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Al Qaeda frees South African hostage after six years
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Taliban drive residents out of Kandahar
Resident in six villages in Kandahar’s Shah Wali Kot district, who have now moved to Kandahar, the provincial capital, claim the Taliban has “forcibly expelled” them from their villages for “cooperating with government”.

The residents also claimed that Taliban had kidnapped at least 70 people living in the district while they were traveling along the Kandahar-Zabul highway three weeks ago.

According to the residents, seven of the abducted victims have been killed, 20 were released and 32 of them are still being held by the Taliban.

“Taliban asked me to share information (about government) with them. I told them that I am not an agent. And then they threatened to kill me and told me to leave my village,” said Abdul Mannan, a resident of the district.

The women said the Taliban had taken their sons by force.

“Taliban has forcibly taken my son and the sons of others. We came here to the (Kandahar) city by foot. Some of our houses have been taken by the Taliban. We were threatened with death so we came here out of fear,” said Zarghona, another resident of the district.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has confirmed that the Taliban has kidnapped more than 70 residents of Shah Wali Kot district – killing seven of them. The incident happened on Kandahar-Zabul road at least three weeks ago.

“According to our initial information, at least 70 people have been kidnapped and all of them are civilians. This has been done by anti-government armed militants,” said AIHRC acting director in the south, Fakhruddin Fayiz.

“They (kidnappers) have killed seven people and have released some of them. We have some information that a number of the hostages have been freed,” he added.

Local officials in Kandahar have not commented on the report.

Taliban has claimed that they were not involved in the kidnapping.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [267 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Taliban destroy bridge in Balkh
Taliban insurgents have destroyed a bridge in Chahar Bolak district of northern Balkh province, police officials said on Thursday.

The incident took place on Wednesday night after the Taliban insurgents attacked security forces check posts in the district, a spokesman for the provincial governor, Shirjan Durani said.

“The bridge was connecting a number of villages with Mazar city (the provincial capital). No one was hurt in the incident,” Durani said.

However, he did not provide further details.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the incident.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [227 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

3 die in IED attack in Kabul
At least three civilians including two children were killed in an IED explosion in Kabul city early Thursday, eyewitnesses said.

In addition, the body guard of a security official was wounded.

The blast happened at about 7:15am local time in Kotal area in PD17 when an IED was detonated as a security official drove by, according to eyewitnesses.

“The children were coming from mosque when the explosion happened. One of the bodyguards of the security official was also wounded in the blast,” an eyewitness said.

However, security officials have not yet commented over the blast.

No group including the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the blast yet.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [371 views] Top|| File under:

#1  No group including the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the blast yet.

Anyone notice TallyBoys are late to announce on many of these blasts?
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 1:55 Comments || Top||

#2  Their handlers prefer results, not publicity.
Posted by: Pappy || 08/04/2017 8:07 Comments || Top||

#3  I was thinking rogue assassin targeting the security official
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 8:43 Comments || Top||

#4  Possible, but not probable.
Posted by: Pappy || 08/04/2017 11:28 Comments || Top||

#5  Anyone notice TallyBoys are late to announce on many of these blasts?

Twice the publicity: once when the act is reported, a second time when the claim is ditto. Or even a third time, if there is an interim update of casualties and damage. Claim it the same day it occurs, and the media will quickly get in the habit of delaying release of such stories until the claim comes through.
Posted by: trailing wife || 08/04/2017 11:32 Comments || Top||

#6  Nice, very nice TW.
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 19:28 Comments || Top||

Africa Horn
Kenya: Suspected al-Shabab attack on police station kills 1
[Ynet] An official says a policeman has been killed after suspected Islamic Death Eaters attacked a cop shoppe in the northern Kenyan county of Mandera.

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh said Thursday al-Shabaab
... the Islamic version of the old Somali warlord...
are suspected in the attack on Lafey cop shoppe. Two vehicles were burnt in the early morning attack. The incident comes a day after three people died in a suspected al-Shabaab attack in southern Kenya and days before Tuesday's national elections. al-Shabaab has threatened to disrupt the elections.

Al-Shabaab in recent weeks has stepped up deadly attacks in Kenya's border counties of Lamu and Mandera. The group has carried out more than 100 attacks inside Kenya, calling it retribution for the East African nation's deployment of troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight the Death Eaters.
Posted by: trailing wife || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [265 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

#1  Fox had breaking news we'd dronezapped an Al-Shaboob bigwig today
Posted by: Frank G || 08/04/2017 8:44 Comments || Top||

Africa North
Al Qaeda frees South African hostage after six years
[DAWN] A South African man kidnapped from his hotel and held hostage by Al Qaeda in Mali since 2011 has been sprung unscathed, his country's foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Stephen McGown, 42, was kidnapped from the historic trading city of Timbuktu in Mali's north along with Swede Johan Gustafsson and Dutchman Sjaak Rijke, both of whom were subsequently released.

McGown has returned to South Africa and been reunited with his family, foreign ministry official Clayson Monyela told AFP.

