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Southeast Asia
Two communist rebels killed in Agusan encounter
[PhilStar] Two New People’s Army militants were killed in a clash with Philippine troopers in Agusan del Sur last Sunday. The slain guerillas were identified as Juan Precioso, alias Max; and Dondon Montilla, alias Amag, of the NPA’s North Central Mindanao Regional Command. Reports said the clash happened in Barangay Oro, Esperanza.

In Ifugao, 20 communist rebels surrendered to the 54th Infantry Battalion in Asipulo town over the weekend. Soldiers also overran an NPA camp in Sitio Dibulod, Dicamay 2, Jones last Saturday.

-Land of the Free
This Week in Guns, August 4th, 2018

By Chris Covert

Housekeeping Notes:

Since last year I have tracked the totals of each firearm category in each state I follow to show how they are expanding. I used the following notation:

Arizona (520, 3Q, 2017(+12))(520, 487), of which the first group of notations indicates the high since the third quarter of 2017, the number of times it has gone up since 2017, then this week's number and last week's number. I am going to change that starting next week with:

Arizona (520, 487)(520), which will show this week's numbers, last week's numbers and then the all time high. I hope to reduce the confusion with these notations and reduce the clutter.

For an explication on how very wealthy people want to disarm their subjects, I mean the citizens, you should read this.


Rantburg's summary for arms and ammunition:

Pistol ammunition prices were steady. Rifle ammunition prices were steady.

Prices for used pistols were lower. Prices for used rifles were mixed.

(August 4th, 2018) For the 12th week running, used AR-15 prices have averaged below $500.

New Lows:


Pistol Ammunition

.45 Caliber, 230 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (2 Weeks)
Cheapest, 50 rounds: Carolina Munitions, Tulammo, FMJ, Steel Casing, .20 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: FedArm, Own Brand, FMJ, Brass Casing, Reloads, .20 per round (From Last Week: +.01 Each After Unchanged (3 Weeks)

.40 Caliber Smith & Wesson, 180 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (2 Weeks)
Cheapest, 50 rounds: Carolina Munitions, Tulammo, FMJ, Steel Casing, .18 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: East Carolina Trading, Own Brand, TPMJ, Brass Casing, Reloads, .19 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (3 Weeks)

9mm Parabellum, 115 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (3 Weeks)
Cheapest, 50 rounds: Extreme Reloading, Pwn Brand, RN, Brass Casing, Reloads .14 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: FedArm, Own brand, FMJ, Brass Casing, Reloads .14 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (1Q, 2018))

.357 Magnum, 158 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (2Q, 2018)
Cheapest, 50 rounds: LAX Ammunition, Tulammo, FMJ, Steel Casing, .23 per round
Cheapest Bulk: 500 rounds: FedArm, Own Brand, TMJ, Brass Casing, Reloads, .23 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (2 Weeks))

.38 Special, 158 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (4 Weeks)
Cheapest, 50 rounds: Outdoor Limited, CCI, RNL, Aluminum Casing, .20 per round
Cheapest Bulk: 1,000 rounds: Ammunition Depot, Fiocci, FMJ, Brass Casing, .23 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (2 Weeks))

Rifle Ammunition

.223 Caliber/5.56mm 55 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (4 Weeks)
Cheapest, 20 rounds: Carolina Munitions, Tulammo, FMJ, Steel Casing, .19 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: SG Ammo, Wolf WPA, FMJ, Steel Casing, .20 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (7 Weeks))

.308 NATO 150 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (6 Weeks)
Cheapest, 20 rounds: LAX Ammunition, Tulammo, FMJ, Steel Casing, .32 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: SG Ammo, Tulammo, FMJ, Steel Casing, .30 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (2Q, 2018))

7.62x39mm AK 123 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (2Q, 2018)
Cheapest, 20 rounds: Outdoor Limited, Wolf WPA, FMJ, Steel Casing, .20 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 1,000 rounds: True Shot Gun Club, Wolf WPA, FMJ, Steel Casing, .19 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (4 Weeks))

.30-06 Springfield 145 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (3 Weeks)
Cheapest, 20 rounds: Outdoor Limited, Wolf WPA, Steel Casing, FMJ, .54 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: United Nations Ammo, Wolf WPA, Steel Casing, FMJ, .53 per round (From Last week: Unchanged (4Q, 2017))

.300 Winchester Magnum 150 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (1Q, 2018)
Cheapest, 20 rounds: LAX Ammunition, Prvi Partizan, Brass Casing, SP, .81 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: Target Sports USA, Prvi Partizan, Brass Casing, SP, .85 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged (1Q, 2018))

