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Kabul: Talibs maybe torched girls school, 3 ISIS turbans tied up

Girls School Torched In Kabul

[ToloNews] Ministry of Education says that at least 700 students are enrolled in Shakardara school.

A school was set on fire by Talibs in Shakardara district in Kabul Province early on Tuesday, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement.

The Boi Hazar Nasiri Girls High School is located in a village in Shakar Dara district, 25 kilometers to the north of the city of Kabul.

Interior Ministry’s front man Nusrat Rahimi said the school was torched by the Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
at around 1:30 am on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Education in a statement said that at least 700 girls were enrolled in the school who were not able to attend their classes on Tuesday.

A local official told TOLOnews that at least 1,500 textbooks were burnt in the incident.

Son of the school’s guard, Noor Agha Nasiri, said that at least 10 gunnies were involved in this incident.

Rouhullah, a teacher at the school, said such attacks against schools must stop.

"The enemy cannot stop Afghans from education. We will always stand against them," Mr. Rohullah said.

A local official said all 22 classes of the school have been damaged in the incident.

"Investigation is underway. No one has been arrested so far. It has been done by those who are against education and Islam," the Shakardara district governor Shah Mahmood Ibrahimkhail said.

The residents in the area said that the district is insecure and gang are active in the district.

Local officials said the school had received warnings two times

The Taliban in a statement rejected involvement in the incident.

Afghan Special Forces arrest 3 ISIS militants in Paghman district of Kabul

[KhaamaPress] The Afghan Special Forces arrested two militants affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist in Kabul.

The Special Operations Corps said in a statement that the Special Forces arrested the two ISIS militants in Paghman district.

This comes as the Special Forces had earlier arrested an ISIS militant during a similar raid in Deh Sabz district of Kabul.

The military officials said Monday that the Special Forces arrested an ISIS-K militant during a patrol in Deh Sabz district of Kabul.

The officials further added that the Special Forces also destroyed a small cache of weapons.

Furthermore, the Special Forces arrested a Taliban militant during a separate raid in Mussahi district of Kabul.

The military officials also added that an airstrike killed 2 Taliban militants in Mussahi district of Kabul.

Explosion Targets Wedding Hall In Kabul; Casualties Feared UPDATE: 63 dead, ISIS claims it
[ToloNews] Interior Ministry’s front man said the earth-shattering kaboom has targeted Shahr-e-Dubai wedding hall in Kabul.

An explosion happened at a wedding hall in the west of Kabul when dozens of people were celebrating a wedding ceremony of an Afghan couple on Saturday evening.
ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban all disapprove most strongly of people having old fashoned fun. No doubt more information will come out as the day progresses.
A front man for Ministry of Interior, Nusrat Rahimi, said the earth-shattering kaboom happened at around 10:40 pm.

Sources and eyewitnesses said the hall was packed with guests when the earth-shattering kaboom happened.

The Shahr-e-Dubai wedding hall is located in police district 6 (PD6) which covers areas like Darul Aman in the west of Kabul.

Footage on social media shows women screaming outside the wedding hall, while they are shocked by the earth-shattering kaboom.

Sources said the casualties might be high. Wedding ceremonies in Afghanistan are often attended by more than 400 guests.
Deutsche Welle adds:
More than 1,000 people had been invited to the wedding, one witness said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi told the Associated Press news agency that the attacker set off explosives among the wedding participants.

"Unfortunately, the blast caused civilian casualties," Rahimi said, adding that among them were women and children. Specific information on casualties would be provided later, he wrote on Twitter in the early hours of Sunday.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, which went off in the men's reception area of the wedding hall in the western part of the city.
And from the Daily Mail:
Witnesses said members of the minority Shi'ite Muslim community were holding the wedding reception.

Sunni Muslim militants including the Taliban and Islamic State have repeatedly attacked the Shi'ite Hazara minorities in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan over the years.
Update from Al Jazeera at 8:12 a.m. EDT courtesy of Besoeker
At least 63 people have been killed and scores wounded in an explosion targeting a wedding in the Afghan capital, officials said on Sunday, the deadliest attack in Kabul this year.

The suicide blast took place on Saturday evening in the men's reception area of the Dubai City wedding hall in western Kabul, in a minority Shia neighbourhood, packed with people celebrating a marriage.