"It was a big surprise when he walked through the door. When I gave him a hug, he was as sound and as strong as before, so he was obviously well treated up there," Stephen's father Malcolm told news hounds in Pretoria, though Stephen himself did not attend the press briefing.
Posted by: Fred || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [519 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in North Africa

Yemeni troops fighting Al Qeada
ADEN/DUBAI: Yemeni troops, backed by the United States and the United Arab Emirates, conducted raids against the local affiliate of Al-Qaeda in Shabwa province on Thursday, the Emirati state news agency WAM said.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has taken advantage of a civil war pitting the Houthi movement against the Saudi-backed government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to try to widen its control and influence in Yemen.

“Since early morning on Thursday, Yemeni troops and Hadrami (from Hadramout province) Elite Forces, with US and UAE backing, moved to smash elements of the terrorist organizations, especially AQAP,” WAM reported.

WAM did not say what kind of support the UAE and US militaries had provided or give details on the outcome of the raids.

The raids came a day after a suspected Al-Qaeda suicide bomber blew up his vehicle next to a military position recently set up by the Yemeni force in Shabwa province, killing six soldiers of a new anti-terrorist force set up by the UAE.

A Yemeni military official said two vehicles belonging to the anti-terrorist force were destroyed in the attack, which left an undetermined number wounded while other soldiers were abducted by Al-Qaeda members supporting the suicide bomber.

Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the United States, confirmed the operation against the terrorists in a statement issued later Thursday.

“Yemeni government armed forces launched a major operation against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) militants in the Shabwah Governorate of Yemen. The operation is being closely supported by a combined UAE and US enabling force,” he said.

Otaiba gave no details of the support provided by UAE and US forces.

Air strikes by US drones and manned aircraft against the militant group are frequent. But large-scale ground operations by regional troops have been rare since 2015, when the group was driven out of the mini-state it had established in the port city of Mukalla.

Shabwa, one of the key southern Yemeni provinces, is where the US military carried out an air strike in June that killed Abu Khattab al Awlaqi, one of the emirs of AQAP, along with two other militants.

It is also the site of Yemen’s only gas terminal, in the province’s port of Belhaf, and the pipeline feeding the terminal has been targeted several times by AQAP, Al-Qaeda’s most active branch. The terminal stopped operating after foreign experts were evacuated in 2015.

Operations against the militants are complicated by the Yemeni civil war. A Saudi-led coalition is fighting Houthi rebels backed by Iran and troops loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in a campaign to restore the internationally recognized government of President Hadi.

The forces are largely stalemated but the fighting has plunged millions into poverty, displaced millions of others and killed more than 10,000 people.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [234 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Hefazat takes the Tea Party route
That is the original, untouched headline, dear Reader.
[Dhaka Tribune] Over 50 central leaders of Hefajat-e-Islam
...a madrassa-based false nose and mustache of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, formed in 2010 to protest against secular education. In 2011 demonstrated violentyly against women's rights and in 2013 held large rallies demanding capital punishment of Shahbag Square protesters and banning women working outside the home...
Bangladesh are planning to take part in the next national election under the banner of various registered Islamist political parties.

Although the Qawmi madrasa-based fundamentalist Islamist group claims to be a non-political movement, many of its members have already taken part in several local government elections in recent times, winning a few.

Following these victories, Islamist politicians who are affiliated with the group are now seeing the organization as a potential vote bank.

Despite its reiterations about not participating in elections, Hefazat central leadership has been silently consenting to these political aspirations. Sources within the organization say the leadership sees this as an opportunity to materialise their 13-point agenda.

Hefazat was formed in 2010 and came to prominence by mobilising opposition to the Shahbagh Movement in early 2013. It was then that they issued their now infamous 13-point charter, which included demands for a ban on the free mixing of men and women, and the death penalty for atheists.

Hefazat Ameer Shah Ahmed Shafi has said many times that his group is not a political party and they will not take part in any election.

But over the last few years, several Hefazat leaders have won public offices through local government elections, with tacit support from the group’s central command.

Nasir Uddin Munir, general secretary of Hefazat’s Hathazari municipality unit, was elected vice-chairman of Hathazari Upazila Gay Pareehad in 2014. The Hathazari madrasa is the headquarters of the group.

A Hefazat leader, seeking anonymity, said the organization sees this as a sign that they are popular among the public.

Some of the political parties where Hefazat leaders are vying for candidacies are: Nezam-e-Islami Party, Jamaat Ulema-e-Islam
...Assembly of Islamic Clergy, or JUI, is a Pak Deobandi (Hanafi) political party. There are two main branches, one led by Maulana Fazlur Rahman, and one led by Maulana Samiul Haq. Fazl is active in Pak politix and Sami spends more time running his madrassah. Both branches sponsor branches of the Taliban, though with plausible deniability...
, Khelafat Andolan, Khelafat Mojlish (Ishak), Khelafat Mojlish (Habibur Rahman), Khelafat Islami and two factions of Islami Oikya Jote
... a political party in Bangladesh. In the 2001 elections the party won 2 out of 300 elected members in an alliance with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. It has a focus on building an islamic state, and has used the madrassas to gain support...