.338 Lapua Magnum 250 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (6 Weeks)
Cheapest, 20 rounds: LAX Ammunition, ARM, SP, Brass Casing, 2.15 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 240 rounds: Ammo Board, ARM, SP, Brass Casing, 2.36 per round (From Last Week: Unchanged 5 Weeks))

.22 LR 40 Grain, From Last Week: Unchanged (7 Weeks)
Cheapest, 50 rounds: Ammomen, Federal, RNL, Brass Casing, .03 per round
Cheapest Bulk, 500 rounds: Carolina Munitions, Federal, RNL, Brass Casing, .03 per round (From Last Week: -.01 Each After Unchanged (2Q, 2018))

Guns for Private Sale

.223/5.56mm (AR Pattern Semiautomatic) Average Price: $450 Last Week Avg: $445(+) ($616 (2Q, 2015), $387 (48 Weeks))
Arizona (405, 3Q, 2017(+16))(398, 379): Smith & Wesson M&P 15: $350 ($740 (31 Weeks), $300 (47 Weeks))
Texas (484, 3Q, 2017(+3))(407, 377): DPMS: $500 ($700 (1Q, 2015), $350 (2Q, 2015))
Pennsylvania (249, 3Q, 2017(+6))(209, 212): Smith & Wesson: $450 ($700 (2Q, 2015), $300 (3Q, 2015))
Virginia (282, 3Q, 2017)(248, 240): Anderson Manufacturing: $500 ($750 (1Q, 2015), $300 (35 Weeks))
Florida (679, 3Q, 2017)(561, 520): Mixed Build: $450 ($650 (2Q, 2015), $350 (16 Weeks))

.308 NATO (AR-10 Pattern Semiautomatic) Average Price: $832 Last Week Avg: $763(+) ($1,359 (2Q, 2015), $760 (6 Weeks))
Arizona (70, 3Q, 2017(+11))(57, 53): Aero Precision: $1,050 ($2,300 (2Q, 2017), $500 (43 Weeks))
Texas (178, 3Q, 2017)(135, 122): Colt AR901-16S: $800 ($1,500 (4Q, 2014), $600 (26 Weeks))
Pennsylvania (54, 3Q, 2017)(46, 46): Palmetto State Armory: $675 ($1,600 (4Q, 2016), $700 (3Q, 2015))
Virginia (86, 3Q, 2017)(56, 56): DPMS: $695 ($2,750 (1Q, 2016), $600 (2 Weeks))
Florida (128, 3Q, 2017(+3))(94, 92): Adams Arms: $940 ($1,950 (2Q, 1016), $500 (3Q, 2015))

7.62x39mm (AK Pattern Semiautomatic) Average Price: $547 Last Week Avg: $582(-) ($728 (24 Weeks), $450 (3Q, 2015))
Arizona (63, 3Q, 2017(+10))(59, 63): CAI C39: $500 ($1,050 (19 Weeks), $400 (2Q, 2017))
Texas (141, 3Q, 2017)(90, 84): RAS47: $650 ($1,000 (25 Weeks)), $350 (3Q, 2014))
Pennsylvania (75, 3Q, 2017)(62, 56):CAI Centurion Sporter: $560 ($850 (3 Weeks), $375 (1Q, 2015))
Virginia (72, 3Q, 2017)(71, 60): RAS 47: $525 ($700 (2Q, 2016), $300 (40 Weeks))
Florida (146, 3Q, 2017)(137, 140): Zastava NPAP: $500 ($700 (1Q, 2016), $300 (4Q, 2014))

30-30 Winchester Lever Action Average Price: $358 Last Week Avg: $407(-) ($495 (4Q, 2016), $296 (3Q, 2015))
Arizona (22, 3Q, 2017(+4))(15, 17): Winchester 94: $355 ($800 (25 Weeks), $200 (2Q, 2017)))
Texas (35, 3Q, 2017(+2))(20, 16): Mossberg 464: $315 ($550 (1Q, 2015), ($290 (24 Weeks))
Pennsylvania (23, 3Q, 2017)(17, 15): Marlin 36: $300 ($450 (1Q, 2015), $225 (12 Weeks))
Virginia (19, 3Q, 2017(+3))(16, 15): Marlin 30AS: $420 ($670 (2Q, 2016), $250 (4Q, 2015))
Florida (34, 3Q, 2017)(27, 30): Rossi Rio Grande: $400 ($500 (1Q, 2015), $250 (2Q, 2015))


