in a multi volume set intended to chronicle the death, violence and mayhem which has dominated Mexico for six years.
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Two weeks of WOT
Wed 2017-05-10
  US ignores Turkey’s objection, approves arming Kurdish forces in Syria
Tue 2017-05-09
  Egypt issues life sentence for Muslim Brotherhood chief
Mon 2017-05-08
  Confirmed: Head of ISIS In Afghanistan Killed In Raid By 50 U.S. Special Ops, 40 Afghan Commandos
Sun 2017-05-07
  Ismail Haniyeh elected new head of Hamas
Sat 2017-05-06
  New Jersey Man Charged With Attempting to Support ISIS, Planning NYC Bombing
Fri 2017-05-05
  US drone strike leaves 7 ISIS-K militants dead in East of Afghanistan
Thu 2017-05-04
  Kurd, Turkish army troops fighting near Rojava
Wed 2017-05-03
  Taliban kill 27 ISIS militants in East of Afghanistan
Tue 2017-05-02
  FBI translator married ISIS terrorist she was supposed to investigate: report
Mon 2017-05-01
  Al-Qaeda ready to join forces with Saudi-led groups to fight ‘Houthi Shia’ in Yemen
Sun 2017-04-30
  Jaish Al-Islam executes Al-Qaeda commander as rival jihadists slaughter each other in Damascus
Sat 2017-04-29
  ISIS on its last legs as the Syrian Army imposes full control over gas field in east Homs
Fri 2017-04-28
  Fighting between Kurds and Turkish troops continue in Northern Syria
Thu 2017-04-27
  Damascus airport rocked after 'Israel air strike' on arms depot
Wed 2017-04-26
  Abu Sayyaf beheads captive Philippine soldier

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