Sources said Hefazat now plans to field candidates in over 50 constituencies, although some of the names under consideration by the group are accused of crimes and are facing several cases.
Posted by: Fred || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [258 views] Top|| File under: Hefajat-e-Islam

ISIS secret agent, 35, who used Britain as a base to recruit new jihadis, raise cash and tip off military commanders is jailed for six years
  • Awat Hamasalih, 35, jailed for six years for membership of a terrorist organisation

  • He claimed he was 'proud to be British' and denied he supported ISIS

  • He was given asylum in Britain in 2002, then became a British citizen in 2008

  • Hamasalih, an Iraqi Kurd, had fought for the Peshmerga in the late 1990s but had changed sides to join ISIS

  • Prosecutors argued he was an 'active and committed member' of the group

  • He used social media and a broadcast website to drum up support

  • He was found with the human resources files for two regiments of Peshmerga
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [254 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  The recruiter/moneyman gets 6 but planners get life?
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 8:32 Comments || Top||

UK ‘Three Musketeers’ terror cell jailed for life
[IsraelTimes] Members of a British jihadist terror cell who called themselves the "Three Musketeers" receive life sentences on Thursday for plotting an attack against police and military targets.

The gang, from the West Midlands in central England, was enjugged
... anything you say can and will be used against you, whether you say it or not...
last August after intelligence operatives went to bug one of the members’ cars, only to find a pipe bomb and meat cleaver hidden in the boot.

All three men denied preparing an attack and claim the evidence was planted by an undercover officer, who rejected the claims during 12 days of cross examination.

Judge Henry Globe in London sentenced Naweed Ali, 29, Khobaib Hussain, 25, and Mohibur Rahman, 33, to serve at least 20 years, following a trial in which the police’s undercover operations came under the spotlight.

Jurors deliberated for 22 hours before finding the men guilty of planning an attack similar to that on British soldier Lee Rigby, who was knifed to death on a London street in broad daylight in 2013.

Another defendant, Tahir Aziz, 38, was also sentenced to life after being found guilty of the same offense, and will serve a minimum of 15 years in jail.
Posted by: trailing wife || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [260 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  What's the over/under on how long they're actually in? Given the current nature of Jolly olde I'm guessing 2 years with time off for good behavior.
Posted by: AlanC || 08/04/2017 7:28 Comments || Top||

#2  two of them were jailed for a long time for terrorism in 2011, so how come they were out already?
Emptying prisons for illegal opinions?
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 08/04/2017 10:28 Comments || Top||

#3  So a bunch of dum asses.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 08/04/2017 12:25 Comments || Top||

Down Under
Sydney plane plotters 'tried to smuggle one bomb onto an Etihad flight and to build a highly-sophisticated chemical weapon as they were directed by senior ISIS commander '
  • Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat will appear before Parramatta Court on Friday

  • They are facing charges of acting in preparation for or planning a terrorist act

  • Police said plot involved smuggling bomb onto Etihad flight out of Sydney

  • Bomb made of components sent through international air cargo by a senior member of ISIS, but July 15th attempt failed

  • A second plan was to build a weapon to release toxic hydrogen sulphide gas

  • Khaled Merhi remains behind bars and is held under special anti-terror laws
Update at 9:30: I just checked the link to see if the article had been updated, as the Daily Mail so often does, and it's a doozy.
The alleged ringleader of a terror plot to bring down a plane departing Sydney for the Middle East planned to send his unsuspecting brother to his death, it has been revealed.

Police said the plot ‐ to bring an improvised bomb aboard an Etihad Airways flight to Abu Dhabi ‐ was aborted at the last minute.

It may have been because the bag containing the bomb, concealed inside a meat mincer, was too heavy, AFP Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan told news hounds on Friday.

Daily Mail Australia understands the flight in question was EY 451, which departed Sydney Airport's international terminal shortly after 3pm on July 15.

Police said Khaled Khayat, 49, took the luggage home with him from Sydney Airport, while his brother boarded the flight.

Mr Phelan said detectives believe the brother had no idea about the bomb inside his bag.

’We will be alleging the person who was to carry the IED on the plane had no idea they were going to be carrying an IED,’ he said. ’We believe he had no idea.’

Khayat, of Lakemba, and another brother Mahmoud Khayat, 32, of Punchbowl, are each charged with two counts of acting in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act. The maximum penalty for the offence is life imprisonment.

They were remanded in jug and the case was adjourned to the same court on November 14.

Communications with ISIS began in April with the group sending components and propellants through international cargo from The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
to the men in Sydney, police said.

They then directed them on how to build a bomb with what was 'high military-grade explosives' that would have caused 'significant damage'.

Mr Phelan would not reveal who the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
link was, but said it will be alleged that the men were introduced to him by one of their family members, who is a senior ISIS member in Syria.

But authorities are confident they've now found 'every single component of that IED,' he said.