.45 caliber ACP (M1911 Pattern Semiautomatic Pistol) Average Price: $390 Last Week Avg: $485(-) ($525 (3Q, 2016), $350 (4Q, 2015))
Arizona (239, 3Q, 2017(+16))(239, 235): Metro Arms: $400 ($800 (16 Weeks), $325 (48 Weeks))
Texas (371, 3Q, 2017 (+4))(276, 282): Taurus: $350 ($750 (2 Weeks), $300 (4Q, 2016))
Pennsylvania (181, 3Q, 2017)(181, 173): Rock Island Armory: $425 ($600 (3Q, 2017), $300 (2Q, 2015))
Virginia (204, 3Q, 2017(+3))(142, 150): American Tactical Imports: $375 ($800 (15 Weeks), $250 (4Q, 2014))
Florida (440, 3Q, 2017)(323, 315): Rock Island Armory: $400 ($500 (1Q, 2016), $250 (1Q, 2015))

9mm (Beretta 92FS or other Semiautomatic) Average Price: $275 Last Week Avg: $300(-) ($358 (1Q, 2016), $207 (2Q, 2017))
Arizona (520, 3Q, 2017(+12))(520, 487): SCCY CPX2: $225 ($400 (1Q, 2018), $180 (39 Weeks))
Texas (586, 3Q, 2017(+3))(581, 583): SAR B6P: $250 ($355 (1Q, 2015), $180 (41 Weeks))
Pennsylvania (441, 3Q, 2017(+2))(384, 374): Smith & Wesson: $250 ($350 (4Q 2014), $150 (1Q, 2017))
Virginia (365, 3Q, 2017(+6))(339, 346): Sig Sauer P320: $350 ($425 (4Q, 2016), $189 (2Q, 2016))
Florida (827, 3Q, 2017)(825, 792): Ruger SR9: $300 ($400 (1Q, 2016), $160 (2Q, 2017))

.40 caliber S&W (Glock or other semiautomatic) Average Price: $313 Last Week Avg: $339(-) ($399 (1Q, 2016), $262 (2Q, 2016))
Arizona (93, 3Q, 2017(+5))(93, 88): Smith & Wesson SW40VE: $275 ($500 (1Q, 2017), $195 (2Q, 2017))
Texas (156, 3Q, 2017(+2))(121, 109): Smith & Wesson SD40VE: $240 ($425 (4Q, 2014), $180 (34 Weeks))
Pennsylvania (115, 3Q, 2017(+5))(81, 76): Beretta PX4 Storm: $350 ($450 (2Q, 2016), $200 (3Q, 2016))
Virginia (109, 3Q, 2017(+4))(78, 79): FNS: $400 ($450 (2Q, 2015), $220 (29 Weeks))
Florida (193, 3Q, 2017(+3))(171, 159): Ruger SR40: $300 ($400 (1Q, 2015), $199 (4Q, 2015))

Used Gun of the Week: (Arizona)
Walther P-38 semiautomatic pistol chambered in 9mm Parabellum

-Lurid Crime Tales-
Former ICE Director on Trump: 'No President Has Done More For Border Security
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 style='float:right;border:1px solid midnightblue;padding:3px;margin:3px;' />[Daily Caller] Former ICE Director Tom Homan praised President Trump for his immigration policies, saying he was the best president for border security, in an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on Wednesday afternoon.
"I respect every president I ever worked for. No president has done more for border security and law enforcement than President Trump," Homan stated. "The first year he was in office, and we were out there enforcing law the way we’re supposed to because he allowed us to through his executive actions."

"The number of illegal border crossers dropped [from a] 40 to a 45-year low. A four-decade low. That’s not a coincidence. That’s because this president let ICE and the border patrol do their job," he continued.

Homan has worked at ICE during the last six presidential administrations.

He has been a big supporter of the Trump administration and their unwavering support of ICE even during the recent protests that have erupted around the country.

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Americans Are Losing Confidence In Many Things, But Not These Three
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style='float:right;border:1px solid midnightblue;padding:3px;margin:3px;' />[Hot Air] Americans, it seems, are growing increasingly dubious, skeptical, even cynical about many of their once-hallowed institutions.

These include especially Congress. But any such disapproval list also contains TV news, newspapers, unions, public schools and even the criminal justice system.

Only two institutions ‐ the military and small business ‐ hold an overwhelming net positive opinion in the minds of Americans. The volunteer military has by far the most public confidence ‐ 94 percent with a great deal or some confidence in it. Only five percent have none, according to a new Gallup phone survey of 1,520 adult Americans..

Small business draws some or a lot of confidence from 83 percent, with only six percent none. "The police" have 85 percent with at least some confidence, but a large number of no confidence ‐ 15 percent.

After those institutions the confidence numbers decline rather rapidly, suggesting if continued a long-term threat to political stability. More on that below.