Women and children were among the casualties, interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said on Sunday.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) group claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday.

Afghan Forces Step Up Security Over Eid
[ToloNews] Interior Ministry’s front man says Afghan forces are fully ready to ensure the safety of the people during Eid days.

Officials from ministries of Interior and Defense on Saturday assured that Afghan forces are fully ready to ensure people’s safety during the three days of Eid al-Adha.

The security forces will be in a special status during the Eid days, the Defense Ministry front man Rohullah Ahmadzai said at a presser.

"The security and defense forces will leave no stone unturned to ensure people’s safety during the Eid days and thwart terrorists’ attacks," Mr. Ahmadzai said.

...back at the desert island, Irene was indignant at the thought of doing such a thing without benefit of clergy...
Interior Ministry’s front man Nusrat Rahimi said that the police force members are fully ready to repel any type of threat from Death Eaters.

He called on the people to cooperate with police and inform them if they see any suspect.

"Security forces will continue their efforts implement proper measures for security as per the expectation of the people of Afghanistan," Mr. Rahimi said.

Afghans will observe Eid al-Adha from Sunday to Tuesday.

This comes after Taliban
...Arabic for students...
leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada in an Eid message called on members of the group to give protection to the people during Eid days.

"My instructions to you are that you give full attention to protecting, helping and comforting your believing nation during Eid days. Take all necessary steps for the well-being and security of your fellow compatriots. Visit the families of deaders, disabled and prisoners and assist them to the best of your capabilities," Mr. Akhundzada wrote, a day after the Taliban boom-mobile in Kabul killed scores of Afghans.

Mr. Akhundzada who like his predecessor Mullah Mohammad Blinky Omar
... a minor Pashtun commander in the war against the Soviets who made good as leader of the Taliban. As ruler of Afghanistan, he took the title Leader of the Faithful. The imposition of Pashtunkhwa on the nation institutionalized ignorance and brutality in a country already notable for its own fair share of ignorance and brutality. Died of an unspecified ailment in a Pak hospital...
refrains to appear in public has also talked about the grinding of the peace processor and said that the Taliban are tackling the peace talks seriously.

But the Afghan government on Thursday, August 8, said that the Eid felicitation message by the Taliban leader smells war and panic as the reclusive Death Eater commander asks his fighters to ensure the safety of the people during Eid days.

2 suspects confess to have laundered money for Shahbaz, sons
[DAWN] Two suspects on Saturday turned approvers against PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif
...Pak dynastic politician, brother of PM Nawaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab...
and his two sons in a money laundering case .

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is pursuing the case in an accountability court.

The suspects, Aftab Mehmood and Shahid Rafique, recorded their statements before a judicial magistrate in Lahore today, confessing to have committed money laundering at the behest of Shahbaz and his sons, Hamza and Salman.

Another suspect in the case, Mushtaq Cheeni, had earlier also turned approver against Hamza and his brother Salman.

Mehmood, whom NAB had described as the frontman of the Shahbaz family at the time of his arrest, in his statement recorded before judicial magistrate Zulfiqar Bari confessed that he made illegal telegraphic transfers (TTs) worth more than $2.4 million to Pakistain to benefit the Shahbaz family in 2008-09.

He said he operated a money exchange named Usman International in the United Kingdom and transferred the amount through TT in the bank accounts of Hamza Shahbaz, Salman Shahbaz, Nusrat Shahbaz and Rabia Imran Ali using fake identities.


Afghan Forces Raid Militants Hideouts In Kabul
[ToloNews] NDS says two ISIS fighters were killed and a big bomb-making cache was destroyed in the operation.

Afghan Special Forces and Afghan National Police raided three different parts of Kabul city where suspects affiliated to ISIS were hiding and planning to carry out subversive activities in the city -- which has witnessed deadly attacks since mid-July.

The National Directorate of Security
...the Afghan national intel agency...
said in a statement that the operations were conducted on Tuesday in PD8, PD11, and PD15 of Kabul city and all attackers two attackers were killed after nearly 10 hours operation.

The operation was launched in Bagrami district and "Guard" area in police district of the city of Kabul near the counter-narcotics base of US forces.
The operation in PD15 targeted a house where a number of suspects were hiding.