The second plan was hatched after the first one failed, police alleged, and was not necessarily targeted at a plane.

'They were talking about crowded closed spaces, you know, potentially public transport, and so on,' Phelan said, but added that they 'got nowhere near making one'.
Posted by: trailing wife || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [331 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  A second plan was to build a weapon to release toxic hydrogen sulphide gas

So there was going to be a gas!
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 2:02 Comments || Top||

#2  Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat will appear before Parramatta Court be dropped out of a plane without parachutes at 30,000 ft. on Friday FIFY
Posted by: JohnQC || 08/04/2017 7:07 Comments || Top||

2 suspected militants, 2 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir violence
[DAWN] Two Indian soldiers and two suspected bully boyz were reportedly killed in armed festivities on Thursday in held Kashmire, officials said, in another day of bloodshed in the region where tensions are high following the killing of a prominent suspected krazed killer.

The separatists were killed in Kulgam, south of the main city of Srinagar in India-held Kashmire, when they walked into an ambush laid by Indian soldiers.

"It was a deliberate and swift operation," an army officer told AFP.

In a separate incident, two Indian troops were killed and another injured in a shootout with suspected bully boyz in Shopian district, the officer said on condition of anonymity.

The soldiers came under fire as they surrounded a house suspected of harbouring krazed killers, and were evacuated from the scene. It was not clear if the people inside evaded capture.

"Three soldiers were evacuated by air but two of them died before reaching a military hospital," a police officer said.
Posted by: Fred || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [246 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistain Proxies

#1  The dead Bully Boyz are Pakis not chinese?
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 2:05 Comments || Top||

More Mosul Moslem Mayhem

Iraqi militias capture 17 localities

Tal Afar (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi pro-government paramilitary forces recaptured more ground around Islamic State’s last stronghold in Nineveh province, a military officer was quoted saying Thursday.

Popular Mobilization Forces carried out a military operation east of Tal Afar, west of Mosul, said Cap. Jabbar Hassan from the Iraqi army in statements to Anadolu Agency. The offensives came as part of reinforcements in preparation to invade the town, he explained.

The PMF finished an operation to clear the road linking the regions of Adaya, west of Mosul, and ain al-Jahsh, southeast of Tal Afar, Hassan added. Forces took control of 17 villages and roads interconnecting them, he revealed.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said last month that military plans were ready to invade Tal Afar, Islamic State’s last haven in Nineveh, with the participation of mobilization forces. Abadi declared earlier this month that the city of Mosul, IS’s largest stronghold in Iraq, had been recaptured from the militant group.

Late June, PMFs said they took control over the borderline with Syria, and announced earlier this year that Tal Afar was completely isolated from IS’s havens in Syria.

ISIS Big Turban dies in airstrike in al-Jighaifi region

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) The Shia-led paramilitary troops have announced murder of the ‘third man’ within the Islamic State group, in west of Mosul.

In a statement posted on al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units), abu Sijad al-Karbala’i, deputy commander of the 13th brigade, said “Iraqi fighter jets killed on Thursday IS security chief known as abu Suhaib, based on intelligence information from the PMUs.”

“Abu Suhaib was targeted by an army airstrike near the brigade in al-Jighaifi region, west of Mosul on the borders between Iraq and Syria,” Karbala’i added.

In May, Badr Organization, which works under the umbrella of the PMUs, announced reaching to Iraqi-Syrian borders, after liberating the remaining villages in the vicinity of Qairawan, a main Islamic State bastion which links between Tal Afar town and the Syrian borders, and Baaj.

The target behind expanding the control of borders, according to PMUs officials, is to prevent infiltration of of IS militants from Syria to Iraq.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi vowed in July to keep the PMUs for several years and announced increase of their budget to raise the fighters’ wages.

PMUs, an alliance of more than 60 mostly Shia militias, are recognized by the government as a national force under the Prime Minister’s command.

Iraqi soldier die in ISIS set ambush

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) An Iraqi officer was killed, while another went missing in an ambush set up by Islamic State militants, south of Nineveh province, Waradana news agency reported.

“A colonel from the national security department was killed in an ambush set up by IS militants, while another officer, a first lieutenant, went missing,” a police source said.

“The ambush was set up in al-Najma village in Qayyarah, south of Nineveh,” the source added.

Iraqi troops had liberated Qayyarah in August.

Violence in the country has surged further with the emergence of Islamic State Sunni extremist militants who proclaimed an “Islamic Caliphate” in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

A monthly count by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), issued this week said 518 Iraqis were killed and injured during the month of June. Nineveh province was the most affected governorate with 233, Baghdad came next then Anbar.

Bombings and armed attacks are seen on on almost a daily basis against security members, paramilitary groups and civilians since the Iraqi government launched a wide-scale campaign to retake IS-occupied areas in 2016.

Despite declaring the victory over IS in Mosul in July, observers say IS is believed to constitute a security threat even after the group’s defeat at its main havens across Iraqi provinces.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [235 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

4 die in toxic gas explosion in Kirkuk
Kirkuk (IraqiNews.com) Islamic State’s toxic gases expert was killed along with three of his guards while manufacturing missiles loaded with toxic gases, southwest of Kirkuk, a security source said.