-Lurid Crime Tales-
Peter Strzok Refused to Testify About Any Talks with Fusion GPS
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Goodlatte made those revelations during the televised portion of Wednesday’s hearing.

At that section of the hearing, Goodlatte stated (emphasis added):
We went through a lot of questions about a lot of things for which we got answers, but we were also stymied time and time and time again because the FBI counsel instructed him not to answer because it was, as she called it, an ongoing investigation. Now we have an ongoing investigation here as well.

Mr. Strzok was expected to answer questions regarding his involvement in both of these investigations. Not from this standpoint of the substance of the investigation but from the standpoint of what his role was in a contemporaneous time with some of the most unbelievably, outrageously biased, vulgar texts that he was exchanging at the same time that he was being introduced into this investigation.

So questions regarding has he ever communicated with Mr. Steele, or Glenn Simpson, who is a journalist, or other matters like this to find out what his role was in the start of that investigation is critical to our investigation. And we need the answers to those questions. And we are now being blocked again from the FBI.

Simpson, a former journalist with the Wall Street Journal, is the co-founder of Fusion GPS, the controversial firm that hired former British spy Christopher Steele to produce the dossier. Simpson’s Fusion GPS was paid for its anti-Trump work by Trump’s primary political opponents, namely Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) via the Perkins Coie law firm.

After the hearing, Goodlatte appeared on Fox News to further comment on the FBI counsel’s refusal to allow Strzok to answer certain questions. The Congressman said that some of Strzok’s testimony was "not believable" when it came to the "hateful nature" of his anti-Trump text messages.

Southeast Asia
Troops overrun NPA camp in Misamis Oriental
[SunStar] Two New People’s Army militants were killed as Philippine troops overran an NPA camp in the hinterlands of Misamis Oriental, the military said Wednesday.

Military spokesman Franco Nemesio Gacal said the camp the troops overran Tuesday morning is located in Abunda village, Magsaysay. He said the soldiers launched the security operation following the reported extortion activities by the NPA insurgents that resulted in the capture of the camp.

Gacal said around 30 NPA militants abandoned their camp and fled in different directions. He said the military has received a report that two NPA rebels were killed.

Southeast Asia
BIFF, NPA roadside bomb attempts foiled in Mindanao
[PhilStar] Authorities on Friday foiled attempts by communist insurgents and Islamic State-inspired rebels to set off roadside bombs in Sultan Kudarat and North Cotabato provinces.

Military spokesman Arvin Encinas said bomb experts were able to promptly deactivate the improvised explosive device found by motorists along a road in the town of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. The bomb was packed with metal fragments with jagged edges and rigged with a detonator that could be activated from a distance.

It was the second roadside bomb found and defused by Army ordnance troops in the same town in a span of three weeks.

Police and army intelligence units in Sultan Kudarat said the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters was behind the foiled bombing plots.

About two hours later, passersby found a powerful roadside bomb along a road in Barangay Tomanding in Arakan, North Cotabato, where there is strong New People’s Army presence. Police and military bomb disposal teams safely dismantled the IED.

Police spokesman Aldrin Gonzalez said personnel of the Arakan municipal police are certain the bomb was planted by the NPA to retaliate for losses in recent clashes with military units in North Cotabato. He said, "No doubt the NPA was behind that thwarted bombing because the IED found there was identical with those recovered in NPA camps in North Cotabato that were overran by government forces recently."

Science & Technology
Air Force tests two turboprops as potential A-10 "replacements"
[ArsTechnica] The US Air Force has kicked off the procurement for another round of wing replacements for A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft, known affectionately by many as the Warthog. With new wings, the A-10s will help fill a gap left by the delayed volume delivery of F-35A fighters, which were intended to take over the A-10's close air support (CAS) role in "contested environments"‐places where enemy aircraft or modern air defenses would pose a threat to supporting aircraft. For now, the A-10 is being used largely in uncontested environments, where the greatest danger pilots face is small arms fire or possibly a Stinger-like man-portable air defense system (MANPADS) missile. But the Warthog is also being deployed to Eastern Europe as part of the NATO show of strength in response to Russia.

While the A-10 will keep flying through 2025 under current plans, Air Force leadership has perceived (or was perhaps convinced to see) a need for an aircraft that could take over the A-10's role in low-intensity and uncontested environments‐something relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain that could be flown from relatively unimproved airfields to conduct armed reconnaissance, interdiction, and close air support missions. The replacement would also double as advanced trainer aircraft for performing weapons qualifications and keeping pilots' flight-time numbers up.

So, last year the Air Force kicked off the Light Attack Experiment (OA-X), a four-aircraft competition to determine what would best fit that bill.