"Two ISIS members were killed and two others were arrested. Three security forces members were also killed in the operation," NDS officials said, adding that "the forces have destroyed the big bomb-making cache."

The NDS officials said that the gunnies were produced "boom jacket, marantic mines, and type of IEDs."

Those living in neighboring of the house under raid said they saw boom jackets and explosives in the house after the operation ended.

Dozens of people were instructed to evacuate their homes or stay inside in order to prevent from being harmed in the raid, residents of the area said.

The raid in Bagrami district in the east of Kabul targeted members of ISIS, the Interior Ministry's front man Nusrat Rahimi said.

Bagrami residents said they heard explosions and shootout throughout the night.

Arrest warrants for Salman Shahbaz issued
[DAWN] An accountability court in Lahore on Monday issued non-bailable arrest warrants against Salman Shahbaz in a money laundering and assets beyond means case.

Judge Amir Mohammad Khan ordered police to arrest Salman, a son of PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif
...Pak dynastic politician, brother of PM Nawaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab...
, and produce him before the court by August 10.

The arrest warrants were issued on an appeal of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

NAB Chairman retired Justice Javed Iqbal had issued arrest warrants for the suspect on April 3.

In June, an alleged frontman of Salman and his brother, Leader of the Opposition in Punjab
1.) Little Orphan Annie's bodyguard
2.) A province of Pakistain ruled by one of the Sharif brothers
3.) A province of India. It is majority (60 percent) Sikh and Hindoo (37 percent), which means it has relatively few Moslem riots....

Assembly Hamza Shahbaz, had confessed to have laundered over Rs600 million for the two brothers.

Mushtaq Cheeni, a wholesale dealer for Ramzan Sugar Mills, in his confessional statement recorded by a judicial magistrate under Section 164 of the CrPC had claimed that Hamza and Salman used to receive foreign remittances through bank accounts of his company, Mushtaq and Co.

In this case, Hamza is already in NAB's custody, while Salman is out of the country. The accountability watchdog had alleged that Hamza maintained various accounts in different banks in which credit turnover of Rs500 million was observed between 2006 and 2017.

It also claimed that Hamza received fictitious foreign remittances of Rs181 million in one of his bank accounts and Rs2.11 billion in the accounts of his brother Salman, mother Nusrat, benamidars and employees of their companies.

Shahbaz Sharif 2019-07-05 Shahbaz sees a ‘Hitler-like fascist’ in Imran
Shahbaz Sharif 2019-04-24 NAB says it has arrested 'suspects who laundered money for Shahbaz Sharif's family'
Shahbaz Sharif 2019-03-26 Death of dialogue

Attackers Storm Afghan VP Candidate’s Office, Two Killed, IED Defused Earlier
[ToloNews] Eyewitnesses said the attack happened near Shaheed Circle and that other blasts were also heard from the area.

The office of the second vice presidential candidate for President Ghani's election campaign in Kabul's police district 4 (PD4) in Shaheed Circle came under attack by at least four attackers at around 4:40 pm on Sunday evening.

The attack started with a boom-mobileing followed by gunbattle by four attackers, the Ministry of Interior's front man Nusrat Rahimi confirmed.

The attackers targeted the Green Trend office, a political movement run by former NDS chief and vice-presidential candidate Amrullah Saleh.

Rahimi said that Mr. Saleh was "evacuated from the building and moved to a safe location."

He said that while the gunbattle was still ongoing, the first and second floors of the building had been cleared by security forces.

At least 40 people who were stuck inside the building were rescued during the clearance operation, Rahimi said.

He said two attackers were still inside and that two button men had been killed in the shootout.

Wahidullah Mayar, a front man for Ministry of Public Health, said that at least two people were killed and 25 others were maimed in the attack on Green Trend office in Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani
...former chancellor of Kabul University, now president of Afghanistan. Before returning to Afghanistan in 2002 he was a scholar of political science and anthropology. He worked at the World Bank working on international development assistance. As Finance Minister of Afghanistan between July 2002 and December 2004, he led Afghanistan's attempted economic recovery until the Karzais stole all the money...
also tweeted that Saleh was unharmed in the "complex attack" targeting the Green Trend party headquarters.

The blast was large enough to be heard throughout the capital.