“A blast occurred on Thursday at one of the IS sites in the military district in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, which killed the group’s toxic gases expert called abul Qa’qa’ al-Muhajir along with three of his guards,” the source told AlSumaria News. “The explosion took place after the so-called toxic gases brigade was working on missiles loaded with toxic gases.

The source, who preferred anonymity, said “al-Muhajir, who is close to the group’s supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is considered one of the group’s prominent toxic gases expert.”

Earlier this week, the group’s Islamic police chief was killed, while five others were injured as an airstrike targeted the group’s rest house in Hawija.

Hawija, located west of Kirkuk, have been held by IS since mid-2014, when the group emerged to proclaim an Islamic “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria. The group executed dozens of civilians and security members there, forcing thousands to flee homes.

There has been pressure on Iraqi government to hasten with invading Hawija, given the humanitarian crisis people were experiencing under the group’s rule. Further offensives are expected to be launched across Iraq.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [290 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

#1  Wonder if these were the guys with the Hydrogen Sulphide recipe?
Posted by: Skidmark || 08/04/2017 2:04 Comments || Top||

13 ISIS Bad Guys die near Rutba

Anbar (IraqiNews.com) Thirteen Islamic State militants were killed in a security operation that was targeted al-Sahla valley, southeast of Rutba, western Anbar, a tribal official said on Thursday.

‘Security troops destroyed three IS rest houses, exploded a weapon-laden truck and filled a water well and trenches dug by the group,” Col. Lawrance al-Eissawi, commander in the Tribal Mobilization Forces in Anbar, told BasNews.

“Iraqi troops confiscated a rocket launcher, destroyed 22 bombs and 16 landmines,” Eissawi said, adding that the forces also targeted a locally-manufactured telecommunications tower in al-Suhaila region.

Military operations are still ongoing in the western desert of Anbar, Eissawi added.

On Wednesday, news reports said 13 militants were killed as army airstrike shelled IS members gathering in Rawa and Qaim towns, western Anbar.

Earlier this week, Sputnik news agency quoted local and security sources as saying that the group gathered the militants at the 25 KM region, west of Rutba, located western Anbar, to attack Iraqi common borders with Syria and Jordan.

Lt.Gen Abdul-Amir Yarallah, commander of the Nineveh Operation, ordered to besiege IS havens in western Anbar preparing to invade them, a military source said last week.

Iraqi fighter jets reportedly dropped millions of leaflets informing locals that liberation offensives for the province were nearing.
Posted by: badanov || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [244 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Riots in Jaffa during a protest against the police
[Ynet] Clashes erupted during a demonstration in Jaffa following the arrest of the brother of the young man who was rubbed out by police at the end of last week.

The protesters burned garbage cans, vandalized several shops and threw stones at coppers.

So far, 2 rioters have been tossed in the calaboose
You have the right to remain silent...
, as well as a senior member of the Islamic Movement
... the Moslem Brotherhood in Israel. They do all the usual social welfare stuff as well as pass millions in donations from Turkey and the UK to Hamas. The "moderate" Southern Branch runs for election as one of the Arab parties, while the Northern Branch uses stronger methods, including the Mourabitoun, the cadre of Israeli Arabs who harass Jews on the Temple Mount. Their founder died recently; he was loudly mourned as a staunch "Zionist", which suits Southern Branch marketing.
who, according to suspicions, was the one who led the festivities with the police.

The brother was arrested after assaulting several coppers stationed in the city to maintain public order, and even bringing with him additional residents to confront the forces.
Posted by: trailing wife || 08/04/2017 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [218 views] Top|| File under: Muslim Brotherhood

15 more arrested on suspicion of instigating Temple Mount riots
[IsraelTimes] Overnight raids in East Jerusalem neighborhoods round up alleged key figures who police say fueled violent protests

As part of ongoing security operations since festivities broke out some three weeks ago, police nabbed
Drop the heater, Studs, or you're hist'try!
overnight Wednesday a further 15 men suspected of playing key roles in recent violent demonstrations against Israeli security measures at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Officers and border guards, equipped with arrest warrants, raided homes in East Jerusalem and detained the suspects for questioning, police said in a statement.

Raids took place in A Tur, Beit Hanina, Wadi Joz and Ras Al Amoud.

The detainees are suspected of taking part in riots and endangering lives, the statement said.

Following questioning they will be brought before a court to have their detention extended.

Police said that by using a combination of groundwork, intelligence-gathering, documentation, and "sophisticated use of technologies," they were able to identify major instigators of violent rioting.

During the festivities, dozens of Paleostinians gathered in a number of locations and threw stones, glass bottles and Molotov cocktails, set dumpsters alight, blocked roads, and launched firecrackers at security forces.

Five protesters were killed and a number of officers were maimed during the rioting.

"The Israel police takes a serious view of efforts to riot with the aim of shaping reality and to influence decision making, and will not allow it," the statement said.