In the first phase, the Air Force tested four aircraft at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Three were turboprop aircraft already in the inventory of some US allies in some form: AirTractor and L3's AT-802L Longsword; Sierra Nevada and Embraer's A-29 Super Tucano; and Textron and AirLand LLC's Beechcraft AT-6B Wolverine. The fourth, the only jet aircraft in the group, was Textron and AirLand's Scorpion. Now, the Air Force has begun a second phase and has cut the field to two: the Beechcraft AT-6B Wolverine and the Embraer A-29 Super Tucano.

Southeast Asia
NPA rebel nabbed, militant killed in seperate clashes
[SunStar] A militant, believed to have ties with kidnap-for-ranson-group, was killed while a New People’s Army militant was captured in separate clashes in Zamboanga Peninsula, the military reported on Sunday. The slain militant was identified as Haton Hassan, and the captured NPA militant as Jerry Nunez Macabinta alias “Ka Elly.”

Military spokesman Roseller Murillo said Hassan was killed in a gun battle Saturday in the village of Panabutan, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte. He said the troops were on patrol when they clashed with the rebel group led by Jumalon Tungkalan. Murillo said the battle lasted around five minutes, after which the group scattered.

Murillo said that Macabinta was captured following a five-minute clash Saturday in the village of Balonai, Midsalip, Zamboanga del Sur. He said troops were conducting combat operations when they clashed with five NPA rebels. Murillo said the militants, who belong to the Section Committee-KARA of the Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee, fled in different directions leaving Macabinta behind.

Southeast Asia
Three Red rebels slain in Misamis encounter
[Gulf Today] Three New People’s Army were killed in an clash with troops in Misamis Oriental province even as their representatives prepared to return to the negotiations with the government.

Military spokesman Tere Ingente said soldiers on patrol in a mountain village in the town of Lagonglong on Sunday morning when they fought about 30 NPA militants. The fierce firefight lasted for 15 minutes when the rebels withdrew and left behind not only three slain comrades but weapons like AK47 and M16 Armalite rifles.

Ingente said, “Outgunned and out-positioned, the rebels fled leaving behind their three slain comrades and were seen dragging along with them their still undetermined number of wounded.”

Security forces immediately launched pursuit operations and caught up with the fleeing militants in a nearby village four hours later on Sunday, resulting in another clash with no casualties reported on either side.

The clash is the latest reported between the military and the NPA as Philippine government and rebel representatives prepared to resume the off-and-on negotiations. President Duterte said he agreed to the resumption but insisted the government host the negotiations in the Philippines, a departure from the practice of holding such talks abroad with a third-party facilitator.

Southeast Asia
Philippine military arrests NPA leader in the hospital
[Davao Today] A New People’s Army ​l​eader ​being ​treated in a hospital at Don Carlos town in Bukidnon ​was arrested ​on Saturday, the Philippine military reported. Military spokesman Ezra Balagtey identified the NPA leader as Elizalde Cañete alias Ka Jinggoy.

Cañete was arrested on May 12 while he was ​recovering after being injured in a clash with soldiers in Kitaotao, Bukidnon on ​May 10.

Balagtey said ​military ​and police forces served an arrest warrant against Cañete, who is facing charges of multiple murder and arson.

Balagtey said Cañete was first arrested in 2010 in a clash in Montevista, Compostela Valley and was later released on bail in 2013.

The ​​military reported that Cañete replaced the late Leoncio Pitao also known as Comannder Parago as leader of the Pulang Bagani Command 1 of the NPA that operates in the region between Bukidnon, Davao del Norte and the mountainous parts of Davao City.
Photo of the militant in his hospital bed from the Philippines Defense Forces Forum Facebook page at the link. Looks like he's seen better days.
He looks dreadfully uncomfortable. Let us pray for sepsis.

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South African group under fire for lobbying US for white rights
NPAHaD8&pid=15.1&rs=1&c=1&qlt=95&w=231&h=122 style='float:right;border:1px solid midnightblue;padding:3px;margin:3px;' />[Aljazeera] New York City - A South African organisation that represents many white Afrikaners, has come under fire over their decision to travel to the United States to lobby for the interests of the Afrikaner community.

The group, Afriforum, who describe themselves as a civil rights group, but who have also called apartheid a "so-called historical injustice", are currently in the US to lobby government officials about the murders of white farmers and to warn investors about the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party's proposed plan to expropriate land without compensation.

Max du Preez, a veteran journalist and author based in Cape Town, said the idea that a tiny lobby group like Afriforum made up of around 200,000 paid members, could attempt to pressure the US government into deciding how South Africa resolves its land issue, was ridiculous.

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