No group immediately grabbed credit for the attack.
Al Ahram adds:
A powerful explosion hit central Kabul on Sunday, wounding Afghanistan's Caped President Ashraf Ghani's running mate in the upcoming election and killing at least two others, officials said. Saleh was maimed by shrapnel before being safely evacuated from the office of his Afghan Green Trend Party.

Saleh is an uncompromising opponent of the Taliban and other hardline Islamist groups.

Saleh, who commands strong support among Afghanistan’s minority ethnic Tajiks, was not immediately available for comment.

Explosion foiled in Kabul

[KhaamaPress] The Afghan forces thwarted forces of Evil bid to detonate an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Kabul.

The Kabul Police Headquarters in a statement said the police force discovered and defused an IED in Shakar Dara district of Kabul.

The statement further added that the forces of Evil had planted the remote-controlled IED in Qala-e-Dasht Village to target the innocent civilians.

there's no worse danger than telling a mother her baby is ugly...
the Kabul Police Headquarters said the police forces managed to discover and defuse the bomb before it goes off.

The anti-government armed forces of Evil including Taliban
...Arabic for students...
have not commented in this regard so far.

Kabul Blasts Death Toll Rises To 11
[ToloNews] At least 11 people were killed and 45 others were maimed in three explosions in Kabul on Thursday, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed.

The first blast happened when a jacket wallah on a cycle of violence targeted a bus carrying employees of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in Macrorayan-e-Kohna area in the city of Kabul on Thursday morning, killing eight employees including five women and a child and wounding 16 others, a front man for the Ministry of Interior, Nusrat Rahimi, said.

"First, a magnetic bomb embedded to a bus went kaboom!, then a suicide bomber detonated his explosives near the bus," Rahimi said, adding that the third blast was a boom-mobileing near the industrial park in PD9 of Kabul.

...mindless ferocity in a turban...
claimed responsivity for the third blast and claimed that they targeted a convoy of the foreign troops.

On July 15, a bigwig of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said that 596 non-combatants were killed, and 1,892 others maimed in festivities between government forces and the Taliban and other attacks by murderous Moslems in Afghanistan since the beginning of the current solar year which coincides with March 21, 2019.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said in a quarterly report on April 24 that it has documented high levels of harm to civilians but adds that there has been a 23 percent decrease in overall civilian casualties as compared to the same period last year and is the lowest for a first-quarter since 2013.

The report says the UN documented 1,773 civilian casualties (581 deaths and 1,192 injured), including 582 child casualties (150 deaths and 432 injured) between January 1 and March 31.

In the first quarter of 2018, UNAMA documented 2,305 civilian casualties (799 deaths and 1,506 injured), including 609 child casualties (176 deaths and 433 injured), the report says.

The overall reduction of civilian casualties was driven by a decrease in civilian casualties by suicide improvised bomb (IED) attacks, the report says.

UNAMA notes the particularly harsh winter conditions during the first three months of the year, which may have contributed to this trend, the report says.

It is unclear whether the decrease in civilian casualties was influenced by any measures taken by parties to the conflict to better protect civilians, or by the ongoing talks between parties to the conflict, the report mentions.

Taliban, ISIS make claims regarding the three explosions in Kabul

[KhaamaPress] The Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that they were al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're really very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear western pols talk they're not really Moslems....
of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group has grabbed credit for the twin blasts in Kabul.

The group’s Amaq News Agency claimed that the group was behind the consecutive blasts including a suicide kaboom against the bus in 16th district of the city.

...back at the precinct house, Sergeant Maloney wasn't buying it. It was just too pat. The whole thing smelled phony, kind of like a dead mackeral but without the scales...
the Taliban
...Arabic for students...
group has claimed it was behind a boom-mobile explosion in Despechary area of Kabul city.

The group has claimed that the attack killed 9 foreign nationals.

The security officials are saying that three blasts killed 11 civilians and maimed 45 others.

Africa North
US slaps sanctions on Al-Qaeda affiliate in Mali
[AlAhram] The US Treasury on Tuesday imposed sanctions on an al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group in Mali that carried out deadly attacks on the west African country's armed forces.