The latest arrests come just two days after 33 people were detained in similar raids over the violence. Thirty-one of those have had their remands extended, with nine already being handed indictments.

The site is revered by Jews as the home of two destroyed biblical Temples, and is the holiest site in Judaism. Known to Moslems as Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), it houses the Dome of the Rock shrine and the al-Aqsa mosque.

As victim’s condition stabilizes, IDF raids Yavneh terrorist’s hometown

[IsraelTimes] The IDF on Thursday raided the West Bank hometown of a Paleostinian terrorist who stabbed and critically injured an Israeli supermarket worker the day before.

The army did not make any arrests in the early-morning raid, an IDF spokesperson said, but soldiers entered the homes of the terrorist’s family members in an apparent search for contraband.

On Wednesday morning, just before noon, Ismail Ibrahim Ismail Abu Aram, 19, attacked an employee of a Shufersal supermarket, stabbing him multiple times in the chest, neck and head. The brutal attack was captured by the store’s security camera (warning: graphic content).

Abu Aram expeditiously departed at a goodly pace but was tackled and pinned to the ground by civilian bystanders until police arrived and nabbed
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!

The 43-year-old victim was rushed to the nearby Kaplan Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, a hospital spokesperson said. After an hours-long operation to stop the bleeding and repair the damage caused by Abu Aram’s attack, the victim’s condition stabilized, but remained serious, according to Dr. Doron Shindel, the head of Kaplan’s head and throat surgery department.

"He is being monitored and is receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. He is still unconscious and hooked up to a ventilator, and within the next few hours he will be brought back to an operating room to finish the surgery process," Shindel said in a statement Thursday morning.

Shortly after the attack on Wednesday, the IDF raided Abu Aram’s home in the West Bank town of Yatta, also arresting no one.

A few hours later, the army placed a cordon around the village. All traffic coming in and out of Yatta was being checked in a measure referred to by the army as a "breathing closure," the IDF said in a statement.
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Israel breaks up Hamas Turkey-Hebron money laundering ring
[IsraelTimes] Terror group brought some $200,000 into the West Bank to pay salaries of its command, operatives, Shin Bet says
Photos of the miscreants can be seen at the link.
Israel’s Shin Bet security service has uncovered a complex Hamas, the well-beloved offspring of the Moslem Brotherhood, money laundering operation that brought nearly three quarters of a million shekels into the terrorist group’s coffers, the agency announced Thursday.

In light of Israeli sanctions on the group, Hamas cannot freely move money in and out of the country. Through this plot, which began in early 2016, the group managed to transfer approximately $200,000 (NIS 720,000) into its Hebron offices from The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
, with help from Gazoo, in order to fund terrorist activities, the Shin Bet said.

The security service, working alongside the Israel Police, nabbed
You have the right to remain silent...
five Hamas members in the West Bank in connection with the operation, and also identified one operative in Gazoo and another in Turkey.

"The discovery of this operation shows the never-ending desire by Hamas operatives in Turkey and Gazoo to increase terrorism by Hamas in the West Bank," the Shin Bet said.

The security service added that this type of money laundering by Hamas takes a toll on the otherwise legitimate Paleostinian businessmen involved, who end up "paying a significant personal and financial price for these actions."

The head of the operation was identified by the security service as Muhammad Maher Bader, a senior member of Hamas in Hebron and a member of the Paleostinian parliament.

Bader, who was arrested in June, enlisted the help of two couriers, Muasseb Hashalmon and Taha Uthman, both of them residents of Hebron, the Shin Bet said.

Hashalmon and Uthman would travel to Turkey, where they would receive tens of thousands of dollars from a Hamas operative named Haron Nasser al-Din.

According to the Shin bet, the two Paleostinian men used the money to purchase commercial goods, which they would ship back to Hebron and sell. The money from the merchandise, save for a small percentage that was their cut, was then used to pay the salaries of Hamas’s high command in the West Bank city and was also given to active members of the terrorist group and to operatives who had been released from prison.

Behind the scenes, two other Hebron residents -- Umar Qimri and Yusri Hashalmon -- worked with a Gazoo-based Hamas member, Majd Jaaba, to facilitate the deals in Turkey, the Shin Bet said.

Jaaba, who was originally from Hebron, moved to Gazoo after he was released from an Israeli prison as part of the deal to release captured soldier Gilad Shalit, an agreement that saw over 1,000 convicted Paleostinian hard boyz set free.

Al-Din, originally from Hebron, was also released from prison under the Shalit deal.

In addition to breaking up the ongoing money operation, the Shin Bet said it thwarted a second plot that was still in the planning stages, in which a cement factory in Hebron would be used to launder even more funds for the terrorist group.

With the close of the investigation, the Shin Bet said military prosecutors are expected to file indictments against the five Hebron-based members of the operation within the next few days.
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ISIS Big Turbans die in airstrikes near Deir ez-Zor
[ARA News] Coalition airstrikes continue to target and kill ISIS leaders and foreign fighters in Syria to support Coalition partner forces and degrade ISIS’ ability to inspire, resource and direct terror attacks around the world, the US-led coalition said in a statement today.

Most recently, the Coalition targeted and killed ISIS leaders involved in directing external operations as well as bomb making directed at regional and Western targets.

Coalition forces killed Abd al-Ghafur, a Syria-based ISIS external operations official, and one associate in an airstrike July 24 near Albu Kamal, Syria. His assistant, Abu Hammam, and three other ISIS members were killed by a Coalition airstrike on July 16 near Deir ez-Zor, in eastern Syria.

Abd Al-Ghafur and Abu Hammam were responsible for managing and directing external operations attacks and participated in attack plotting against the Middle East and Western targets, the coalition said. Their removal deprives ISIS of well-connected members with links to trans-regional terror support networks.

Abu Futtum, an ISIS explosives specialist, and one associate were killed in an airstrike July 13 near Mayadin, Syria. As a bomb maker, Futtum was a part of ISIS’ network that instructs and incites others to take the same destructive actions, encouraging lone wolf attacks across the globe using homemade explosives.

The Coalition also targeted ISIS foreign fighters from southeast Europe operating in Syria as ISIS recruiters, facilitators and attack plotters, responsible for multiple atrocities within Syria.

Lavdrim Muhaxheri was killed by a Coalition airstrike June 7, 2017, near Mayadin, Syria. Muhaxheri was an ethnic Albanian from Kacanc, Kosovo, and a self-proclaimed leader of ISIS foreign fighters from Kosovo.

He was known as the most prominent and radical ethnic Albanian fighter in Syria and was directly responsible for inciting jihadist ideology within European communities and encouraging foreign fighters to travel to ISIS-controlled territory. He was also responsible for planning numerous terrorist attacks, including the failed plot to bomb the 2016 Israel-Albania soccer match in Albania.

“Furthermore, we can confirm the deaths of four senior ISIS associates of Muhaxheri. Jetmir Ismaili, an ISIS external terror attack planner, was killed by a Coalition airstrike in Raqqah, Syria, in late June. Ismaili had key connections with ISIS external terror attack planners in Europe and Syria, and personally planned and coordinated external ISIS terror attacks,” the coalition said on Thursday.

“Razim Kastrati, an ISIS external terror attack coordinator, was killed along with five other ISIS fighters by a Coalition airstrike on June 16 near Mayadin, Syria. Kastrati moved and trained foreign fighters from southeast Europe to Syria and was involved in plotting external attacks,” the coalition added.

Irfan Hafiqi, a fellow ethnic Albanian and deputy to Muhaxheri, was killed by a Coalition airstrike on June 7 near Qayira, Syria. Haqifi was involved in plotting terror attacks abroad, and was responsible for recruiting ISIS fighters from Southeast Europe and facilitating their movements to Syria.

Orhan Ramadani, was killed by a Coalition airstrike on May 21 near Mayadin, Syria. Ramadani was responsible for actively planning external terror attacks from Syria.

“ISIS poses a global threat because of its commitment to plot, direct and incite terror attacks, and its ability to recruit, move, and finance the terrorists who commit those attacks. The Coalition will continue to target and kill ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria until ISIS is removed from the region and no longer pose a threat to national homelands around the world,” the coalition concluded.
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#1  A side effect of this activity is, as I have said before, that these clowns are turning themselves inside out to figure how our side knew where and when to strike.
If they're doing that, many of their insiders are either going to be terminated or cut out of various commo activities in order to restrict info, which is a disadvantage, or assigned someplace else. It's all good.
Of if they don't, this keeps happening.
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12 die in Deir Ezzor airstrikes
Deir Ezzor (Syria News) Twelve civilians were killed, while tens others were injured in unidentified airstrikes in the vicinity of al-Tabani town, west of Deir Ezzor, Qasioun News reported on Thursday.

According to local sources, the victims were from one family. Many civilians have reportedly fled the surrounding villages in the wake of the heavy shelling.

Meanwhile, clashes occurred between Islamic State militants and the Syrian regime forces in west of Deir Ezzor, as troops, positioned 20 KM away from Tabani, were attempting to advance toward the town.

The Syrian regime forces, backed by Russian airforce, are quickly approaching toward the city from three sides including the western countryside, the southern countryside on the Syrian-Iraqi borders and the Syrian Badiyah.
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Terrorist who plotted attack on Israel soccer game killed in Syria
[IsraelTimes] IS figure Lavdrim Muhaxheri hatched plan to target Israeli-Albanian World Cup qualifier last November

The US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group in Syria has killed a plotter of the thwarted terror attack at last year’s Israel-Albania soccer match in Albania, a US official said Thursday.

Lavdrim Muhaxheri was killed in a June 7 Arclight airstrike near Mayadin, which is close to Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, coalition front man Colonel Ryan Dillon said.

"He was an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo and a self-proclaimed leader of ISIS imported muscle from Kosovo," he said.