The measures target Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal-Moslemin (JNIM)
...Mali's most prominent jihadi group, JNIM is an umbrella organization of regional terrorist groups including al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) Sahara Emirate, al-Mourabitoun, and local groups Macina Liberation Front (MLF) and Ansar al-Din (AAD)...
-- designated a terrorist organization by Washington last September -- and its commander Bah Ag Moussa, an army deserter who led a raid on a Malian military base that killed 21 former comrades.

"Treasury is targeting the leadership of JNIM, al-Qaeda's branch in Mali, for its destabilizing role conducting terrorist attacks across the country," said Treasury Under Secretary Sigal Mandelker.

"As a leader within JNIM, Bah Ag Moussa directly contributes to the violence and instability fueled by al-Qaeda's terrorism," he said.

The sanctions freeze all US assets owned by the group or its leaders, and block US citizens and institutions from having financial dealings with them.

Despite aid from French and UN forces, Mali struggles to quell unrest that began in 2012 in the north and spread to other parts of the country in Africa's Sahel region
... North Africa's answer to the Pak tribal areas...
French forces in January 2013 intervened in northern Mali after the region was overtaken by jihadist forces and a peace agreement was signed in 2015 with some armed factions, but parts of the country remain out of the control of the government and the armed forces.

-Lurid Crime Tales-
6 illegal immigrants in Honduran burglary ring arrested in Fort Bend County
[CLICK2HOUSTON] Fort Bend County Sheriff Nehls and law enforcement detectives announced the arrest of a group connected with a Honduran burglary ring Monday afternoon.

The Sheriff's Office launched an investigation after reports of a group targeting Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern communities. Officials said the group is tied to more 100 burglaries in the Houston area.

Officials said the suspects would scout apartment complexes, watch and wait until the victims would leave their homes. Officials said the burglaries would happen between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. where the suspects would knock on doors, then pry it with a screwdriver and ransack the home in just minutes. Detectives said the suspects only searched for gold, cash and jewelry.

"We lost everything, we lost everything and they made havoc of our house," said victim Nusrat Retiwala.

"You feel violated, I came home to a place that was completely vandalized every single item of my possession was sifted through thrown on the floor, you feel totally violated," said victim Nashida Subhi.

After the investigation, detectives were able to identify at least six suspects and vehicles connected to the string of burglaries and arrested then on burglary charges or burglary-related charges. Detectives said a majority of the suspects are from Honduras and have been deported several times in the past. Detectives said all six suspects have ICE holds and came back into the country illegally to commit crimes.

Here are the following suspects: Marvin Manuel Menjivar-Mejia, 32; Denis Ariel Hernandez-Cruz, 28; Marlon Rivera-Hernandez, 41; Selvin Rivera-Hernandez, 33; Elvin Ayala Lopez, 19; and Yoandris Miro, 25.

"I can say with certainty going through some of the records of these individuals who committed felonies in the past have been deported and have returned so we have people entering illegally and then committing felonies," said detective Scott Heinemeyer.


Afghan Officials Reject Reports On JeM Relocation To Afghanistan
[ToloNews] Interior Ministry’s front man says terrorist groups are trained and equipped in Pakistain and are sent to Afghanistan.

Afghan security agencies have rejected reports by Indian media which say the Pakistain-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorist group has relocated its training camps to Afghanistan.

The officials said that the terrorists' hideouts are all located in Pakistain and are supported there.

Hindustan Times reported on July 7 that India’s diplomatic missions and offices in Kabul and Kandahar have been put on high alert after intelligence inputs indicated that cadre of two terror groups, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba
...the Army of the Pure, an Ahl-e-Hadith terror organization founded by Hafiz Saeed. LeT masquerades behind the Jamaat-ud-Dawa facade within Pakistain and periodically blows things up and kills people in India. Despite the fact that it is banned, always an interesting concept in Pakistain, the organization remains an blatant tool and perhaps an arm of the ISI...
, have shifted to Afghanistan.

Indian Air Force (IAF) Mirage jets attacked JeM’s Balakot terror camp at Manshera in Pakistain, retaliating to the February 14 attack by a Jaish suicide-bomber on a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmire, the report said.