Albanian authorities have charged four people over allegedly plotting to attack the World Cup qualifier in Albania last November. The game had been due to take place in the northern town of Shkodra but was eventually held in Elbasan, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) from the Albanian capital Tirana, under a massive security presence.

Dillon said Muhaxheri was "the most prominent and radical ethnic Albanian fighter" in Syria who was responsible for inciting jihadist ideology in Europe and encouraging imported muscle to travel to IS-controlled territory.

"He was also responsible for planning numerous terrorist attacks, to include the failed plot to bomb the 2016 Israel-Albania soccer match in Albania," Dillon told news hounds in a video call from Baghdad.

Kosovo, a predominantly ethnic Albanian and Moslem country, has been confronted with more than 300 of its citizens waging jihad in Syria and Iraq. It has subsequently strengthened legislation and attempted to root out radical Islamist networks.

Dillon said eight other "colleagues" of Muhaxheri had also been killed.
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#1  Football hooligans?
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Terror Networks
III Corp Ft Hood Enters Operation Inherent Resolve Against ISIS Iraq and Syria
Happy hunting, guys.
[FortHoodPressCenter] FORT HOOD, Texas -- Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk II, III Corps commander, and III Corps Command Sgt. Maj. Michael A. Crosby will case the III Corps colors at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 4 at the III Corps flag pole signifying the beginning of the unit’s year-long deployment to the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility.

The command will lead a regional campaign of coalition and international partners synchronizing military activities as the headquarters of the Combined Joint Task Force ‐ Operation Inherent Resolve.

Combined Joint Task Force ‐ Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) was created in October 2014. CJTF-OIR serves as the headquarters for a global coalition of more than 65 nations and partner organizations, formed to militarily defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a common global enemy.
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#1  while operation enduring freedom is in its second decade - there we are fighting both ISIS and the taliban and sometimes other rogue operators
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#2  and sometimes other rogue operators

Like, the Turks
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The Beatings Will Continue: Iraqi Edition

ISIS imposes curfew in Tal Afar

Tal Afar (IraqiNews.com) Curfew was imposed in Tal Afar town, west of Mosul, as huge sound of explosion was heard on Wednesday, a local source from Nineveh was quoted saying.

“Huge explosion sound was heard on Wednesday evening in Tal Afar, and was followed by heaving shooting,” the source told AlSumaria News.

“Islamic State militants imposed curfew,” speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said, adding that “the reason behind the explosion was unknown, which urged the group to impose the curfew.”

The group has been on high alert as the group’s head of training camps was killed in an airstrike in the town earlier on Wednesday.

Tal Afar is one of the important strongholds still held by IS in Nineveh since August 2014. The town has been set as the next target of operations after victory was declared in Mosul on July 10.

Iraqi Defense Ministry said last week that a date has been set for the invasion of the town, however, it will not be declared to maintain the secrecy of the intended operations.

During a weekly press briefing on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said a special plan has been drawn to invade Tal Afar.

Kurds deport refugees by force

Kirkuk (IraqiNews.com) Kurdish security authorities are forcibly deporting Iraqi refugees to home regions where they fear vengeful actions from pro-government militias, a news network says.

Quoting Arab tribal sources, Saudi-owned al-Arabiya network said Kurdish security in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk are obliging Iraqi refugees to their home regions in Salahuddin province which had been recaptured from Islamic State militants.

It said, however, that the refugees are averse to returning home fearing what the channel described as “vengeful” action s from the Popular Mobilization Forces, the pro-government alliance of Shia-led militias that had fought the Islamic State.

Iraq’s war against IS since 2014 has displaced more than four million people, according to United Nations and government counts. All parties to the war have faced criticisms from U.N. and human rights groups for alleged human rights violations, including mobilization forces, which have occasionally been accused of breaches against Sunni civilians at recaptured areas, especially those suspected of affiliation with IS militants.

But Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had recurrently defended the force against accusations.

U.N., local and international human rights groups have recurrently urged Baghdad to give refugees the freedom of choice between staying at their shelter destinations and returning to their home towns.

ISIS moll dies in house collapse

Tal Afar (IraqiNews.com) A notorious mother of three Islamic State militants died Thursday when her house partially collapsed west of Nineveh, a local source was quoted saying.

Alsumaria News quoted the source saying that “Um Daesh” (mother of the Islamic State) died under a collapsing wall at a house in Tal Afar, the last major Islamic State stronghold in Nineveh.

“She was in her sixties and had always bragged about her affiliation with the group and used to threaten locals with her three sons who were behind several executions of innocents over the past years,” said the source.

The Iraqi government has recently set Tal Afar as the next target of operations against the Islamic State. So far, the town has been isolated from the Syrian borders and from Mosul by the pro-government Popular Mobilization.

The Iraqi government declared last month its victory over IS militants in Mosul, the group’s former capital in Iraq. Islamic State lost more than 25.000 members in more than eight months of military campaigns that began in October.

Besides Tal Afar, Islamic State still holds a few havens in Anbar, Salahuddin, and Kirkuk, all targets for future military actions.
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