According to documents reviewed by Hindustan Times, both the Pakistain-based proscribed groups have joined hands with the Afghan Taliban
...the Pashtun equivalent of men...
and Afghan bad boy group, Haqqani Network, across the Durand Line that separates Pakistain from Afghanistan, for training their krazed killer cadre in subversive activity. It is perhaps due to this reason that the Modi government has not taken at face value the action taken by Pakistain’s Imran Khan
... aka The Great Khan, who ain't the sharpest bulb on the national tree...
government on July 1-2 on 15 over-ground LeT leaders and five charity organizations linked to terror funding.

"The terrorists’ hideouts and terrorist networks enjoy safety inside the Pak soil and its very clear," the Interior Ministry’s front man Nusrat Rahimi told TOLOnews on Monday.

"Terrorists’ leadership have safety in Pakistain and it is very clear. Members of terrorist networks are funded in Pakistain, equipped and trained there and are being sent to Afghanistan for terrorist activities," he added.

Indian security agencies believe that the terrorist cadre’s shift to across the Durand Line has been done to avoid black-listing of Pakistain by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in its Gay Paree conference later this year. The multilateral body formed to crack down on cross-border money laundering and terror financing has been extremely critical of Pakistain and placed it on a greylist.

"When we talk about foreign intelligence agencies in Afghanistan, each one of them is pursuing their own interests in the country," said Basir Ahmad Yusufi, a political analyst in Kabul.

The Indian embassy in Kabul has not commented on the reports.

On February 25, For the first time in five decades, Indian warplanes crossed into Pak territory and conducted Arclight airstrike
s on the bad boy group’s training camp. The airstrikes followed a deadly attack on a convoy of Indian army personnel in Indian-controlled Kashmire in which 40 officers were killed.

Defence counsel attempts to prove Nusrat's murder as suicide
[Dhaka Tribune] The defence counsel of the Nusrat Jahan Rafi murder case has attempted to claim her murder as a case of suicide.

The claim was made during a cross-examination of defendants Nishat Sultana and Nasrin Sultana Furti, classmates of Rafi, by the defence counsel, in Feni's Woman and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal Judge Mamunur Rashid's courtroom on Monday.

Public Prosecutor Hafez Ahammad confirmed the matter to Dhaka Tribune.

The cross-examination was conducted by six defence counselors, advocates Kamrul Hasan, Gias Uddin Nannu, Mahfuzur Rahman, Nurul Islam, Ahsan Kabir Bengal and Farid Khan Nayan.

The court declared Tuesday as the date for examination by the remaining 12 counselors, while the testimony of Nurul Amin, office assistant of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa and a witness to the case, will also be recorded.

During Monday's examination, counselor Farid Khan Nayan claimed Nusrat had did away with himself and nobody had murdered her.

He added the defendants were giving false testimonies as the main accused principal Sirajuddaula had sternly warned all of them against romancing inside madrasa premises, and that this was all retribution against his rebuking.

The case plaintiff's lawyer Shahjahan Shaju said Nasrin Sultana Furti had testified in court about how Nur Uddin, a close confidant of Sirajuddaula, had intimidated Nusrat's mother about withdrawing her complaint with Sonagazi police on March 28.

Later on April 4, Md Shamim, another accused, had given Nusrat a final warning of withdrawing the case, but to no avail, she further told the court.

On April 6, on the pretext of unknown students beating up fellow student Nishat Sultana, Nusrat was taken to the third floor of the madrasah's administrative building, where she was set on fire with kerosene, Nasrin recalled.

Five individuals, including Shamim, Jabed and three others were all clad in burqa, which also included two girls.

Nishat also confirmed that Sirajuddaula had sexually harassed Nusrat after calling her into his own room on October 3, 2018.

Nusrat had later told this to her parents, who went to the madrasah operating committee to seek justice, but returned empty handed.

Sirajuddaula had also sexually harassed Nusrat on March 27 earlier this year. She had tried to go inside his room with Nishat and Nasrin, but they were not allowed to enter with her.

Nusrat died on 10 April while under treatment in Dhaka Medical College's Burn and Plastic Surgery Department.

Nusrat's brother Mahmudul Hasan Noman filed a case against eight accused in the Sonagazi Police Station. Later, the case was transferred to PBI. The police, and the PBI has arrested 21 in this case. Among them, 12 had given depositions under section 164.

Evidence has been found of negligence by three coppers in this incident. Also, ex-OC Moazzem has been arrested in this case of sexual harassment, and for spreading the video of Nusrat's deposition on the internet.

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